How to Find Out Someone’s IP Address on IMVU

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IMVU is the largest makeover social network. Each month, over 700 million users change their images and communicate with each other using avatars. However, it doesn't have an online version, it only functions through its software.

IMVU is a social media app that allows you to create and modify your avatar appearance in different ways. It is practically a 3D avatar social app that allows you to use creativity according to your preference. IMVU allows you to customize your avatar, connect and chat in 3D. You can enter chat rooms, discover open shares, and share clothing with others. There are a variety of customization options you can use to make your avatar stand out.

3 Ways to Find Out Someone’s IP Address on IMVU

1) Use a Short Link

You can use a short link to find someone’s IP address on IMVU.

Step 1: Create a shareable link by uploading a file on Google Drive or DropBox. Alternatively, you can take a website link of something the user may be interested in and customize it.

Create a disguisable link

Step 2: Use IP logger tool to customize the link by pasting it in the ‘URL and Image shortener’ field. Click on “Get IPLogger code”.

iplogger homepage

iplogger to produce short links


Step 3: On the redirection page, you will see the IP address logger link for collecting statistics, target redirection URL, domain name field, a link for viewing statistics, and IP logger link. (All of these details are important, hence ensure to copy them somewhere or screenshot)

iplogger short link foramtion

Step 4: You can use the customized “logger link for collecting statistics” as it is or customize it by changing the domain name.

Step 5: Alternatively, use a link shortener like bitly to customize the link further. Paste the link in the “shorten your link” field to make it simpler.


Step 6: Send the link to the other user in the IMVU text chat box. Once the person clicks the link, you can access their IP address through the IP logger page in the Logged IP part. If you had closed the page, you can use the “link for viewing statistics” to find the IP address of the user.

IMVU text chat box

Step 7: Use WhatismyIPaddress to find the exact location of the person.

IP Lookup ip details

2) Use Wireshark

You can use Wireshark to track the IP addresses of various users on IMVU. It will be much easier if the other user is online.

Step 1: Download and install Wireshark. Run Wireshark and on the interface list, select Wi-Fi or the modem you are using. Finally, click start.

Install Wireshark


Wireshark viewing statistics

Step 2: On the Filter field type classicstun.

Wireshark classicstun

Step 3: Open your IMVU software and look for the user you want to track their IP address. Preferably the person should be online. Invite/ping or send a message to the other person and track the IP address when he or she responds. It would be better with a voice call, but the IMVU creators removed the voice and video call feature.

imvu person online chat

Step 4: The IP address will be displayed on the Wireshark interface.

telegram Wireshark classicstun ip details

Step 5: When you check the destination panel, the first IP address is for IMVU, the second for your internet connection, and the third IP address should be for the other user. You can then locate the IP address further using WhatismyIPaddress.

IP Lookup ip details

3) Command Prompt

Before using the command prompt, close all other applications and browsers to ensure you get minimal IP addresses that won’t mislead you.

Step 1: Open the IMVU app and look for the user you want to track by clicking on Friends on the chat home screen. Check whether the other user is online or offline. It also indicates whether the friend is in a public room. You can click on “chat rooms” and track where specifically the user is. Alternatively, search the other user using their avatar name.

imvu person online chat

Step 2: It is more advisable to use this method when the user is online. Click the Windows key + R button. On the command prompt type CMD. On the dialog box that appears, type netstat-ano. This will help detect all the IP addresses connected to the computer. Hence, if you have launched the IMVU app on your computer, it will display all the IP addresses.

windows 10 run cmd

netstat-an command

Step 3: Invite/ping/text chat the other person, and once he/she replies, you can check on the list that displays on the command prompt dialog box under IMVU.

IMVU text chat box

netstat-an ip details

Step 4: Use WhatismyIPaddress to find the specific location of the user.

IP Lookup ip details

However, considering that an IMVU chat is not a peer-to-peer connection, the IP address of the IMVU server may be displayed rather than for the specific user.

Prevent People from Tracking Your IP

Prevent Tracking IP with vpn

To secure your internet access to prevent people from tracking your IP address, use a VPN or proxy. A VPN helps hide your online identity when using some applications and browsing some websites.  You can use a false IP address to protect your privacy. Some VPNs allow you to use a different IP address. You can use a proxy to access some websites that have some geo or content restrictions. All the discussed methods work well, but may be inhibited by people using VPNs and proxy's hence not providing the exact IP address of the person.

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