3 Ways to Clean Rubber Floor Matss

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Rubber flooring mats are very commonly found in automobiles and residences. These mats are very easy to maintain and don't require too much effort while cleaning.

Daily vacuuming, sweeping off the dirt and debris and regular washes with the right type of cleanser can easily help you to maintain clean rubber mats.

Did you know that the industrial floor mat market is predicted to grow by $756.65 million during the 2021-2025 phase at a CAGR of 2.52 percent?

The number already suggests the wide usage of these floor mats. So now without further ado, let’s get down to know the three methods that you can deploy to clean your rubber mats.

1. Cleaning automobile floor mats

Cleaning automobile floor mats

  • Shake off the dirt – The easiest and most suited way to clean out the rubber mat is to bring it out of the car and shake them off. You can do this with the help of a large brush and dust the debris off, or you can also beat the rubber mat against the ground to clean the dust.
  • Scrape off the dirt – Sometimes due to moisture, mud and dirt may stick to the foam and rubber mat and can be difficult to remove. In this situation, use a scraper or sandpaper and scrape off the caked dirt and debris. Brush off the corners after this.
  • Vacuum the loose dirt – This is the easiest process to get all the loose dirt off the rubber floor mats. To do this, you can either use a hand vacuum or just drive to the car washing station and use theirs.
  • Cover the floor mat with cleaner – Even after vacuuming and brushing off the mat, the dirt and debris are left behind, and you might need to give your rubber mat a thorough wash. Spray a rubber mat cleanser all over the mat and let it sit for some time. Alternatively, you can also use any kind of soap or detergent if rubber mat cleaners aren't available.
  • Scrub off stains – Some stains are harder to remove and need more pressure to get rid of. In this case, make use of a tough bristled brush or a scrubber and try to scrub off the stubborn mud stains.
  • Rinse the mat with a hosepipe – If you by any chance have hose pipes with high water pressure, you can use one of those to rinse the soap away completely.
  • Allow the carpets to dry completely – Let the carpets dry overnight or else, fungus and molds can grow which can degrade the rubber quality.

2. Cleaning commercial rubber floor mats

  • Sweep loose debris off – Firstly, use a broom or a brush and get rid of all the loose dust particles off the mat. If the mat is large in size, make use of a push broom. You might need to brush off the mat many times if too much dirt is present.
  • Use a hose to wash the pipe – Commercial rubber floor mats are comparatively thinner and lightweight than the automobile mats and a regular garden water pipe is enough to clean them.
  • Scrub off the stains – after cleaning the mat with the water pipe, you can use a scrubber and get rid of the stubborn mud stains on the mat. If the stain still doesn't go, use soap water or shampoos to clean it.
  • Rinse the mat – After cleaning the mat with the soap, rinse it well with clean water and make sure there’s no soap left.
  • Air-dry the mats – After washing all the dirt away, hang these mats on the rod and leave it as it is, to let them air-dry completely. Make sure every part of the mat is dry; otherwise, it would turn into a breeding ground for fungus and molds.

3. Maintaining the rubber floor mats

Maintaining the rubber floor mats

  • Clean the floor under the mats – Even with carpets over the floor, dirt and dust can gather under the mats. So, make sure to clean the floor beneath at least once a week. You can either vacuum the floor or sweep it if the area under is made of tiles.
  • Clean spills and stains immediately – If someone spills something on floor mats, wipe it off immediately to minimize damage. Even if there's a stain, it will be a lot easier to clean the mat later.

Over to you…

Rubber floor mats are much easier to clean than the normal floor carpets. But that doesn't mean rubber mats don't require maintenance. Clean the mats at least once every two weeks.

Otherwise, the constant accumulation of dirt and debris can gradually destroy the rubber mats and they will be harder to clean.

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