Honeygain Offers You to Earn Effortlessly – But Is It Legit?

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Out of all the passive income ideas, using money-making apps might be the most attractive. Typically, you can use them anywhere at any time without any financial investment or necessary training: the idea of earning is based on you completing simple monotonous tasks and gaining a small reward every time.

A free app called Honeygain, however, offers a slightly different approach: you get paid for not actively doing anything as long as the app is running on your phone. Is there a catch, or is this a legit way to earn? In this article, we’re exploring the idea of Honeygain and what you’re actually getting paid for.

Understanding Honeygain

Understanding Honeygain

Honeygain was first introduced in 2019 and launched versions for more operational systems as months went by. As of October 2021, it’s available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

All installers are available for download on the app’s official website, and the team keeps reminding the users to avoid getting it from unauthorized sources so they can prevent getting fake apps and malware-infected installers.

To start earning money with Honeygain, the user has to create a profile, download and install the app on at least one device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) and keep it running while said device is connected to the internet.

Honeygain then shares the user’s extra bandwidth and rewards them for each megabyte. The fact that you don’t need to provide any permissions for the app or enter sensitive data in the process is a massive plus, too.

How earning effortlessly works

How earning effortlessly works

Once a user joins Honeygain and starts sharing their internet, they become a part of a crowdsourced web intelligence network that helps Honeygain’s business clients worldwide gather publicly available web data they need for processes like ad verification, brand protection, price comparison, and so on. Every client and business case is verified and monitored individually to ensure the security of the network.

Aside from the default network sharing that pays 1,000 Honeygain credits per 10GB of shared traffic, there’s also a Content Delivery feature that pays 6 credits per every hour the device is in Active mode. However, this feature is not available globally (40 countries only) and can only be used on computers (no Android or iOS devices).

In addition, users can make some extra credits by using the referral program (referees get recurring bonuses equal to 10% of their referrals’ earnings) or win them in the app’s daily Lucky Pot lottery for active users (winnings range from 10 to 10,000 credits).

Once your earnings top 20,000 credits ($20), you can request a payout and receive your money in around two business days. There are two payout options available: PayPal (handled by Honeygain’s third-party partner Tipalti Inc.) and Bitcoin (direct transfers).

So, is Honeygain legit?

is Honeygain legit

Having been in the industry for over two years, Honeygain now has attracted hundreds of thousands of followers on social media and massive user communities on Facebook, Reddit, and Discord. As of October 2021, the app also has 3,400+ user reviews on Trustpilot, averaging 4.3 out of 5 possible stars.

Hundreds of users have also shared screenshots proving the payments they’ve received, and while it’s true the amounts of money they make are somewhat modest, the most important fact is that the app actually pays as promised.

Honeygainers don’t need to actively do anything to earn those dollars, either – plus, they can learn what to expect in advance by using an earnings estimator on the website.

All in all, we can safely admit that YES, Honeygain is an absolutely legit money-making app that pays, and while you shouldn’t expect to make thousands of dollars, it’s still a lovely addition to your monthly income that doesn’t require any effort or time commitment.

If you’re interested in joining Honeygain, now’s actually the perfect time – for a limited time only, you can sign up using the code Passiveincome and collect $5 for free straight away!

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