How to Get Comcast Xfinity Student Discount

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Do you want to enjoy Xfinity services despite your current financial situation? These steps guide you on how to get Xfinity student discounts and enjoy Xfinity internet and cable bundles at a low cost.

Stream your Favorite HBO Movies and Television What is Xfinity Student Discount?

The internet is one of the essential things for every student. It helps in carrying out research and for daily class needs. Also, it serves greater purposes in this recent age.

One of the best and well-known internet service providers is Xfinity. It is renowned in the United States for its internet services. Xfinity provides student plans at low prices. The plan enables you to enjoy the amazing internet benefits.

Xfinity Student Discount

This is essentially important as the impact of the coronaviruspandemic has ravaged the world and affected so many persons in different ways. Therefore, the internet has become one of the easiest ways daily communication, meetings, conferences, and classes are carried out.

With Xfinity student discount, students can save some bucks while still enjoying amazing internet services. The discount also gives you cheap TV services. Xfinity gives you a prepaid gift card of up to a hundred US dollars with six months of free Amazon Music Unlimited.

Although you can’t get a discount per month on Xfinity, it gives you free prepaid gift cards as well as subscriptions to access things such as Amazon Music Unlimited. These discounts and promotions are available to you, provided you are a student subscribing to any of their internet bundles.

Steps to Get Xfinity Student Discount

  • Step 1:

The first step is to check whether you are eligible for the student plans offered by Xfinity. This is because the offer is only available to some universities Xfinity partners with.

Xfinity Student eligibility

  • Step 2:

Once you’re eligible for the student plans, access the Xfinity official website, sign up for the student plan, and then input the necessary details to get the custom plan.

Xfinity sing in

That’s all you need to do. It is as simple as that.

Different Plans and Pricing of Xfinity


The internet plans offered by Xfinity are often different based on your location. Once you subscribe to this platform, you stand a chance to enjoy various benefits. The student discount offered by Xfinity ensures you gain access to internet connectivity at a relatively low price. There are some plans available to you as a student. You can try any of them out and start enjoying the service. Below are the various plans and their prices.

  • 200 MBPS

This plan costs about 39.99 US dollars monthly. Once you buy this plan, you will get a free installation kit. 200 MBPS is the basic plan, which comes at an affordable price. If you are the type who doesn’t engage in heavy internet use, then this plan is good for you. Also, it can support about eight devices without glitches.

  • 600 MBPS

This plan cost about 69.99 US dollar monthly. The 600 MBPS supports up to ten to fifteen devices at once. It has fast speed and various persons can connect to it without any issue. Just like the 200 MBPS plan, you will also get a free self-installation kit once you subscribe to this plan. You won’t experience any difficulty setting it up.

  • 1000 MBPS

The 1000 MBPS is the highest plan. The plan gives you access to all the benefits of premium users. With this plan, you will enjoy high internetspeed and bandwidth, which has become an essential part of surfing the internet in the present age. It supports multiple devices. You can check out the plan and enjoy its premium services and benefits.

What you Stand to Gain with Xfinity Student Discount

Xfinity student discounts terms of quality

One thing you are assured of with the Xfinity student discountsis that you will never experience any form of compromise in terms of quality. Xfinity is renowned for its high-speed and quality internet connectivity with unique benefits such as the following.

The Service Helps you to Save More

If you are a student who desires a long-term commitment, you can get Xfinity’s mobile subscription. It gives you extra benefits and enables you to save up to twenty-five dollars. It provides you with constant and stable internet connectivity. Once you are loyal to Xfinity with your subscription, you stand a chance of enjoying its additional benefits.

Without a doubt, the Xfinity student discount gives you quality services at a relatively low price. You can give it a try now to enjoy its premium benefits.

Guarantee Online Security

Online Security with xfinity

Once you opt for the Xfinity student discount, you are guaranteed online security. You will get protected from malicious sites stealing/hacking private and personal data. The internet is a huge platform where several activities take place. So it’s better to get protected while you surf online. This is one aspect Xfinity prioritizes because internet security is very important in this present technological age.

Free Access to Amazon Music

Amazon Music with xfinity

This is an exciting benefit for all music lovers. Music plays an important role in our everyday life and activities. With Xfinity student discounts, you will gain free access to Amazon Music Unlimited. This is available to you for about 6 months. You can always renew your subscription (at 4.99 US dollars monthly) when the initial one expires.

Lots of Entertainment

xfinity EntertainmentThis is a one-of-a-kind offer. With the Xfinity student discounts, you will get loads of entertainment such as movies, TV shows, and lots more. Entertainment has always been an integral part of every person as it helps to ease stress, have fun, and cool off. This is one thing Xfinity ensures its users enjoy. The student discount provides you with plenty of online services at no cost. To enjoy this more, you can get the Xfinity stream application.

Stable and Fast Speed Internet Connectivity

Xfinity internet connectivity

If you want stable and fast speed internet connectivity, you should consider Xfinity. It ensures its customers enjoy high-speed internet as well as quality streaming content. With the Xfinity student discount, you can connect various devices at no cost. This benefit is useful for students who attend classes online. Without a doubt, you are sure of getting quality internet connectivity.


The internet has always been an integral part of our lives as humans. With the coronavirus outburst, several activities are now made available online, unlike before. In addition to this, the economy has become harder for some students who can’t keep up with the ever-increasing prices of subscriptions. However, there is still a way out of it. With the Xfinity student discount, eligible students can enjoy quality services such as high-speed internet, stable internet connectivity, online security, and so much more at relatively no cost. The Xfinity student discount also enables you to save money while still enjoying quality content. All you need to do is find out whether you are eligible to enjoy the discount offered by the service provider.

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