How Many Arab Countries Are Allowed to Play at Online Casinos? 

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When it comes to gambling, every country has a unique preference. The popularity of online casinos and gambling is huge in Arab countries. However, some parts of the Arab world still consider gambling an illegal activity. Some of the Arab countries have strict regulations over online gambling activities. This is why it is important to understand the rules and regulations before you start gambling in any Arab country.

Here we find out the Arab countries where online gambling is allowed and the countries where gambling is illegal. Understanding this legal information can help you avoid unnecessary issues. As the popularity of online casinos and gambling has grown worldwide, many players from Arab countries have also started indulging in casino games.

Many Arab countries follow Islamic law and hence prohibit any form of gambling within their jurisdictions. However, people still find ways to experience the thrill of online gambling at different offshore casinos sites.

Players looking for foreign Arab-friendly casino sites can find more information at Arab countries have abundant wealth, and there are a large number of people who want a chance to splash their cash. Let us take a look at the gambling laws in different Arab countries.

Saudi Arabia

Whether it’s offline or online, all forms of gambling and betting activities are illegal in India. Saudi Arabia has prohibited all forms of gambling within its jurisdiction. Due to the influence of Islamic law, the country has set severe penalties for gambling. Similar to Saudi Arabia, gambling is prohibited in many Arab countries due to religious beliefs.

Moreover, there has not been any push to regulate gambling or establish a licensing authority. This is why many people believe that Saudi Arabia is not going to establish any regulatory body for the next few years. There are many ways that help residents to gamble online and get away with it. In order to stop such activities, the government is blocking many offshore gambling sites.

United Arab Emirates

Similar to Saudi Arabia, UAE has also prohibited all forms of gambling in the country. The United Arab Emirates considers gambling as an illegal activity and hence has set some strict regulations over it. Many laws in the United Arab Emirates are formulated on the basis of teachings in the Quran. The UAE government has declared that it is illegal to publish or promote indecent content like pornography or gambling websites/ applications.

However, many offshore gambling sites allow players from the United Arab Emirates to experience the thrill of gambling on their websites. Even though the government keeps blocking gambling sites, it is quite impossible to block all of them. According to the gambling law in UAE, anyone caught gambling will be punished with two years of prison or a fine of 20,000 dirhams. This is why residents keep finding other ways to fulfill their gambling needs.


Qatar has a well-developed economy and is popularly known for its oil and natural gas export. Qatar is one of those countries that would generate a huge amount of revenue from gambling. However, the country follows Islamic rules, and hence due to religious beliefs, the Qatar government has banned all forms of gambling in the country.

Both offline and online gambling is illegal in Qatar. Tourists who visit Qatar in search of casinos or card rooms will be disappointed. Many offshore casino operators accept players from Qatar and provide them with a friendly gambling platform.

There is one and the only law that restricts players from gambling in Qatar. According to the Penal Code of Qatar, indecent activities such as alcohol consumption or gambling participation are against the Islamic Sharia Law. This is why the country outlaws both land-based and online gambling.

Sharia law

Offshore casino sites which accept players from Qatar possess licenses from other jurisdictions. There are also some online casinos and betting sites that refuse to take bets from within Qatar to show respect to the country’s beliefs.


The gambling laws in Lebanon are slightly different from those in other Arab countries. Until 2013, residents were able to gamble online. The Lebanese government banned all offshore gambling operators and instead provided players with one single place to fulfill their gambling needs. In Lebanon, Casino du Liban is the only legal place that can provide casino products to players.

Overall, gambling is legal in the country, and residents can only visit the legal site launched by the government. If you want to play casino games in Lebanon, then you can do so by visiting “PlayLebanon,” the only legal site in the country.

The Lebanese government blocked all offshore online casino sites to implement a gaming monopoly. The government gets a huge profit from the revenue generated by the Casino du Liban.


Casino in egypt

You will be surprised to know that online gambling is legal in Egypt. In fact, it is one of the countries that have the longest gambling history in the world. It is quite rare to see that a country like Egypt with a Muslim majority has legalized gambling. According to the law governing gambling in Egypt, “anyone providing a venue or location for gambling shall be punished with a fine and detention.”

However, the law does not apply to the casinos that are licensed under the government. When it comes to online gambling, Egyptian laws do not specifically regulate it. So, the residents banned from visiting land-based casinos can fulfill their gambling needs at the offshore casino sites. Currently, many foreign casino sites are licensed under other jurisdictions that accept players from Egypt.


Jordan is an Arab country with no regulation of gambling and considers gambling or betting an offense. Residents from this country who want to play casino games mostly visit offshore online gambling sites.

Similar to other Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE, laws in Jordan are influenced by the teachings and beliefs in the Quran. Many Islamic countries see gambling or betting as an unlawful and immoral activity.

According to Islamic Sharia Law, indecent activities like gambling can be addictive and can lead people away from their responsibilities and the community. This is why gambling is prohibited in Jordan.

Online gambling is also illegal in the country, and hence you will not find any native licensed casino there. However, due to lower internet censorship rates, the government can not block all offshore casino sites from offering their products to Jordanians.

Bottom Line

Now that you know the legality of online casinos in some popular Arab nations, you can be on the safe side during your visit to these countries. Players often use a virtual private network (VPN) service to play at offshore online casinos in Arab countries.

Given the strict gambling laws and regulations, many offshore casino sites restrict players from these countries. However, there are a plethora of gambling options available for Arab players.

Offshore gambling sites cater to Arab players by offering them an exciting and friendly gambling environment. They allow players to use convenient payment options and wager on different Arabic-themed casino games. This is why many players from the Arab world prefer sticking with foreign casino sites so that they can have both a safe and entertaining gambling experience.

Usually, offshore casinos licensed under the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission or Curacao eGaming Authority are considered the safest ones to gamble online.

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