Hulu Streaming: Is it Worth Getting the Platform in New Zealand?

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In the ever-evolving New Zealand digital landscape, an exciting player has emerged. Hulu, a streaming giant, offers an intriguing medley of television delights.

Streaming Hulu in NZ after overcoming geo-restrictions opens a new realm of top-tier entertainment – right from high-quality original content to globally renowned TV series that land on your screen just a day after their live broadcast.

This makes Hulu not just a streaming platform but a bridge connecting New Zealand viewers to a world of stories beyond borders. Its user-friendly pricing further adds to its appeal, making it a serious contender in the crowded streaming arena.

In this article, we'll examine in detail whether Hulu could be the perfect streaming companion for you and your family in New Zealand. Get ready to explore the compelling world of Hulu!

Uncovering the Best Deal for NZ Viewers

Uncovering the Best Deal for NZ Viewers

In the world of on-demand streaming, a platform's success is often determined by its pricing strategy and Hulu in New Zealand offers its audience an enticing array of options.

At its core, Hulu operates on a dual-tier system. For NZ$12.92/mo (US$7.99 /mo), you can access its Basic plan with periodic ad breaks, or for $24.25/mo (US$14.99/mo), opt for the Premium plan, ensuring uninterrupted, ad-free viewing.

Compared to the competition, Hulu's Premium plan aligns with the pricing of Netflix's Standard plan, Amazon Prime, and Max, making it a viable choice for those who cherish seamless streaming. Even against Disney+'s ad-free yet cheaper offer, Hulu stands firm with its diverse content library.

Wondering about the ad frequency on Hulu's Basic plan? Think of it as akin to a traditional cable TV experience. For instance, a typical episode might include three ads, each lasting 90 seconds, while a movie may have up to eight ad breaks varying from 15 to 90 seconds.

This could be a minor hiccup for seasoned cable viewers, but for those who prefer uninterrupted viewing, the Premium plan is your call.

What truly sets Hulu apart, however, is its bundle option with ESPN+ and Disney+. This enticing trio can be yours for a modest NZ$21.01/mo (US$12.99/mo) with the limited ads plan or NZ$32.33.24/mo (US$19.99/mo) for the ad-free version, presenting you with a savings of $12-$13 per month compared to subscribing to each service separately.

As you ponder over your choice, remember while Hulu's prices have seen an uptick, the bundle price remains constant, offering a stable, comprehensive entertainment package that might make your couch the best seat in the house.

A Dive into Hulu's Content Ocean: What New Zealand Viewers Stand to Gain

If you're wondering what content you can find when streaming Hulu in NZ, the answer is simple – a plethora of exclusive originals, recently aired TV shows, and classic gems from the past.

Hulu has gained a reputation for its impressive lineup of Originals. From critically acclaimed series to star-studded dramas, the platform ensures a unique and enticing viewing experience.

For instance, series like “The Patient” or “The Bear” have captivated audiences and kept them coming back for more. It's no surprise that indulging in Hulu's originals often translates to a night well spent with your favourite snacks.

Beyond its original content, Hulu's standout feature is the next-day availability of episodes from popular network and cable TV shows.

It's a dream come true for those looking to cut the cable cord without losing touch with their beloved series. Imagine watching the latest episode of your favourite show the very next morning – Hulu makes it possible.

Longing for a bit of nostalgia? Hulu's got you covered. You can reminisce with timeless classics and fan favourites that never grow old.

For sports lovers in New Zealand, Hulu opens up a world of on-demand content alongside the option of live sports channels with Hulu +Live TV. Opt for the ESPN+/Disney+ bundle, and a myriad of sports documentaries await.

Similarly, for young viewers, Hulu is a treasure chest brimming with kid-friendly shows and movies. The platform also ensures safety with a customizable kids profile, restricting access to appropriate content.

However, it's worth noting that Hulu's content library, though diverse, isn't as expansive as Netflix's. With over 3,000 titles, it might seem dwarfed by Netflix's 5,600. But let's not forget Hulu's competitive pricing more than compensates for this difference.

And if you're like many viewers, you'll find value in diversifying your streaming portfolio – by jumping on the Netflix-Hulu bandwagon. After all, when it comes to entertainment, why choose when you can have the best of both worlds?

Hulu in Your Hands: Device Compatibility for NZ Viewers

Hulu in Your Hands

When it comes to versatility and accessibility, streaming Hulu in New Zealand ticks all the boxes. No matter your device preference, Hulu ensures that quality entertainment is always within your grasp.

From Apple enthusiasts who swear by their iPhones and iPads to Android devotees wielding smartphones and tablets, Hulu is universally compatible. Connoisseurs of the big screen are also catered for, with Hulu smoothly streaming on Apple TV (4th gen and later), Android TV, Fire TV, Roku, and Chromecast.

For those who prefer smart TVs, Hulu runs effortlessly on LG TV, Samsung TV, and VIZIO SmartCast TV. Even gaming consoles like Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, and Playstation 4 & 5 can transform into your personal streaming platforms.

And if you're an Xfinity Flex or X1 set-top box owner, or if you fancy watching on Fire tablets, Hulu's compatibility extends there as well. So no matter the device you hold, Hulu's world of entertainment is always just a tap away.

Is it Worth Streaming Hulu in NZ?

Streaming Hulu in NZ is undeniably worth exploring. With a diverse range of Hulu Originals, classic on-demand content, and a feasible bundle option that includes ESPN+ and Disney+, the platform caters to the entire family's tastes.

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