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Want to recover some lost data from a damaged drive or some other storage media? Try out GetDataBack Simple recovery software.

Recovering lost data requires you to use the right tools. For advanced recovery, one ought to go for utility software that supports such capacity and quality.

Similarly, if you want to do some very basic data retrieval following accidental deletion. It is important to note that GetDataBack Simple doesn't have a Mac version. Only Windows version is available at the moment.

Compared to other utility software, this one does a good job recovering files, but not quite. During our test trials, we realized that this tool was not able to recover all the files. Its performance was average.

As such I strongly believe this tool is best suited for beginners. Those who want to recover some very basic data from their PC for the first time. They do not have the best customer support. Their team is not very responsive. In addition, the supports team is not available on a 24/7 basis.

Well, Runtime Software, the company that is producing GetDataBack Simple, does not have any products that go with Mac or mobile recovery tools. It might feel a little bit off, but that's how they do their own things.

Even so, they still are aiming at giving out quality service to their users, they seem to have an eye on regular customers and IT professionals. That fact itself makes this company a striving one against the weird current of the business world, especially in the technological sector.

Just because they lack that kind of qualities, the ability to have recovery tools for Mac and mobile devices, it does not mean that they give out bad recovery options. Listen to us, the products that they shell out are really good.

They are good up to the point that they could match out to the different top data recovery software out there in the market. And if you were to look at the price that they give out to the customers, definitely they are up for a good challenge against their competitors.

If these things make you a little bit intrigued about how GetDataBack Simple does their processes, stay tuned and have a good look at it.

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Pricing and Licensing

They have separated the type of products for data recovery. There are two tools, one for FAT file systems and for NTFS file systems.

Take note that both of those file systems are Windows file systems, because (again) they do not have anything for Mac or mobile devices.

Now, like how the other recovery solutions do, Runtime combines the recovery for both by using the GetDataBack Simple tool.

Well, it doesn't matter what you settle for among the list of options. This is true because the license that you will be purchasing will be good enough for any of those plans. So, if you prefer to use the application that is dedicated to the FAT or the NTFS, then you can do so.

Not just that, they also have produced a good number of other data recovery tools that are designed for IT professionals.

These are those that include the NAS and RAID recovery applications. But then the catch is that they are priced separately and with a huge gap compared to those standard licenses.

The various plans that come with this recovery tool include the following:

1. GetDataBackSimple for Windows and Linux.

This is best used for basic file recovery and it is available for Windows and Linux file systems. One can choose their lifetime plan that goes for $2.19 per month for a maximum of 3 years. Alternatively, you can make a onetime payment of $79.00 for the whole package.

2. GetDataBackSimple for FAT file systems

Like the previous one, this one is also best suited for basic data recovery operations. It can be used with both windows and Linux operating systems. It goes for $2.18/Month for a maximum of 3 years.

Alternatively, you can choose to make a one off payments of $79.00 for the lifetime package. Something worth noting is that this is particularly meant for recovering data from FAT files systems.

3. GetDataBackSimple for NTFS.

Unlike the previous plan, this one is best suited for NTFS files systems. The lifetime package goes for $2.19/month for a max of 3 years. One can also choose to bill it as a one of payment of $79.00.

4. Raid Reconstructor package.

This is best suited for recovering data from RAID storage and the lifetime license goes for $2.75 per month for a max of 3 years. One can also make a onetime payment of $99.00 for the whole package.

5. NAS Data Recovery

This is best suited for recovering data from XFS- or EXT-formatted NAS devices. The lifetime plan goes for $2.75 per month for a max of 3 years or a one off payment of $99.00 for the entire package.

6. Runtime Bundle Technician.

This is the last one in our list and the package includes GetDataBack, Disk Explorer, Disk Digger, RAID Reconstructor, and Captain Nemo among other features.

If you want to do data recovery on a commercial basis, I strongly recommend this one. For the lifetime plan, one pays $23.58 monthly for a maximum of 3 years. Alternatively, one can opt for a one off payment of $849.00 for the entire package.

Since they do not give out or have already made a data recovery software that is designed for mobile devices or Mac, they only offer discounts instead.

You can avail the discount if you will be doing multiplepurchases if you are running a business or about to run a business. If you do not have enough funds at the moment to purchase any of the services that they offer, then you can download the trial version which on you can play around and see if it will fit you.

Key Features of GetDataBack Simple Review

GetDataBack is offering you almost every single basic features that you will expect coming from a data recovery software.

This means that if you want your files to be recovered, then you will recover it. If you want your files to be discovered right after you have deleted or lost them, then you will be able to do it using this software.

Runtime Software also has a free cloning tool that is called DriveImage XML that you can utilize in cloning your partition or hard drive byte-by-byte. This one is very useful if you want to recover the files that you have lost later or if you want to upgrade to a new or better hard drive.

To be clear, they have a lot of features, most are basic features. The list might be quite long, but then they still do have some lapses.

Those are some features that they do not have in this software. Features like SD and optical drive recovery, and one of the most important features that a company must have in terms of their customer support, a live chat support function. If you wish to pay more so that you would get RAID recovery, you may do so.

Some additional features for GetDataBack Simple include the following:

This is by far one of the most feature rich data recovery tools in the market. Here we have enlisted just a few.

Supported scan options

  • Quick scan
  • Deep scan
  • File sorting by type
  • Drive scanning by file type

Scan capabilities

  • Full hard drive scan
  • Deleted/Lost file recovery
  • Corrupted partition recovery
  • Deleted partition recovery
  • Disk cloning

Recovery from external drives

  • Optical drive recovery
  • SD card recovery
  • Removable media recovery
  • External drive recovery

Supported file formats

GetDataBack recovery tool supports different files formats. In this review we have categorized the types as follows:

  • Archives: Zip, Gzip, Stuffit, and RAR
  • Videos: MPEG-4, QuickTime, AVI, and WMV
  • Audio: MP3, WAV, AIFF, AAC, and Ogg
  • Image files: JPEG, PNG, RAW, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator
  • Documents: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF

Supported file systems

Like file formats, this recovery tool is also compatible with a wide range of file systems. We have categorized these in terms of the supported operating system as well as storage drive.

  • Mac file systems: HFS and HFS+
  • Windows file systems: FAT and NTFS
  • Removable storage drives: exFAT

How to use GetDataBack Simple files recovery software.

The basics of its functionality are essentially the same with those of other recovery software. You will have to download and install GetDataBack Simple application on your PC then launch it. That done, you will be prompted to choose a drive.

That include internal hard drives, external hard disks, DVDs, CDs, SD memory cards, and many more.

One you select appropriately, you can proceed on to the next option of scanning. And there are 3 options for the same.

There’s quick, deep, and both in which case the scanning is done sequentially from quick then to deep.

You can choose to scan the entire drive, a partition, or just sector. GetDataBack wizard has capacity to handle all that. However, scan option for folders and specific file types is not supported by this tool.

You have the option to choose from the following scan options; quick, deep, and all types. The duration of time spent on all these is dependent on the scan option selected.

Although needless to say, quick scan is faster than deep scan which is also faster than all the two combined. Combining the two does a good job checking your drive for lost files, though it takes much longer.

Quick scan is best for recovering recently deleted files as well as unmounting drive partitions. Without having to use a recovery vault, this scan option recovers all your files with their original names.

Deep scan on the other hand uses file patterns to reconstruct missing data. It works best for recovering files that were deleted long time ago.

If your disk partitions aren’t responding appropriately, RAW volumes, you can also use this scan option to retrieve them.

You can pause, save and even load scan sessions and resume whenever convenient. You can keep track of scan progress from the progress bar.

When scanning process is done, you can use the preview bar to view and select the exact files you want to recover. This option is however not available for thumbnails.

However, there’s the option files search which lets you choose on files by names or type of extension.

Note that all intact files returned after scan are sorted by their file tree location while recovered deleted files ae availed in the recycle bin folder.

With scanning over and done, you are ready to begin recovering the files you want to. And that is done by simply checking the “recover” button. That should prompt you to choose a location for keeping your recovered files. The types and size of files returned post scan determine the amount of time required to finish the entire recovery process. At the end of the session, you should be able to recover all your files.

At this stage, if you do not wish to recover your files right away, you can choose to save the scan session. This way, you will be able to recover the files later.

Performance and testing

To confirm is efficiency, we put this recovery too to the test. A couple of test trials were under taken using a 1TB hard drive with a 200GB free space.

In brief, the tests entailed checking how the tool performed during scanning as well as actual data recovery. And not only that.

We undertook some other additional tests to ascertain claims by the developers about its performance. Here are the details.

In the first test, we used a 600GB partition, we created and deleted some files. The files were of different types; word, image files, and a videos file.

In a separate test, we created a 20GB test partition, filled it up with different file types then deleted it.

In the first test, we wanted to test the efficiency of the quick and deep scan processes. In the second test, we wanted to evaluate the efficiency of recovery of files and the types of files supported.

The results for the first test were amazing and altogether surprising. As expected, the quick scan option took some 7 second while deep scan lasted slightly under 55 minutes. The full deep scan took much longer; 2.5 hours.

For the second test, we managed to recover all the word documents, 95% of the image files and 98% of the video files. We also managed to recover 85% of the files that were deleted from the recycle bin. The deleted partition was recovered fully.

Something else we noted during our performance testing is that this tool supports speedy recovery. In fact, it is much faster than some leading data recovery tools.

We can therefore confidently say that GetDataBack recovery software performed excellently in recovering most if not all the test files.

The scanning and recovery actually lasted much shorter than we actually anticipated. So, going by out test results, this tool is fantastic and ideally suited for basic as well as advanced data recovery.

Customer Support

The customer support service of GetDataBack Simple is not exclusively made available only for GetDataBack Simple. This means that the service it gives out is a central support portal for all the products that Runtime Software has.

But the portal it gives out is a complete one though, it includes documentation, how-to guides,and FAQs that are for GetDataBack Simple. If you will spend enough time understanding and reading the portal that is has prepared for GetDataBack Simple, then you might be able to understand the program well enough.

The guides inside this portal are actually very well done and they are definitely enough for you to understand. Certainly, it will help you get through the first basic steps of using the software.

The service also has technical support in terms of email that is available 24 hours. The response times are available for US and European customers, although the email addresses are prepared separately for the types of customers. You can also contact them on phone or different social media platforms.

As was mentioned earlier, it has no online live chat available, which is a huge bummer. Not just that, forum options are not available here too, so you will not be able to interact with other users and moderators.

Without these two, it could certainly put the ranking of GetDataBack Simple down behind from its main competitors.


If you are looking for a data recovery tool that is best suited for basic recovery operations, this is a very good pick. It is affordable and supports a range of plans, some of which can be used for commercial purposes.


Considering you are just a normal consumer who wants to have their normal files lost in their normal storage drive, then having this normal data recovery software would be good for you. You do not need that other expensive software out there since you are just going to do a normal process by then. Using this software, you will be able to get the job done, at most, but then that's just about it.

The wizard of GetDataBack Simple is not as intuitive like how the other data recovery software‘s wizard would go. There are even options around it that are completely hidden. Not just that, the color scheme of the software is actually very distracting.

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