How Much to Tip and Whether to Make the Bed: 8 Golden Rules of Hotel Etiquette

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While traveling, it's essential to remember the golden rules of hotel etiquette, which should be followed to avoid losing face in any country.

Keep the Noise Level Down

Even if you came on vacation in a large group or gathered all the relatives in the hotel, try not to disturb others. Hotels have carpets in the corridors for a reason – this is done so that you do not disturb the footsteps of other guests.

But if you play football with your children at six in the morning or talk loudly when you come back late at night – no measures will help. So, in some hotels, such restrictions are enshrined in the rules.

Keep the Noise Level Down

Turn off the Sound of Gadgets in Public Places

At the pool, restaurant, beach, in the lobby, put your smartphone and tablet on silent mode or vibrate mode, even if you do something you really enjoy, like playing Blackjack online. This way you won't disturb other guests.

If you urgently need to connect to an important meeting or talk to someone from another country, ask the hotel staff, they will tell you where you can work and not disturb others.

Be an Eco-friendly Guest

Today, some hotels are claiming their eco-format directly. They are giving up extra towels and extras, installing energy-efficient light bulbs, and favoring natural materials. For example, the Saint Hotel in Santorini allows only electric cars, cleaning and laundry are done with eco-friendly detergents, and lunch is served with local produce.

Keep these features in mind if you plan to stay in such a place. If the hotel does not explicitly state its format, try to be an eco-friendly guest: when leaving turn off appliances, do not leave the light and running split-system in the room. Some hotels have special loyalty programs for guests who follow all the rules.

Remember About Tips

Remember About Tips

A sign of good tone is a daily tip. The hotel staff works in shifts, so it is worth thanking the staff for their work on a regular basis. How much is customary to leave, you can learn on the forums of experienced travelers. As a rule, it is from $1-2 dollars to 10% of the cost of dinner.

If you do not use cash, check with the administration how you can thank the hotel for good service online – usually it is possible. Remember that the doorman, porter, porter, waiters and valet also count on tips. However, in some countries, such as Japan and Australia, it isn't customary to leave a tip, it will be considered an insult.

Dress Appropriately

Even if you stay in a hot country and live by the sea, do not forget the rules of etiquette. First of all, this applies to clothing – no need to walk around the hotel in a bathing suit, it is, among other things, simply unhygienic.

Also, you should not open the door to the staff, being unclothed. Always study in advance the customs of the country where you are going on vacation or business trips, learn about the rules of the hotel and restaurant.

Leave the Room Tidy

Housekeeping is included in the room price. But it doesn't include cleaning underwear or replacing ruined wallpaper. Try to keep an order in the room: throw trash in the trash can, do not leave wet things on the furniture, do not break or dirty interior items.

If it does happen, report the trouble to the maid or receptionist and be sure to ask how you can compensate for the problem.

Warn the Staff of Your Intentions

Warn the Staff of Your Intentions

If you need to check out or check in early, if you plan to have breakfast in your room today, if you want the maid not to come to you today – let the front desk know in advance. Remember that you are not alone in the hotel, and the staff simply needs time to serve all the guests.

Leave a Review

Feedback helps the hotel continuously work on the quality of service. Take a few minutes and fill out a questionnaire that will arrive in your inbox after your trip. Be honest and objective.

If the hotel doesn't send out questionnaires, leave a review on the website or third-party resources, this will let other travelers know about the good place.

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