How Blockchain Ensures Security in Major Industries

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As society advances into a more digital and technologically reliant age, there becomes a need for order and efficiency in performing daily tasks. Blockchain is a way to adapt to the advancements in technology.

More specifically, some blockchain uses that will be emerging in the future are securing copyright protections, managing elections, and improving online banking and purchases. These are all important things that revolve around technology today and can be improved with blockchain.

As society becomes more comfortable with technology, and more importantly, the internet, an increase in the misuse of the web is apparent. An important example is copyright protection of music and other media.

Music is much more accessible today than it was even ten years ago and, as a result, much easier to pirate or steal. Blockchain can prevent this by tracking all sales of music and verifying that people only own legitimate copies of music. Additionally, movies and the like are being downloaded everywhere.


Blockchain can prevent people from copying material and therefore protect the sales of producers and such. Another example is online books and PDFs. It is easy to copy a file on your computer and sell or distribute the material illegally. Blockchain will make it possible to track changes in the material that people may make in order to distribute digital books and PDFs.

This also allows for someone to find where a PDF may have had a discrepancy. This can help find someone who may be doing illegal activity and prevent them from doing any more economic damage. Blockchain can also prevent more than economic damage, but it can also protect against national damage.

As of recent, many people have been worried about national elections and whether we can be sure of our vote during presidential elections. Voting is one of the most important things that Americans can do.

Blockchain is a way to prevent tampering with votes as well as protect against hacking. Since blockchain can track changes and verify information, we can be sure that our presidential votes are protected and that no one can skew an election.

Protect against hacking.

Blockchain, therefore, emphasizes the power of the vote that people have. In addition, blockchain can provide an easier way for people to vote in elections.

This is since people’s identities will have to be verified before voting and, therefore, you can vote even from the comfort of your own home. Blockchain ensures the reliability of who we put into office and governs our country.

While these previous cases for the use of blockchain are very important, the biggest thing that blockchain would be very useful for is the improvement of online purchases as well as crypto arbitrage solutions.

Selling online has skyrocketed as a means of income. As a result, online banking has become dominant in today’s society. The flow of money from all over the world must be monitored for discrepancies and to keep from potential errors arising. Even so, there are still many problems that can happen when it comes to electronic money transfers.

Blockchain can provide a very efficient way of tracking purchases and ensuring that no one gets paid before someone receives their respective item. Blockchain can provide a check safe system to make money management smoother and much more reliable. This will allow people to focus on more important daily tasks rather than spending needless time worrying about their money.

Additionally, it will be much harder to succeed in fraudulent online practices or scamming.

Online scamming

To summarize, it can be seen how in the future, blockchain can provide many uses that will result in secure distribution of media, reliable election results, as well as improving the management and tracking of money.

Blockchain will not just be a tool to improve our daily lives but rather our lives will become centralized around the use of blockchain. It will not only improve the functioning of our economy but will tie the economies across the globe together.

It may even be said that blockchain will be the best thing since sliced bread.

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