How to Display Ping and Fps in LoL

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League of Legends is a multiplayer online game where network latency (ping) and screen refresh rate (FPS) greatly affect the game experience. This is how to show ping and FPS in LOL. You can implement some methods to lower the ping and improve the FPS.

Do you want to show ping and FPS in LoL? There are some methods you can use to ensure they are displayed. A ping tells you how long it will take for a packet of information to travel from your PC to the server on the internet then return to you.

If there is high ping, you will experience lagging or delay in-game connection. The ping can be affected by slow internet.

FPS stands for frames per second. It tells you how many times the game screen s refreshed each second. The higher it is, the smoother the gameplay.

How to Display in the Game Interface

Once in the LoL game, click on CTRL + F shortcut to display ping and FPS. They will be displayed in the upper right corner, or you can hold down Alt and drag to change their positions.

Step 1: If the shortcut doesn’t work, press the “ESC” key. The game setting dialog box will pop up.

Step 2: On the left menu bar, navigate and click on hotkeys. Then click display.

LOL hotkeys

Toggle FPS display

Step 3: Click on the Toggle FPS display. By default, the shortcut key is CTRL + F; you may change it or retain it as it is.


Step 4: While in the game, whenever you click on the shortcut CTRL + F, the current FPS and Ping values will be displayed in the upper right corner of the game screen.

How to Lower Ping

The higher your ping (network latency), the less enjoyable your LoL game will be. There are things that you can do to lower your ping for a better gaming experience. If you have a slow internet connection, it will make your ping rise, which will affect your gaming experience.

  • Buy Network Speed from your Internet Service Provider

Buy Network Speed

When your internet is slow, it makes your game lag, and your gaming experience will be bad. Hence, you can buy extra network speed to ensure a swift game. Alternatively, you can look for a better Internet Service Provider. The ISP has a major impact on how fast or slows your internet will be.

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  • Use the Game Accelerator

Game Accelerator

This is a game management and booster app. It helps to provide the best game experience by solving RAM and lag issues in games. It helps to remove unused apps and tasks from memory. This speeds up the computer and prepares the environment to play games.

  • Use an Ethernet connection instead of a WiFi

Ethernet connection

When using WiFi with many other users, it can cause a poor connection. Hence, you can use an Ethernet connection for your internet when playing LoL. This will ensure you consume the right amount of internet entirely.

  • Suspend other network download tasks

Suspend other network download tasks

The current downloads and tasks may be consuming too much internet making your game to be slow. Moreover, close all other applications that you are not using at the moment. This will help to free space in your computer and make your gaming experience better.

  • Change the router distance.

move closer to the routerYou can move closer to the router to improve your computer connectivity. Internet accessibility will improve and prevent any game lagging.

  • Restart your PC/ modem/ network

Restart modemYou can restart your computer, modem, or network to have a fresh start. When you use any of these devices for long without restarting, it may cause some form of hanging. This can have adverse effects on your game.

  • You can update the PC drives.

update the PC drivesUpdating the PC drives helps to make the PC faster. Old drivers can interfere with your ping while playing on LOL. If there are any other pending updates, enable them immediately.

How to Improve Your FPS

The improvement of the FPS is more dependent on the improvement of the computer hardware. Hence, use the best strategies to improve the refresh rate improves.

  • Add double memory to trigger double channels.

Add double memory

This is the first step that will help to improve the frames per second.  A channel is a trait or ability that, when interrupted by crowd control effects, prevents casting. This can prevent the proper functioning of the game while playing.

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  • Add a graphics card

Add a graphics card

If you are using a CPU with a core display capability and the computer itself does not have a graphics card, it is recommended that you purchase a graphics card. Connect the HDMI cable of Monitor to the graphics card. Another option is resetting your graphics card software. This will help to ensure it doesn’t interfere with the league of legends.

  • Decrease the quality of the game

Graphics settings Leagueof Legends

This can be by changing the video options in the in-game settings. If you lower the settings, the game will run faster at the expense of visual quality. Moreover, try to reduce the sound to see if it will help to improve your FPS.

  • Buy a monitor with a high refresh rate.

high refresh rate monitor

A 144Hz professional game monitor is recommended, or you can overclock your current screen. This is only applicable if your graphics card can output enough pictures.

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  • Keep your video drivers up to date.

video drivers up to date

Even when installing a new video card, ensure to install the most up-to-date driver. The update process will vary depending on the specific video card.

  • Disable software and applications

disable any softwareWhile on the game, try to disable any software and applications that you are not using currently. Moreover, you can remove resource-intensive applications that make your computer to be slow.


While playing League of Legends, ensure you have a low ping rate and high FPS rate. This will prevent your game from hanging or lagging. This will increase the chance of being victorious in the LoL game. Make sure the in-game settings are favorable. Disable any settings that are not relevant when playing the game.


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