How to Get Paramount Plus Free Trial for 30 Days

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Paramount Plus is a streaming service that provides various movies and shows. It was initially known as CBS All Access but in 2021; they renamed it Paramount Plus. The new change came in an attempt to grow larger and wider internationally.

Paramount Plus offers multiple streaming options to all new users even before signing up. You are offered a free 7-day trial subscription as a new user to explore their services. Additionally, Paramount Plus have other ways to add to their user's free trial, like promo codes and coupon, as we shall see in this guide.

Paramount Plus is an American streaming subscription service mainly owned by Production Global. They have superfluity entertainment options, including live sports, news, exclusive original programming, movies, and shows. New subscribers can sign up for a free trial and after that decide on which premium to settle for

Does Paramount have free trials?

Does Paramount have free trials

We can't say that paramount plus offers free streaming services: What they do is offer a 7-day free premium trial to all new users. During this period  you will access all  major shows and movies. Immediately your  7- days free trial ends, paramount plus will require you to pay for a subscription. It is up to you to decide whether you will continue streaming their shows.

Paramount plus subscription pricing Deals

Paramount Plus has two plans: Essential Plan and Premium Plan. The Essential plan includes commercials, while the Premium plan has no commercials and allows users to download movies without Internet access. Live TV broadcasts contain advertisements, and some programs may have brief commercial breaks to inform viewers about new programming. New members receive a free week of service, and bundles with Showtime and Walmart Plus are available.

How long is the free trial for new users of Paramount Plus?

New Paramount Plus members can try the service for seven free days. All of Paramount Plus's services are accessible to new users during the free trial, allowing users to stream live sports and watch the Paramount Showtime series. Signing up for new users is easy; they must browse the main Plus home page and click the try free button; after that, you will be led to the paramount Plus plan, and your account will be ready after filling in your payment options.

Is there any fee for a free trial?

At no time will Paramount Plus deduct any amount for a free trial period. Their terms are clear after seven days of free trial; they start charging subscribers. However, paramount plus charges are different; they vary depending on the country you are in.

Are there coupons and promo codes for Paramount+?

Fortunately, paramount plus regularly gives promo codes and coupons for subscription discounts. Paramount Plus keeps updating its offers occasionally. The promo codes offer free trials for 30 days or even two-month.

Promo codes are crucial because they extend free trial periods for several days; now and then, the active promo codes are different. Currently, they are usings TEENWOLF Promo Code.

How can you get Paramount Plus free with Xbox Game Pass?

Paramount Plus free with Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can sign up for a 30-day free trial of Paramount Plus, which includes the first five episodes of Halo. After the free trial, the subscription will automatically renew at $4.99 or $9.99  plus tax.

How can you access the free trial through Prime?

Here are the essential instructions for using Prime Video's free trial:

  • Prime Video offers a 30-day and 90-day free trial for students.
  • You must have a working credit card to join the free trial.
  • You can join up for the free trial once per 12 months.
  • Visit Amazon Prime, choose to Start your free Trial or My Free Trial, and then adhere to the on-screen directions to register.
  • No commitment to continue with a free trial; visit End Your Amazon Prime Subscription for assistance.
  • Customers must use Google Subscription Services to manage Amazon Prime subscriptions.

Can you cancel the paramount free trial?

The paramount free trial period is supposed to last for seven days. It is easy to cancel the free trial period before the seven days end. Here are the steps to follow;

Step 1: Click the profile icon in your paramount plus account.

Step 2: On the top right corner, Click the account option and wait for the subscription and billing area to appear.

Step 3: Click the cancel subscription option on the bottom and wait to cancel the offer presented too.

Step 4: Click the “I understand the terms of cancellation” box next.

Step 5: Then, agree on the yes cancel-out option.

What are some of the exclusive content that you can watch on Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus is a subscription service offering wide access to popular shows and movies. Premium subscribers can access different stations like BET, MTV, Nickelodeon,  Smithsonian Channel, Comedy  Central, Kids Programs and Families, Sports, and other local stations. Also, it's paramount that you watch hit films like Top Gun: Maverick and Everything Everywhere All At Once an All live airing CBS programs and shows, including; The Good Fight, Star Trek,1923, Evil, and School Spirit.

How can you take advantage of the major Paramount plus student discount?

Paramount student discount

Student discounts are only available to those enrolled in school, college, or university and can be found by presenting a student ID when purchasing.

– Create an account with websites like UNiDAYS, Student Beans, SheerID, and that validate your identity as a student and offer specific discount codes using your school email address.

– Searching for discounts on websites like Save the Student and Deal News that compile the finest student discounts available by brand or category.

– Comparing various student discounts and searching for the most excellent offer on the market, as some prices may be more or cheaper than others.

Some examples of student discounts are:

  • Reebok: Up to 50% off for students through UNiDAYS,, or Student Beans.
  • Grammarly: 20% off Grammarly Premium, an AI-powered writing assistant.
  • Duolingo: Free two months of Super Duolingo, a personalized language learning program.
  • LG: 15% off the LG Gram, a lightweight laptop.

How can you earn cashback or buy discounted gift cards for Paramount Plus?

There are a few methods to get cashback or get Paramount Plus gift cards at a discount:

– Cashback websites and apps offer incentives for buying at Paramount Plus, such as 360-900 points, TopCashback up to $9.45, Befrugal $9, and Rakuten 4%.

– Credit cards offer cashback or benefits for online purchases, such as Capital One Shopping, Citi Bonus Cash Center, Barclay Card Rewards, and Paramount Plus.

– A rewards program lets you exchange points for subscriptions or gift cards. For joining Paramount Plus, My Points gives 1000 points, and Swagbucks offers $6.

– Search for offers and promotions for free trials or savings for Paramount Plus, such as TechRadar and RetailMeNot.

What is the name of the Showtime series available with Paramount Plus with Showtime bundle?

SHOWTIME is included in the Paramount Plus and Showtime package, allowing users to access Paramount Plus and SHOWTIME content in one location. There are two plans available: Essential and Premium. Customers must purchase the Paramount Plus package through the app or website to enjoy a seven-day free trial of SHOWTIME.

How can you use a streaming VPN to watch Paramount Plus outside the United States?

streaming VPN to watch Paramount Plus

When viewing Paramount Plus outside of the US or other countries where it is offered:

Step 1: Join your preferred streaming VPN service. For its quick download times and dependable access to Paramount Plus, we suggest NordVPN.

Step 2: Get the VPN app for your smartphone and install it. If you want to safeguard all your devices simultaneously, install it on your router.

Step 3: Open the VPN app and join the US or different Paramount Plus area server. Some VPNs include Smart DNS, which allows you to alter your DNS settings without changing your IP address.

Step 4: Login using your account on the Paramount Plus website or mobile application. If you don't already have one, you can join with a gift card or a US payment method.

Step 5: Take pleasure in viewing Paramount Plus from any location!


Paramount Plus offers various movies and shows, especially from CBS. They also have a 7-day free trial for all users. To sign up, visit the website or mobile app, select one of the “Try It Free” options, register for an account, and input payment details. You can also use a unique discount code like “PICARD” or “PINK LADIES” for a 30-day free trial discount. Also, you can discontinue it without being charged.

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