5 Tips on How to Promote Your YouTube Videos with Google AdWords

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Imagine you have created a beautiful commercial video for your brand on YouTube. But if you do not know the right way to present that to the right group of audiences, your videos will now help you to gain real YouTube subscribers for your channel.

When it comes to advertising your brand videos on YouTube, paid promotions are the best way to maximize your reach and build brand awareness. Luckily, Google AdWords, offers you a platform to develop pay-per-click ads for your YouTube brand videos, thereby making it possible for you to engage with your target audience more efficiently.

In this article, we would talk about five tips on how you can utilize Google AdWords for launching advertisements, YouTube videos for your brand on the Google search page, and funnel down valuable clients for your business.

Why Should You Promote Your Brand on YouTube?

Promote Your Brand on YouTube

YouTube is used by over 1 billion active users regularly and the platform is growing fast every day. As per recent statistics, the YouTube search engine receives over 3 billion searches a month.

All these data validate how important and powerful the social media platform YouTube is and how beneficial it can be for building your brand awareness. YouTube being a highly engaging channel, helps to drive potentially profitable traffic towards your account. It will enable you to connect with a wider audience and gain more YouTube video views.

But, even if you have the access to millions of potential subscribers and customers, without the right approach it will be of no use to you. To make things easier, Google AdWords, an online advertising platform, allows you to use its features and tools to maximize your reach and also to connect with your target customers.

How does Google AdWords Help to Promote Your YouTube Videos?

1. Organize your Marketing Campaign

Organize your Marketing Campaign

The first step of using Google AdWords for promoting your YouTube video is to set up an Advertising campaign. For that, you need to identify your goal for enhancing your brand awareness. Google Ads allows you to select your goal from a preset menu. This allows your videos to reach a maximum number of viewers that meets your criteria.

You will also be able to choose a bidding strategy according to your need. To figure out which option works the best for you, you would need to do some research. Google Ads also allows you to define where exactly you want your YouTube videos will be shown. This is a crucial step that helps to narrow down your audience and buy YouTube subscribers for your brand.

2. Consider the Demographics of your Audience

Consider the Demographics of your Audience

As we mentioned earlier, YouTube is used by over 1 billion active users daily. To reach your target customers, you need to refine your audience base. For example, if you are selling baby products, you would want to show your commercial videos to people of reproductive age, who are either expecting or are parents to newborns.

Google AdWords allows you to narrow down your audience using demographic targeting. You will be able to filter your viewers according to their gender, age, parental status, and household income. Further, if your business is located in a certain area and you are hoping to expand, you can use the location-specific targeting feature to connect with your local customers.

3. Create Ads Groups for your Campaign

Create Ads Groups for your Campaign

Google Adwords allows entrepreneurs to create specific Ad groups according to the different interests of their audience. The Custom Affinity Audience feature in Google Ads enables you to analyze the user intent of your audience. As a result, you will be able to promote your brand's YouTube videos to viewers who have displayed a general interest in the products or services you offer.

With Custom Affinity Audience, you will be able to create tailored audience groups for advertising your brand. This is possible by entering relevant keyword phrases, URLs to related content, places and locations your target audience might be interested in and even the apps that your viewers are likely to use.

4. Apply Relevant and Productive Strategies

Apply Relevant and Productive Strategies

Google AdWords will offer you a collection of different strategies for you to select according to your needs and goals. For instance, if you need to attract new viewers, you can filter your “audience” and “topics” to target your potential customers.

If you want to buy YouTube subscribers for your channel, Google Ads offers you the option of remarketing your videos will then be directed to viewers who have shown interest in your content but haven't subscribed to your channel yet.

5. Use AdWords Analytics to Assess your Performance

Use AdWords Analytics to Assess your Performance

Tracking your performance is very important to refine your marketing campaign. So, when you are using Google Ads for promoting your YouTube videos, you can take the help of the Ads Analytics of your AdWords Dashboard to monitor the performance of your ads.

Check your views, view rates, watch time, likes, and comments. Pay attention to the time during which you are gaining more YouTube subscribers. You must also optimize your videos, add call-to-actions, to make sure they grab the attention of your target audience. It will enable you to buy YouTube subscribers organically for your brand.

The Bottom Line

An online advertising platform with incredible potential, Google AdWords allows entrepreneurs to promote their businesses by displaying brief advertisements in form of videos and posters, describing the services the brand offers, their product listings, etc.

Google AdWords enables users to bid on specific keywords related to their brand niche and to create clickable ads that appear on the Google search engine.

When you display your brand's YouTube videos using Google Adwords, it improves the search rank of your brand and increases your chance to land on your potential customer's search page. We hope this article has helped you to understand five ways you can make the most of Google AdWords to promote your brand's YouTube videos.

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