Do Link Building & Guest Posting Are Dead? No!

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If you’ve ever consulted with or worked with a digital marketer, you must have heard the terms- Guest Posting & Link Building. Often the users don’t really understand the meaning of these terms and avoid them.

Keyword optimization and on-site technical tuning are crucial to SEO, and there’s no doubt about it. At the same time, the importance of backlinks can not be neglected, as well. In fact, every search engine considers backlinks as one of the primary signals for ranking any page in search results.

What Is Guest Posting? 

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Guest posting the process of creating a non-promotional content with embedded hyperlinks to a particular page and publishing it on a page other than the embedded hyperlink’s domain. With the help of guest posting, these hyperlinks can be secured as backlinks to the targeted page.

As per Google’s webmaster’s guidelines, backlinks are considered as vows to your website, which ultimately help improve your website’s ranking on Google.

Link building is the process of securing high-quality backlinks from niche-relevant blogs.

How Does It Help With Link Building?

Guest posting is essentially a part of link building. Apart from guest posting, blogger outreach and content creation are also needed for securing high-quality backlinks. Seasoned marketers and bloggers outreach influencers and other bloggers within their niche.

Usually, the backlinks are secured in exchange for some financial benefits, but there can be instances when these outreached bloggers may seek a backlink or a review in exchange. There are some bloggers who seek commissions in the sales that are driven through their referrals.

Why Guest Posting is still effective?

But, how does it benefit your business? Let’s understand…

  • Generate More Traffic

Links or as they are commonly referred to as backlinks are contextual links embedded within the content. When a user clicks on any such link, they are redirected to the page that is anchored within the text. With the help of high-quality guest posts service, you can gain higher traffic in the form of redirected users from other domains. This redirected traffic is known as referral traffic.

  • Gain Higher Authority

When you use guest posts to secure backlinks for your website, you actually help the search engines understand your website’s relevancy. Moreover, the terms to which URL for a page on your website is anchored helps generate keywords for your domain. All of these efforts help your website gain higher authority within your niche, and improves your website’s ranking in the search results.

  • Enhance Your Online Visibility

As already mentioned, more links translate to more keywords. And you may already know how more keywords can help you rank better in search results. This means, with the help of guest posting and link building practices, you actually improve your website’s online visibility. And, it is needless to say that higher visibility helps you receive more organic traffic on your website, which is exactly the sole purpose of SEO.

  • Grow As A Brand, Not Just A Website

Guest posting requires careful sorting of influencers and bloggers. These influencers already control the purchase decisions of their followers, which is, in fact, a sizeable audience base.

Having said that, link building is all about branding and content marketing. Simply said, mentions of your services and products by these influencers can help promote your business. And possibly, grow your business as a brand, apart from improving your website’s ranking.

  • Improve Potential For Business Growth

If you’ve been following up till now, then you must have learned how backlinks and guest posts can help your website receive more traffic. With that being said, higher traffic on your website empowers your business to generate more leads, and convert them into potential buyers or customers.

It is needless to say that when you grow your customer base, you actually grow your potential to generate more revenue. And therefore, grow your business overall.

  • Link Building & Guest Posting Are Not Dead!

Lately, many marketers have been arguing link building as dead. But, with every update that Google rolls out, backlinks tend to become more and more significant for the SEO fo any website.

This means, that there is no scope for link building and guest posting being dead. At least not for the next few decades, until there appears a better factor to evaluate the authority and trustworthiness of a website. Guest posting and link building services are no longer important for SEO, only. In fact, they are the unclaimed rulers in the digital marketing space. And with the help of a trustworthy program, the potential to grow your business online improves manifolds.

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