How to Find Someone on Venmo with 5 Ways

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PayPal's Venmo is a well-liked payment app that is great for managing finances and is frequently used by companies and friends. The process of sending and receiving money has become hassle-free because of its user-friendly interface.

Do you want to divide the cost with a buddy? Not an issue. Navigate to the Venmo account of your friend, enter the amount, and then click “Send.” Finished. It's more complex than it looks. Given its widespread use, finding someone on Venmo can be challenging.

We have created a thorough tutorial that will undoubtedly solve your issue and help you find the Venmo account of your friend, in addition to assisting you in determining why your account might not be visible to other users. Let's Get Started.

We will start by doing a quick Venmo search for someone. If you are aware of the username, name, or company name of the other individual. You can locate the person you want to send money to or from by following these procedures as long as you have that information. Here is how to proceed:

Method 1: Search on the Venmo App

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click the three-line icon while Venmo is open.

One of the simplest methods to send money is online with Venmo money transfers. By typing in the person's name in the search bar and seeing if it comes up in the results, you may quickly locate them on Venmo. These are the actions you must take in order to look for someone.

It is necessary that you have the Venmo app installed on your device and that you have updated it to the most recent version.

Examine the upper left corner of the screen when you launch the application. The emblem with the “three lines” will be visible to you. To continue, you must click on it.


Step 2: Click on the Search People option

A selection of options will appear in the sidebar as soon as you click on the three-line symbol. The Search People option, which is adjacent to a magnifying glass icon, is located below the Home option, at the top of the list. It will require your click. It will navigate to the following page. The most popular Venmo users list may be seen on the following page.


Name or @username is the input box that you may see at the top of the page. The username or name of the person whose Venmo account you are looking for must be typed into this field.


You will be able to view the person's Venmo account in the results. It will require a click from you.

Step 3: Click on Add Friend

You can access the user's profile page by clicking on the Venmo user's profile in the search results. Both the username and the user photo are displayed on the profile page. You can use the photo to confirm whether or not you have located the person you have been looking for.

The Add Friend button will be visible to you on the page. To add the individual to your Venmo account as a friend, click on it.


To send the user money, you must select the Pay or Request button, which is located beneath the Add Friend button.

Method 2: Scan the QR Code for Instant Connection

You can try the below steps:

Step 1: Open Venmo and Click on Three lines

Another way you can utilize this is to scan other users' Venmo codes to locate their Venmo profiles. This is quicker and easier than looking up the person among thousands of other users. You can only do this if you have the person's QR code. You must be in the same room to scan their profile code. Alternatively, the user can share the code by sending it through a message on any messaging service.

You will be able to locate the account by scanning it if you know the right Venmo ID code for the user.

This is how to accomplish it.

On your mobile, you must launch the Venmo application. To avoid bugs and security-related problems, the software should be upgraded to the most recent version. Next, there is an icon with “three lines” in the upper left corner. When you click on it, the app's side panel will open.


Step 2: Click on Search People

Once the three-line symbol has been clicked, the side panel containing the various options will be shown. Clicking on the second item on the list, Search People, is all you need to do. The next page of the app will open after you click on it.

The Search People page comes up next. A search bar will be visible, and the Scan Code button will be located directly beneath it. Clicking on it is required.


Step 3: Scan code

The Venmo scanning screen will appear after you click the Scan Code button. To scan and locate the account, you will need to place your phone in front of the QR code.


Venmo will display the account when it locates the one connected to the code. To add a user to your Venmo account, click the Add Friend option. Even sending money or requesting payment are options.

Each Venmo account has a special QR code associated with it. The My Code part of the scanning page of Venmo is where you can locate your account code. For others to scan and locate your account as well, you can either distribute or store the code.

Method 3: Locate via Venmo's Built-in User Lookup Feature

  • Launch the Venmo app and utilize the user lookup function.
  • Enter the person's phone number and click “lookup” to find their account.
  • The accounts connected to the phone number will be displayed in the search results.

Method 4: Locate Using Email Address

To locate the Venmo account of someone else, if you don't have their phone number or login, try their email.

  • When you launch the Venmo app, a search bar appears at the top.
  • Type the email address into the search box and press Enter.
  • Locate the account and submit a payment request from the search results.

Method 5: Locate Through Mutual Connections via Social Media

Should the methods mentioned above prove unsuccessful for you, consider locating them via social media connections.

  • Link your Venmo account to your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts.
  • Locate “Friends & Social” under settings.
  • Check to see if the person you are looking for is connected to any of your friends on their social media accounts.
  • Their Venmo account is visible if you locate their social media accounts linked to their profile.

How to Tell If Someone Has a Venmo Account

Try the below methods:

1. Upload Device Contacts

If you have the phone number of the user saved on your smartphone, you can use the Venmo program to add contacts and identify the Venmo account that is associated with them.

For the phone number associated with the Venmo account you are trying to locate to be uploaded on the Venmo app, you will need to store it on your smartphone.

To locate an account by phone number, follow these steps to upload your contacts to Venmo:

Steps to follow

Step 1: Click on the three-line symbol after opening the Venmo app.


Step 2: You must select the Settings option from the side panel, which is located above the Get Help option.


Step 3: Next, on the Settings screen, you must select the Friends & Social option.


Step 4: The following page will then be displayed to you.

Step 5: You must turn on the switch next to the Phone Contacts option in order to upload the contacts from your device.


Step 6: All of your device's contacts will upload and sync as a result. All of the Venmo accounts connected to those phone connections will be visible to you.

2. Ask the user directly.

You will need to message the person directly to find out if he has a Venmo account associated with his phone number or not.

This is a quicker method of learning about his account. You can send the user an email asking him if he has a Venmo account or not if you know his mail ID.

Reasons Why You Can't Find Someone's Account on Venmo

If you have looked everywhere for someone's Venmo account and are still looking for it, there is a possibility that you are making a mistake.

1. This profile is brand-new and unconfirmed

The person you are trying to find on Venmo only recently opened an account. You can't find newly created accounts on Venmo through searches because they are not immediately validated.

After allowing the account to be validated for a few days, you can search for the account and locate it.

3. Person Unfriended You


The person may have unfriended you on Venmo if you added them to your account in the past, but you need help locating them now.

The account will not show up in anyone's friend list if he toggles the button next to the one that says “Appear in another user's friend list.” You will be able to locate the user on Venmo once he toggles it off.

3. You didn't allow Contacts permission.

The reason you can't locate the user on your Venmo account could be that you still need to grant the app permission to see your device's contacts. The Venmo app requests permission to access and upload your device's contacts at the time of registration.

Your contacts cannot be shown on your Venmo friend list if you have denied permission by selecting Deny. You must now grant permission again from the permission settings.

4. You Might be Typing the Wrong Username


You can be typing the wrong username into Venmo if you need help finding someone by searching. You will only be able to access the person's account if you type the username correctly.

Before you search again, get the individual to confirm their username by text or phone call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What to Do If Someone Can't Find My Account on Venmo?

Finding the account holder is usually successful if the search box has accurate information. However, if someone is unable to find your Venmo account, there may be a Venmo system fault. Instruct them to check back in a few hours.

Making a quirky username change will also make it easier for people to locate your account.

Q. Can I still Find Someone on Venmo with Only Their Number Available?

Indeed, you can use Venmo to locate someone even if all you have is their phone number. Just enter it into the user lookup and watch for the outcomes. In a similar vein, you may use the same process to look for someone if all you have is their email address.

Q. Does It Mean Someone Blocked Me If I Can't Search for Them On Venmo?

One possibility is that your friend may have blocked you if you are trying to locate a Venmo account you previously linked to but are having trouble doing so.

Q. How to Know If Someone Accepted My Request on Venmo?

On Venmo, when you add someone as a friend, they get notified. In the same way, you will be notified when they grant your request.

Q. Can I Locate Someone On Venmo With A Private Account?

No, their account details and transaction history won't be available to the public if they have their account set to private. You will, therefore, be unable to search their account.

Final Thoughts

It can be not easy to find someone on Venmo to make acquaintances or rekindle old friendships. Don't worry if you do not have all of their contact details, including their phone number and log in; you can still locate them. The most important thing is to have some data to enter into the search field. You may effortlessly locate anyone on Venmo according to our 5-step procedure.

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