How Companies Use Technographic Data for Lead Generation

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Technology and business have been walking toe to toe for hundreds of years now. And now as technological innovation is happening at an ever-increasing rate, businesses have to follow it closely in order to keep up.

This means not only following technology news themselves but also looking at how other companies are implementing tech solutions into their day-to-day procedures.

The type of information that is needed to achieve it is technographic data, which describes a firm’s technological stack. As for now, let us take a look at how it relates to one of the most important business procedures – lead generation.

Looking at a firm through the lens of technology

Looking at a firm through the lens of technology

There are many ways to analyze businesses and markets. One thing that all those ways have in common is that one needs solid data to do it. But choosing what type of data to look at also means choosing the lens through which one wants to look at the company.

Technographic data provides a lens that looks straight at all things technological in a particular firm. This means information on what sort of technological tools and platforms the company is using, how technologically advanced their daily procedures are, how they are implementing updates, and so on.

Any data that informs on a company’s technological stack and helps to paint a picture of their relationship with technology is part of technographics.

This way to look at a firm has clear advantages in the modern world that are so dependent on technology. The level of technological advancement in the company is very indicative of its future prospects and current competitive strength in the industry.

Also, it helps to understand the needs and culture of the company as the technological stack is part of what defines what type of business it is.

Using technographic data for lead generation

Using technographic data for lead generation

Many businesses would rank lead generation among their most important procedures. The profit comes from customers and customers come from leads, thus it is crucial to always ensure that leads are generated efficiently.

Many types of data have been found to boost lead generation and technographics are no exception.

Firstly, technographic data are used for market segmentation which helps to categorize firms by their various important features. Categorizing companies by their technological stack makes sense not only if you are selling tech products, but also just to see the potential value this company can bring as a sales lead.

Here, also other market segmentation and company data, such as firmographics, come in handy in boosting segmentation-based lead generation.

Secondly, the technological stack helps to determine whether the particular firm serves as a lead for our company at all. Especially for the companies that are offering technological solutions, it is important to have technographic information on the potential leads. If the company is lacking what you can offer, technographic data will quickly tell you that.

Furthermore, technographic data will help to anticipate the needs of the company signaling that it may soon become a valuable lead. This will allow not only to have a higher-quality lead generation but will immediately provide crucial information for the sales to ensure the lead’s efficient journey through the sales funnel.

Finally, understanding the technology itself that is popular among certain types of companies is valuable business intelligence in itself. This helps B2B companies to identify successful tech-product vendors that may also lead for them.

Additionally, it helps to stay ahead of the competition when noticing various technological trends that may secure more leads for the future.

Leading the future

Leading the future

Technographics are part of a whole set of information that is valuable for businesses and can boost lead generation. But what makes technographic data stand out is that since technology is what heavily defines the future of the markets, technographics is a great way to prepare for it.

From the intelligence gathered about the companies through technographic data B2B firms get a great insight into the future of the markets and what sort of companies will dominate in it. This allows them to prepare better lead generation strategies for the upcoming years that will help to identify the right type of startups as potential leads as soon as they kick-off.

Thus, using technographic data companies are able to quickly identify which new players are valuable leads and be the first to make an offer for them. Such forward-looking lead generation is the next step to all-around improvement of sales and marketing.

In conclusion

In a world defined in a huge part by technology, technographic information about companies has an almost infinite value.

What makes it infinite is the potential to constantly find new ways how technological solutions will help businesses with their daily workflow. Being the first to see these signs means being the first to generate leads from them.

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