How to Start OnlyFans without Followers in 2024

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You can make money online in many ways, and OnlyFans is one of those. With that in mind, how can you start your online journey without any followers? In today's guide, we'll discuss how you can gain followers, bringing you profit.

In a world dominated by social media platforms, finding many ways to make money is easy. In many cases, people aim for those advertisement fees, which are a nice way to get some extra profit. The problem with this option is that you need a large fanbase so a company can pay attention to you.

The biggest problem today is getting that fanbase, which can be tedious but pays off after a while. Whether we're talking about twitter, Instagram, or any other options, having many followers is critical to getting lots of profits.

We see some platforms as a good option for easy profit. Among the many is OnlyFans, a platform we usually associate with adult content. In reality, this is a good service for people who want to earn from a base of dedicated fans, willing to access exclusive content that you wouldn't post otherwise.

As simple as all of this sounds, there is a slight problem, and it has a lot to do with the followers. Before you earn your first cents from OnlyFans, you'll need to have enough followers because that's a good way to convert some of them into subscribers willing to pay for that content.
If you're in this predicament, look no further. In today's guide, we'll explain how to start your OnlyFans journey without followers and turn that into profit.

1. Choose the Niche

Choose the Niche on onlyfan

This is a step that most people take before even creating the account, but let's talk about it anyway. Yes, we all know the most sought-after content on OnlyFans, but that's not the whole story. Even though most people are after adult content on the platform, there are those willing to pay to see some other type. Regardless of your plan, the first step is to choose which niche you'll be willing to cover.

Ideally, you'd want to go for the one you know will sell. Regardless if it's adult content or if you're singing or offering private painting lessons, choose the niche beforehand. This will help you in the several next steps, which are crucial for advertising.

2. Present Yourself

Let's say you already have the account created, but it's blank, so the first step is to make it presentable. You don't have to go into great detail about yourself personally if you don't want to, but in this regard, your followers need to know what kind of an account you're running and the content they'll be getting.

As part of the presentation, a good profile picture and bio is needed. The username plays a role, but it's not the most important aspect here because few people pay attention to it. Ensure you have a good profile picture related to your chosen niche.

The bio is also very crucial because that's the part of your profile that will help you present yourself. For this step, it's essential to be detailed and explain to your followers the content they'll get once they subscribe. No one wants to spend hours reading your bio, so balancing things out is important. Be informative about the content and brief so people don't waste time.

An important aspect we need to discuss here is how anonymous you want your account to be. Plenty of OnlyFans accounts are posting under a pseudonym, so that works in many situations. This decision is up to you, and there are pros and cons for both sides of this story, so choose the one you'd be comfortable with. Some people want to remain anonymous, so they take that option.

3. Quality Content

Quality Content

OnlyFans is “that” platform people go to when they want to pay for adult content. Even though most people know it as such, you'll find plenty of other types of content there. Singers, painters, photographers, and all kinds of people post content that they hide behind a paywall. Regardless of what type of content you post, the quality is crucial from several points of view.

Posting high-quality content is a good way to ensure that once people are subscribed, they will remain your customers for a long time. No one wants to pay for something with poor quality, so this is an important aspect. If a subscriber sees that you're posting high-quality content, you'll keep that person as a subscriber for longer. On top of that, there is another advantage.

People that are enthusiasts about a particular niche often talk to each other on the topic. They can do that in person, on a forum, or on social media. Regardless of which type of communication we're talking about, if you post high-quality content, your subscribers become potential advertisers. They may come across someone that wants the type of content you post on OnlyFans, and they'll recommend you.

Depending on the type of content you plan to post on OnlyFans, you may need to invest in some equipment. For example, if you plan to post photos, like most people on the platform, you may want to invest in proper gear. This covers the camera and some lighting to ensure the content is of the highest quality. Sure, you can use your smartphone camera, but remember that most people there use professional equipment. Another recommendation is to learn how to edit the photos. It can help you get the most out of the content you have.

The most important thing to note here is that photos aren't the only type of content people post. Some also do videos, so try to use good equipment to help you create better content.

4. Creative and Unique Content

High-quality content is one thing, but a creative one can be a more powerful tool for growing your OnlyFans account. Living in a digital era means someone has already created every possible content, so most people think their hands are tied. Yes, it can be challenging to be unique, but not impossible.

You can go through your competitive accounts and see the kind of content they publish. Combining those ideas with your creativity may help you come up with a new idea of something that no one has done before. In a worst-case scenario, it may exist, but it's not done properly.

This can be your ticket to creating high-quality and unique content which can help you grow your fanbase. People like to see something they haven't seen before, so even if you're relatively new on the platform, this can work in your favor.

5. Set up Another OnlyFans Account

Set up Another OnlyFans Account

We see this option often due to how OnlyFans is set up. Having a second account means that you'll be using that one for your free content. This is a good option because you'll be able to showcase what kind of content you'll have for your loyal customers.

The main thing here is to ensure that you separate the content between the free and the paid one. Both must be of the highest quality, but the free shouldn't be as exclusive. There isn't a specific rule about how to divide the content, so you'll need to figure this out yourself. The most important thing is to ensure that you keep the exclusive content for the paid account.

6. Set the Price

Considering that most people create an OnlyFans account to make profits, we need to discuss the price. You'll need to approach this from two standpoints to ensure you earn enough to keep your account running. Before you start getting rich, there's an important thing to consider.

The best way to determine the price for your subscription, you should do a bit of research. Go through competitive accounts and see how much they charge for similar content. Once you have the number, there are two roads that you can take.

One of the roads is to offer your content for free. This is a great way to put your account out there so people can access it without paying. The idea here is to get enough people hooked so that after you close off the content behind a monthly subscription, a good amount of your followers will want to pay. Some may be against the idea, and they'll unfollow you, but many will remain on board.

A slight in-between option here is a trial period. You can offer a 7- or 14-day trial, which should give people enough time to see the type of content and how often you post it. Almost all tools or services rely on this, and it's a good way to see if something is worth paying for.

The second option is to set a price from the start but go for a slightly lower price. If a competitive account asks for $10 monthly, they aim lower than that. Remember that you're a new OnlyFans user and don't have followers. Going for a lower price is a good way to attract people, especially if you offer quality content.

Once you start to get more followers and reach a certain milestone, you can increase the price to your liking. Alternatively, if you feel the price you already set is good enough, you can stick with it.

Once you get some subscribers, offering discounts is another good way to attract more subscribers.

7. Use Other Platforms for Promotion

Use Other Platforms for Promotion onlyfan

Let's face it, unless you're a celebrity, getting a large number of followers on your OnlyFans account can be difficult. You'll need additional tactics to turn your OnlyFans account into profit.

One of the several great ways in which you can get more followers on OnlyFans is to promote your account on other platforms. There are many options, so you are flexible in that regard. With that said, there's a limit to how you can use each one, and some seem to be better than others. Generally, the best options here are Twitter, TikTok and Reddit. You can also use Instagram, but the other 3 cover you quite nicely.

The first thing we'll need to discuss is if you decide to be anonymous on OnlyFans. If this is the case, then using your existing social media accounts can be tricky because the point is for no one to know about it. In this case, your best option would be to aim for Reddit. This platform is an excellent option because you can reach many people, some of whom would be willing to become subscribers.

Using only Reddit is limiting, and you'll need to put in a lot of work. Find relevant subreddits where you can get in touch with people with similar interests who want to view your content. You'll need to be very active and post multiple times daily to get the proper exposure.

Next up, we have TikTok and Twitter. Even if you want to remain anonymous, there are ways in which you can do so, but you may need to create new anonymous accounts. Both are different platforms, so you'll need to have different approaches, but the idea is to offer your potential customers some teaser content. This should get them on board and turn them into potential subscribers.

The advantage here is that whatever content you publish on those platforms they are designed for it to spread as fast as possible. As long as you're putting enough of it, you should be able to grow your pubic because apart from the content, you'll also promote your OnlyFans.

It's a similar story with Instagram and reels. The algorithm there works by presenting certain content to people with certain interests. For example, if you like photography, the algorithm will continue showing you that kind of content after a few reels. You can use this to your advantage because the platform will target you.

8. Collaborations

Starting off fresh on OnlyFans means you'll have nothing to show for, so this step can be problematic. Reaching out to popular people on the platform and offering them collaboration is a good way to increase your exposure. Since we're talking about a fresh account, the chances of that happening on the first try are slim, so you'll need to be patient and persistent.

You can speed up the process in a few ways, but you'll need to get creative with it. Asking for collaboration is a process where both sides need benefits. There are two options here, depending on how you want to proceed.

The first and most common option is to go for paid promotion. Some larger accounts will promote you for a certain price. This doesn't apply just to OnlyFans, meaning you can use other platforms for advertising. Naturally, a fee is associated with it, so you'll need to see if your budget allows it.

On the other hand, there is a free option, which can be a bit tricky. Asking for collaboration with other accounts, but you'll offer something they can use. An idea or your equipment can be a good offering that will benefit both. You will get exposure, and the other account will get better content or an idea that they haven't done before. This process can be long, so don't expect miracles in a few days. Also, if you're aiming for the idea part, you'll need to be creative enough so that the other account sees that as an advantage.


Running a successful OnlyFans business isn't as straightforward as some people think. Sure, it can bring you a lot of profit, but you'll need to work hard to reach that point. The good news here is that it's not all lost, and there are ways in which you can grow your OnlyFans account if you have no followers.

To help you with that, we've made a guide with multiple steps that you can take to get more subscribers on the platform. You won't have to follow each one, so even one or two may work for you. Ideally, utilizing all of them should help you speed things up and get more subscribers faster.


Q. Is it legal to earn on OnlyFans?

Yes, even though most of us associate OnlyFans with a platform for adult content, earning there is not illegal. Initially, the idea behind this platform is to offer users a way to make money from some kind of content they post. It can be something X-rated, or it can be fitness advice, music lessons, and more. At its core, it's not too different from several other platforms where people will pay for a certain content, so it's perfectly legal to use.

Q. How much can I earn on OnlyFans?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, with the most important ones being the subscription price and the number of subscriptions. Some accounts make millions a month, but those have been using the platform for a long time. A new account won't be able to make as much initially, but if you manage to grow it, you can reach that number.

Q. How long will it take to get subscribers on OnlyFans?

Multiple aspects can vary the time it takes for you to get subscribers. The first thing is how much you are looking to get. Most people set some milestones and aim to reach those. Regardless of which milestone you set for yourself, the time it takes to achieve it won't be the same for everyone. Some people may spend more time growing their accounts and will get more followers sooner.

Another crucial aspect is the niche. Some niches are much more popular than others, so that can also affect how fast you get subscribers.

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