10 Best Homeworkify Alternatives [Unblur Chegg Answers 2024]

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Homeworkify alternatives can help you get answers to your questions quickly. Some of the online platforms include Brainly, QuizPlus, Coursehero, Symbolab, PhotoMath, Quizlet, StudyBuddy, Chegg, etc.

Homeworkify is a platform that helps students to get answers to assignment questions in real-time. You can also get additional resources that you can use to get more insights and knowledge on a specific topic. It utilizes A.I. which makes it even more efficient.

At times, balancing school, work, and activities can be challenging. Luckily, there are apps and websites you can use to help you with your assignments. They can also help to boost your grades. We will highlight some other reliable Homeworkify alternatives you can try out:

1. Brainly

Brainly Homeworkify Overview

Brainly is one trusted online tool that you should try out. It is just like Homeworkify, as it provides students with answers to their questions. You can either decide to talk to the  A.I.  tutor or a live expert. The choice is yours.

They will help you to understand concepts you hadn't understood earlier. Additionally, you can use the Test Prep feature to prepare for tests. You can also join the Brainly community to engage with other fellow students and even gain more insights.

Moreover, It has a section for parents, teachers, and students. The fact that it is all-round makes it a popular platform.


  • It is easy to scan and solve some homework questions.
  • Easy to register and create an account.
  • Get live explanations from the live expert or A.I. tutor.
  • Easily engage with peers

2. Quizplus

Quizplus Homeworkify Overview

Quizplus is another platform that you can use to get answers to various homework questions. Therefore, you can supplement what you have learned in school with the information you get on Quizplus.

It has a community of over 10 million students, therefore you are assured that it is a trustworthy site. You can also search through the vast library of 20 million plus questions to become more enlightened and even find answers to your assignment or homework.

Moreover, you can ask questions on different topics such as physics, engineering, nursing, information technology, history, biology, etc.


  • Get access to quizzes, textbook solutions, flashcards, and homework help.
  • You can also take up a course that can supplement your main course.
  • Requires registration for a personalized experience.

3. Coursehero AI Powered Homework Help

Coursehero AI Powered Homework Help Homeworkify Overview

CourseHero is among the most popular learning platforms around. The A.I.-powered homework help feature allows you to easily get instant answers and explanations of questions asked.

You can also get resource recommendations that you can check out. Once you ask a question, you will get an answer within 30 seconds. Therefore, even if you were studying, you are assured that it won’t delay you from proceeding.

Additionally, you can upload your study document and get in-depth explanations or more resources on the same. You can also get similar questions and related materials that are similar to your uploaded documents.


  • Instant AI-powered answers and in-depth explanations
  • Personalized expert support
  • Key concept explanations in your uploaded documents.
  • It has over 2600 experts from across the globe.

4. Symbolab A.I Math Solver

Symbolab A I Math Solver Homeworkify Overview

How good are you in math? Luckily, you can use the Symbolab A.I. math solver to tackle different math topics. You just need to input the math problem and wait for the solution to be provided. No more worries again about certain calculations. Whether it is algebra, graphs, trigonometry, or geometry, you will get your answers in real-time.

You can practice various mathematical problems to become better at it. Also, check the popular problems and get insights on how to solve them. Mathematics will never be a problem for you.

Luckily, you can get help in word problems, functions & graphing, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus, statistics, and calculatons.


  • Gain access to reliable calculators that you can use to perform various mathematical
  • You can join peer groups to get more information and insights.
  • Easily improve your math skills through personalized exercises and quizzes

5. PhotoMath

PhotoMath Homeworkify Overview

PhotoMath is another platform that you can use to get solutions to math problems of your choice You will get step-by-step explanations on how to reach the specific answer. You can use the Photomath scanner to scan a problem or even input it using the Photomath smart calculator.

You can get help with various math problems topics such as algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometry, statistics, word problems, and much more. As a teacher, you will be able to expand your knowledge base and as a parent, you will be able to help your child tackle certain questions.


  • It features an Android and iOS app.
  • There is a section for teachers, parents, and students.
  • It has specialized apps from various groups of people.

6. Quizlet

Quizlet Homeworkify Overview

Quizlet is another Homeworkify alternative that offers a platform where you can get real-time answers to your questions. The AI-powered tool will help you improve your grades drastically. It has the Magic Notes feature that turns your notes into flashcards, practice tests, and outlines. Therefore, you are assured that everything you covered in class will be revised.

Additionally, many A.I. and expert-written solutions will help you tackle various questions. The platform can benefit students, teachers, and parents.


  • Get access to yourI. tutor in real-time.
  • It has over 300 million learners.
  • Get to learn through the practice tests.

7. StudyBuddy

StudyBuddy Homeworkify Overview

The Studybuddy app is the perfect solution for getting homework help. Through the platform, you can get real-time answers to your homework, and the right explanations & solutions to your questions.

Studybuddy is well suited for college students who want to get a deeper explanation of topics that may be hard for them. Additionally, it can help you get more resources that you can use to progress in your course and even career. It is a popular app for best collaborative study and peer support.


  • Get access to quality tutoring
  • It has an Android and iOS app to suit all target groups.
  • Get full explanations of your queries
  • Get access to other students around you and even share insights.

8. Interactive Mathematics

Interactive Mathematics Homeworkify Overview

Interactive Mathematics is another platform that you can use to get answers to your mathematical questions. All you need is to copy and paste your question and get step-by-step solutions to your query.

You can choose to get tutoring, use the test preparation feature, or problem solver so that you can get answers fast. It is a great online tool for students who want to get help with math. Therefore, you will get more information that you need.


  • Get access to the I. math calculator
  • 24/7 tutor availability.
  • Quiz, homework, and exam help.
  • Enjoy Textbook discounts.

9. Chegg

Chegg Homeworkify Overview

Chegg is another reliable site where you can post your questions and get credible answers to your queries. Luckily, you can get the help anytime that you want. The solutions are from experts therefore, you are assured they are answers that you can trust.

There are also effective tools that you can use to learn better. Whether you have a tough assignment or homework, you are assured of getting reliable answers. If you have been struggling to get better grades, Chegg is a reliable solution to ensure you are at the top of your class.

You can also get reliable resource suggestions that you can use to add to the content you learn from school.


  • There are over 85 million expert solutions.
  • It also has a citation generator.
  • It has a reliable math solver

10. Wolframalpha

Wolframalpha Homeworkify Overview

WolframAlpha is another reliable platform where you can post your questions and get your answers in real-time.  You can get answers in different mathematical, science, technology, society, culture, and everyday life topics. You will be pleased by the kind of answers you get.

Furthermore, you can either use it for free or upgrade to Pro for more features. It has a beautiful user interface that makes it easy to navigate through the site as you wish


  • Wide variety of topic support
  • It has a ChatGPT support
  • You get your answers in real-time
  • The topics are well categorized to make it easy to find your solution.

Get Assignment Help From These Homeworkify Alternatives.

If you find it hard to do your homework, you can consider using these Homeworkify alternatives. Not only will you get your homework answers, but also other resources you can utilize to gain more knowledge.

You will be more enlightened and even get better grades. You will get more knowledge from what you have learned at school or when partaking in a course. Luckily, most of the Homeworkify alternatives offer a free and pro version to prevent any limitations.

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