How to Find Out Someone’s IP Address from Phone Number

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All smartphones have internet access and an IP address. Hence, you can track an IP address from the phone number.  We will share with you ways you can find someone’s IP address from their phone number. If someone is trying to scam you, this is a good way to ascertain their motives.

In the same way, you can track someone's IP address from a computer device, and it is also possible to find someone's IP address from their phone number. However, you should only do this if someone is disturbing you or trying to scam you. This will help you know the real motive of the person.

It can also be used to solve criminal cases to get to the bottom of some bad deeds. Essentially, you need to know your phone's IP to help you whenever you lose your mobile phone. This will help in tracking it.

Top Ways to Find Someone’s IP Through Phone Number

1. Use a short link

If you already have the specific phone number, you can use a short link to get the IP address of the person.

Step 1: Upload a file on Google drive or dropbox using a new email address that you don’t use. You can even create a blank word document. Copy the shareable link and open the IP logger website. Paste the shareable link there in the “URL and image shortener” field.

Create a disguisable link

iplogger homepage

iplogger to produce short links

Step 2: You will be redirected to another page to get the IP logger code. Copy the IP logger “link for viewing statistics” that will help you track the IP addresses that have accessed your link.

iplogger short link foramtion

Step 3: Take the “link for collecting statistics” and use bitly to create a short link. Make sure the link is admirable enough, and the person will be willing to click. Then, send the link to the other person by text message.


Step 4: When he/she opens the phone message inbox and clicks the link, you can easily get his IP address through the IP blogger link for viewing statistics.

iplogger ip tracking

Step 5: Use the open tracker online tool to get more details based on the IP address.

open tracker online tool

2. Through Social Media Sites

phone number from Social Media Sites

It is possible to look up someone's social media accounts from their phone numbers. For example, in Facebook, you can easily search for someone's phone number or email in the search box and find the account linked to it. This also goes for other social media sites that one used their phone number to register with or has publicly displayed.

Once you get someone’s social media site accounts, you can easily get information from what they have provided and getter a better overview of who they are. This also goes for social media accounts like Instagram, Linkedin, or Snapchat that recommend you to connect with people in your contacts or email list. Hence, you can use the short link method to get their IP address and learn more about them. You can also use the geo finder to find the specific location of the person.

geo finder

IP is Variable

Changing IP Address

Your phone IP is different from your computer IP. It constantly changes, which means an IP address you get at a certain time may not be useful some minutes later. However, if the user does not use cellular data but instead opens your short link over Wi-Fi, then you can get the router's IP address, which is stable. This can help you track where the person is.


Your mobile phone uses an IP address when you are conversing with someone through some messaging apps. These are like Whatsapp and Viber. If you want to track their IP address, you can use a short link like discussed above to access their IP address. Hence, while using your mobile phone, be cautious of links you click to prevent being tracked down.


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