How to Watch Peacock TV in Canada (Full Beginner Guide)

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Online and Over the Top content streaming platforms have emerged as the latest trends of entertainment in today’s modern era of technological revolution.

While most of the platforms offer convenient access, there are some which have licensed protection. One such name in the list of popular but geographically exclusive OTT platforms is the Peacock TV of the USA. The following article attempts to sort out the concern of facilitating seamless streaming of the same in Canada.

Peacock TV: An Introduction

Peacock TV

In the domain of online content streaming, Peacock TV is recognized as a popular and preferred American platform, whose purchase and operation authorities rest with NBC Universal.

The platform houses some interesting TV series and movies from the various channels of NBC and it boasts with around 33.1 million active subscribers of the service.

Streaming Peacock TV in Canada: A Complete User Guide

No matter how much you adore and crave the NBC shows and movies streamed on Peacock TV, being a Canadian resident, you are not allowed direct access to the service. This, however, is no more a cause of worry, thanks to the innovative technology that is always ready with a solution.

Moving along the line, there is also a convenient way to stream Peacock TV in Canada while crossing the line of geo-restrictions. Here’s a step-by-step guide that you can follow to avail the service with a VPN subscription.

Steps to Stream Peacock TV in Canada

Stream Peacock TV in Canada

Step 1: Subscribe to a Reliable VPN Service

To begin with, you are required to select and purchase a subscription to some preferred and trusted VPN service. Browsing through the web, you can easily pick any one of the various options available at your disposal. However, make sure you select a viable plan on cohesion with your streaming preferences and frequency. Here are 10 free VPN options.

Step 2: Sign Up for the VPN Service

When you have selected your plan, launch the VPN app on your device to land on the latter’s sign-up page. You should now proceed to sign up for the service by using the credentials provided in the welcome email you have received from the VPN’s website.

Step 3: Establish a Server Connection

As you log into the service, the server connection prompt appears on your device screen. You are now required to connect to an American server for seamless streaming. Click within the connection prompt to see a list of servers pop up on the screen. While you can pick any preferred server locale, choosing the New York servers will cater to the best content streaming results.

Step 4: Create an Account on the Channel Website

After the server connection gets established, navigate to the official website of Peacock TV and proceed to create your account on the same. That’s it! You can now enjoy uninterrupted streaming of your favorite NBC shows and other amazing content on Peacock TV in Canada.

Streaming Peacock TV in Canada is not possible through mainstream access, since the service is made USA exclusive via geo-static boundaries. However, all is not over yet with the technological progression of today’s times. Likewise, you can enjoy your cherished Peacock TV shows and movies simply by subscribing to a dependable VPN service.

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