High-Quality Traffic For Digital Marketers

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There's a question that isn't being properly answered.

How can I get more quality web traffic?

And of this quality traffic, what works best? Large volumes of undifferentiated traffic or specific, niche traffic?

How To Get High-Quality Traffic


The truth is any type of traffic counts. The law of averages tells us that the more visible we are, the more interest we generate.

Whether this applies to your Tinder account, medical studies, or seller and reseller websites, the more visibility, the better the result.

When you concentrate on a niche audience, your conversion rate may reflect this, but it takes time to generate numbers. Time that your clients are often reluctant to give.

If you concentrate on volume, projected conversion rates may not reach your predicted heights. Your clients may be dissatisfied. However, you will spread the word. Your hard work will end in targeted traffic clicking on your backlinks, ads, and search engine listing. Again, this takes time.

There are many ways how to get high-quality traffic, and any marketing strategy that focuses on one type of traffic is ignoring the possibilities.

And the only difference in low quality and high-quality traffic is who's arriving – human or bot, and how ethically your traffic sources operate.

Is Buying Website Traffic Worth It?

Good website traffic

That depends.

Does your client sell helicopters? The sums involved mean that 99% of undifferentiated traffic can't afford the product. A helicopter is not a spontaneous buy.

Does your client sell a service or product that has a broader customer range? From alphabet soup to zebra print, buying undifferentiated and targeted traffic will make a difference.

Are you representing a startup? Buying website traffic is a quick way of gaining recognition within the competitive world of e-commerce. As a digital expert, you know the importance of brand awareness.

Another thing to consider when buying web traffic is whether your clients sell locally, nationwide, or globally. A good website traffic provider will allow you to select geo targeted traffic that arrives on a specific page.

Do you advertise on social media? This lucrative channel offers spontaneous interest and conversions but relies on rapid interactions. An impatient target group that is guided by first impressions – an altogether different animal from the Google-search visitor. Bought social media traffic can bring thousands of your specialty groups to your clients' sites.

In short, unless your clients only serve their immediate area or supply extremely niche products, buying website traffic should be part of every tech marketers' marketing strategy.

What Website Traffic Works?

Website traffic

The first thing you need to ensure when selecting a web traffic service is that they sell 100% human traffic. You already know there's no point in paying for bot traffic.

ultimateWebTraffic.com is a rapidly-growing website traffic source that takes this particular strategy a step further than its competitors. You will find lots of information on their website – a website that doesn't promise immediate conversions (always a warning sign). What it does promise is human traffic that won't cause problems if you use AdSense.

Website traffic that arrives from adult sources should only be used for specific business types. That is because adult website traffic is more than age-specific traffic – it comes from adult websites. If your client sells dating services, this is an ideal traffic source. Visitors will be over 18 or 21 and interested in contact opportunities. If your client sells bibles, this won't be the best traffic source (although you'll find many conversion stories in the Bible).

100% human adult website traffic for sale might turn your client off, but every visitor (or most of them) has more than one interest. Just because they sign up for Viagra doesn't mean that they don't need furniture, website hosting, holidays, or dog food.

Often, bringing in broader audiences can reveal new targets for your clients' products; you might discover a new niche for a range of equestrian whips that produces significantly more conversions than the usual horsey target group.

One Goal, Many Strategies

One Goal, Many Strategies

The reason why buying website traffic is often strongly criticized is because it is measured by its effect as a sole strategy.

Marketing never relies on a single channel, just as traffic should never rely on one source.

When you market your client's product or service, you know that every strategy has a place:

  • SEO
  • Social media advertising
  • AdSense
  • Backlinks
  • Influencers
  • Quality content
  • Webinars and forums
  • Blogs
  • How To's and YouTube
  • Testing and analytics
  • Quality customer care
  • Email campaigns
  • Targeted traffic sources
  • Undifferentiated traffic sources

None of these have the same effect alone as they do in combination with multiple strategies.

Testing Website Markets and Targets

Testing Website Markets and Targets

Another use for high volume traffic is testing. As already seen in the whip example, target groups can be unexpected. Analytics specialists will already be well aware of the importance of high volume testing. And the only way to get extremely high volumes of visitors – at least before national or global brand awareness – is through purchasing traffic.

By ordering website traffic in large numbers from different groups, you can analyze which of these spend the most time on your clients' sites. Once you find out why a small tweak to a landing page could increase conversion rates overnight. This will lead to happy clients and positive reviews.

For example, your client sells European beers in the US. Bottles are heavy, but they've found a shipping service that expands the company's physical borders to neighboring countries. You decide to buy adult traffic from these countries to attract visitors of legal drinking age.

By testing different niches, you might discover that culinary and alcohol groups are much less interested in the product range than people within the travel and TV groups. Then again, you might not.

The point is, you can gather the information you need to find the best niche groups for your client's product. Buying 100% human website traffic is a cost-effective website testing method – you don't need to invest in a huge and expensive traditional campaign to get this volume of visitors.

Digital Marketers Buy Website Traffic

Digital Marketers Buy Website Traffic

The best digital marketers and tech marketers know how to build brand awareness using every cost-effective online channel.

They know that brand awareness and lead generation mean higher conversion rates.

Specialists in various aspects of digital marketing often concentrate on one area; while a specialist will increase brand awareness within their niche, other strategies can be ignored or inefficiently implemented. But that common thread of involving every available resource to get your client's name out there and attract interest should be applied to your skillset, too.

If your tech marketing service focuses on video engagement, you might fail to optimize written content.

When your digital marketing agency works on engagement, it might not work on SEO and SEM with the same energy as an SEO/SEM specialist.

A Jack-of-all-Trades might not have the expertise required in any marketing subcategory, while a marketing agency that employs experts in every strategy to offer an all-in package might price itself out of the market.

Buying website traffic – or high quality, 100% human website traffic from ethical sources – fits in with every strategy. It can also produce better results in those areas where you put the least focus. From analytics to website designs, and from Google to social media, a traffic boost of tens to hundreds of thousands of visitors will make its mark.

This is why most successful digital marketers include one-off startup, or continuous campaign-linked bought website traffic in their long list of effective strategies. They understand that every piece of the puzzle contributes to the final picture.

Whether purchasing website traffic provides the piece that forms a tiny block of sky or part of the hero's head, it definitely plays a role in your professional marketing service.

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