Inflact Review: Will It Help You Go Up On Instagram?

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Have you been searching for a tool that will be really beneficial for you, not just one of these money-to-burn ones? It seems to me that I’ve found one.

“Inflact is a multifunctional Instagram automation service. It actively applies Artificial Intelligence in all of its services and tools. That’s why it managed to survive and work at a decent level while other services became the things of the past.”

What is Inflact?

Inflact is an Instagram automation tool that offers 6+ services and tools which can bring you real results (likes, followers, clients) both combined and individually.

Instagram automation tool

  • Automatic interaction with Instagram users. It is all about liking, following, and unfollowing users according to targeting configurations.
  • Direct Messages (live web chat + auto messaging). This is one of the best features that can be used to manage your communication with followers, fans, and clients. It will be described below.
  • Scheduled posting. This is a useful feature for planning content for publication.
  • Hashtag generator. This is a must-use for every Instagrammer. Nothing works for you better than the right hashtags.
  • Profile Analyzer. This is a tool that will be useful for all who only start running their Instagram accounts or who face some troubles promoting them. Plus, with it, brands can analyze the accounts of potential brand ambassadors and influencers they are going to work with.
  • Instagram Downloader. It is a free tool by Inflact via which you can download photos/videos/stories/IGTV full-size and in good quality.
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Below, I will describe the Inflact tools I liked more.

Hashtag Generator — must-try tool for every Instagrammer

Inflact AI hashtag generator is the most advanced of any you can find on the Net. No random and irrelevant hashtags you can get with other generators.

Hashtag Generator

  • It is simple. All you need is to do is to enter some keywords or upload a photo or paste a URL.
  • It is smart. It groups the relevant hashtags by the frequency of use, which is vital if you consider increasing posts reach.
  • It is analytical. You can click any hashtag and get its precise analysis: popularity, difficulty score, related hashtags, most popular and recent posts, etc.

hashtag precise analysis

  • It is multilingual. You can search hashtags in any language your target audience speaks.
  • Price: $22/month

Hashtags are vital for Instagram promotion in 2022. These searchable words can get your post all the way up the rankings. 

It is a major thing to categorize and describe the content with relevant hashtags to help the Instagram algorithm understand what your post or Story is about and show it to everyone that might be interested.

Direct Messenger — customer relations tool for business

Inflact Direct Messages. is a brilliant tool. You can use it in three major directions: auto-replies, bulk messaging, and as a direct web chat.

Ingramer Direct Messages

I’m not a big fan of auto-messaging as I do not run a business on Instagram. However,  greeting each new follower automatically seems to me rational: audience engagement + time economy.

Many will agree, this service is worth buying just because of Direct Web Chat. It can become your desktop version of Instagram Direct with some cool perks:

  • One chat for all accounts and one clouв management of DM for all your co-workers.
  • Additional users profiles window with Details (email, phone number, address, etc.), Instagram profile info and Notes.
  • Chat Labels that can both categorize your DM and also work as a CRM for your IG business.
  • Search for messages and users which is totally convenient for client and sales management.

There is a screenshot of how it looks like:

Web Chat version of Instagram 


This an effortless way to manage your sales and communication with followers without any mess, in a structured way. Such an approach provides many benefits, among which I can mention:

  • Greater relationships with clients due to improved efficiency in serving.
  • Improved ability to cross-sell as you know your TA much better, having access to their Social Media profile.
  • Improved teamwork. All your managers have equal access to all the clients’ data and can work more productively.

All that can lead to only one thing — increased revenue.

  • Price: $29/month

The bottom line

Does marketing automation still alive? And will Inflact help you go up? 

Instagram marketing automation is not about ‘just saving your time’. It is about streamlining all the processes so wisely that it brings worthy results:

  • Generate more leads
  • Developing existing contacts with followers/fans and customers
  • Building new relationships.

So yes, it is alive. It is alive for those who know how to implement it in the right way.

Inflact, its Hashtag generator and Direct Chat specifically, is the example of a quality solution for those who aim at seeing only

better-than-tomorrow results.  So if you doubt what tool to choose as aiding, I hope this review’s suggested you a solution.

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