Link Building Tactics for the Eager Entrepreneur

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When it comes to business management, marketing is a top priority. Unfortunately, it’s not something that can be neglected or discounted, as companies that go for subpar marketing tactics tend to fall short of expectations.

Fortunately, there are many ways to help eager entrepreneurs make the most out of their opportunities – with one such tactic being link building.

There are many examples of successful companies that you can use as a roadmap. Link building and search engine optimisation (SEO) are tactics that tend to have the most traction, and they’re good places for new company owners to start. Here are a few link building tips that ambitious entrepreneurs can use on their road to success.

Focusing on high-quality content for the website/storefront

High-quality content for the website

For those that want to focus on link building opportunities, it’s challenging to get anything done without a strong foundation. Fortunately, building a foundation for link building involves web optimisation, a relatively easy means of developing a reliable reputation online. When focusing on high-quality content, some tips include:

  • Keeping things simple. If you want to ensure that online users aren’t confused when they enter your website, the first thing to do would be to keep things as simple as possible. For those that want to sell products and services, it’s crucial to make things easy for curious online users.
  • Adding quality blogs and articles to your site. For most companies that focus on link building, articles and blogs are the most common. With the help of a blogging agency, it's surprisingly easy to build quality links using well-written content. It also helps provide more opportunities for the company to boost brand exposure. One significant advantage of articles and blogs is that they can be written in long-form — something that is typically not recommended in web optimisation. Blogs can also be written in such a way that it attracts a local demographic.
  • Keeping an eye on image resolution – Quality images are fantastic, but there is such a thing as too much quality. If the images are too high a resolution, it can result in slow loading times, which can prove disastrous for most businesses. Sticking with the recommended resolutions for the website is the best way to optimise the website.
  • User experience (UX) matters – To help with UX, company owners can ensure that online users have an easy time reaching the checkout page of the business website. Focusing on accessibility also improves UX while at the same time making it easier for online users to trust the company.

The importance of a link building agency

The importance of a link building agency

When it comes to link building tactics, you can't go wrong with hiring a reputable link building agency — with Ocere being just one example of many that you can use to get the job done. However, it is not just about having a professional service do most of the legwork.

It is also about utilising the professionals to learn more about link building in general. A reliable company owner knows how to make good use of professional services by understanding how they go about doing their jobs.

For example, many professionals use various digital tools available, and many of them are free for company owners to use as they wish. So, it's a good way of building experience, even if you might not have too much time to do it independently of professionals.

The more you share on social media, the easier things become

Share on social media

You’ll find most people talking about online reputation management (ORM) when it comes to social media, and the reason is that it’s easy to sour a relationship with online users. It is why a neutral and professional stance is crucial for social media.

That said, it shouldn't discourage anyone from using social media as the basis of their marketing push. Sharing things on social media allows a company to spread its message, a critical part of any link building strategy. It also helps to partner up with social media influencers, giving the company owner, even more, brand exposure.

The potential of broken links

The potential of broken links

A broken link is a link that no longer has the original landing page. Searching for broken links on blogs and making suggestions to incorporate your link (provided it is relevant) can be a surprisingly effective strategy.

While it might be somewhat unorthodox, there’s little risk involved as you are simply making suggestions. It’s not something that requires too much time to accomplish, though you’ll have to research well if you intend to find links.

One of the best parts of link building is that it’s a constantly evolving strategy. There will be more and more tactics to use as time goes on, which means there’s never a dull moment. Any company that is committed to getting the job done with link building will find plenty of opportunities for success.

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