How Your Car Dealership Can Leverage Facebook

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Must-haves: A Facebook page and Facebook advertising.

Social media has changed the way people get information and how they buy things. Say a Kia supporter is car shopping and looking for a new Kia K900, in the past, they might have driven to the closest Kia dealership to have a look at the models displayed.

But nowadays, it’s easier to first investigate what’s out there via a smartphone app that lets you search for used cars in your area. Or they can just go straight to Facebook Marketplace and look there. And social media is gaining the upper hand, even if you’re looking for a used Kia Optima for sale.

A typical mid-size sedan buyer is generally a little older and if they’re in the market for that Kia in our above example, Facebook might very well be their first stop.

Despite young people increasingly flocking to Instagram and TikTok, Facebook is still the biggest social-media platform in the world and older people seem to prefer it.

In the USA, around 70 percent of adults use Facebook and more than 50 percent of Facebook users in the US check it several times per day. It only makes sense that car dealerships should have a Facebook page to boost business.

The Biggest Social-Media Platforms

Besides all the usual channels, businesses can no longer be without a Facebook page. In fact, some businesses have moved to Facebook pages exclusively and don’t even have a website.

Digital Air Strike’s recent study on social media trends revealed that, for three years now, consumers have regarded a car dealership’s Facebook page as more important than their website. It’s a must-have.

We know Facebook is the biggest, but what other social-media platforms are the most important? Here are the top-five biggest and best in 2021:

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. WhatsApp
  4. Facebook Messenger
  5. WeChat

The Biggest Social-Media Platforms

Why Facebook For Car Dealerships?

There are several important reasons why car dealerships should have a Facebook page and actively advertise it on the platform. Here are just a few of them:

  • It’s how buyers find and choose you. The above-mentioned study found that internet research that includes social media was the most helpful way for three-quarters of car buyers to select a car dealership. Around two-thirds of car owners or buyers have clicked on a Facebook ad and this number is on the increase. The study also found that at least half of car buyers do all their research online and that nearly 70 percent then only visit a single dealership.
  • It’s how you target your consumers. Nearly 85 percent of car dealerships’ audience is already on Facebook and you can target your ads to people who have already indicated that they are interested in buying a car and who are geographically close to your dealership. Automotive Facebook ads have twice the click-through rate in comparison to the ad average.
  • It’s how you tell your story. People love stories and you should be telling yours. Social media is about the human connection, so don’t just advertise on Facebook, humanize your business and brand and interact and converse with people. Examples are posting photos of staff and videos of what goes on behind the scenes and what you do in the community. Remember, the conversation must go both ways.
  • It’s how you get that good review. If a car shopper has read a positive review on your business by a third party, the likelihood of them visiting your website is increased by 90 percent and they are also more than five times as likely to visit your dealership. So, encourage your customers to share reviews on your Facebook page.

Why Facebook For Car Dealerships


Having a Facebook page and advertising on the platform is extremely powerful. If you can engage your audience, Facebook can make those human connections possible. The one moment someone might just have asked about the features or horsepower figures of that sporty coupe on your lot and the next moment they show up at your dealership for a test drive.

That personal touch and quick response achieve far more than just confer information about a car’s cargo space, MPG figures, performance, engine size, number of seats, or drivetrain configurations. It establishes a human connection and that can be extremely beneficial for a brand in these mask-wearing times.

But remember, you must be all-in on the effort and not leave hard-earned social followers in the cold. Make use of every small opportunity to engage them and they will stay loyal – and their numbers will grow.

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