15 Best Geofencing Apps for Time Tracking [2024]

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Are you a parent who’s often worried about your kids’ whereabouts? This article is here to help. This article provides you with the top best GeoFence application you can use to keep tab on your kids and their whereabouts.

It’s normal to be concerned about your children’s safety as they approach their adolescent years. Giving them more freedom and demonstrating your confidence is admirable, but you’re also concerned about things beyond their control. If your child’s well-being and safety are a top priority for you as a parent, you may not be able to relax until you have a firm grasp on where they are at all times.

The good news is that this is now possible thanks to a relatively new technology known as geofencing. With the help of a geofencing app, you can always know where your children are, giving you peace of mind and the freedom to go about your daily activities without worrying about them.

Here are the finest geofencing apps for Apple iOS and Android in 2022 that I think is the greatest for protecting your children’s safety and security.

Top 15 GeoFence Applications in 2022

1. GeoAlert — Best for Self-location and Constant Reminder

GeoAlert apps Download from Play Store

GeoAlert takes the first spot on this list. It is important to know that this GeoFence app does not allow total parental control. Apps like this are designed to help you remember where you are rather than your children. To make sure you don’t miss anything important, it keeps track of your current location and sends you reminders depending on that.

Parents who require constant reminders about things like picking their children up from school can benefit from this app, which provides a list of tasks that need to be completed. You can use this geofencing app on Android but not on iOS.

2. Bit Guardian — Best GeoFence Application for Parental Control

Bit Guardian apps Download from Play Store

One of the best geofencing apps if you have teenagers who are more likely to defy authority is Bit Guardian. You can visit Bit Guardian’s official website to learn more about their parental control, Ad Guardian plus, and Bit Driver Updater’s amazing features. This geofencing program has a unique feature: you may set a speed limit for your children who are driving.

This implies that if your child exceeds the posted speed limit, you will be notified. The number of geofencing apps with this capability is quite small. This software makes it simple to keep tabs on your kids’ speed while behind the wheel.

This includes letting you know if they’re on their way home or not. It also provides a safe zone for your child, an accurate location tracker, and alerts you when your child leaves or enters that safe zone.

3. FamiSafe — The Most Reliable GeoFence App for Real-time Location, Screen-time Control, and Inappropriate Content Detection

FamiSafe apps Download from Play Store

  • Price: 10.99 USD monthly, 60.99 USD annually, and 20.99 Quarterly.
  • Device Supported: Android and iPhone

I will recommend this amazing GeoForce application to any parent who wishes to detect inappropriate content on their children’s phones. You can obtain daily activity reports on your child’s screen time and which applications they use with Famisafe. Without a doubt, it is an amazing choice for parents who wish to make the most of traditional parental control capabilities. You can effortlessly track the whereabouts of your children using this geofencing program.

To ensure your child’s safety, you can set up geofences and receive warnings when they enter designated zones, such as their house or school. As long as you’re aware that this app is compatible with iOS and Android devices, you won’t have any issues using it.

Only on Android will you be able to access their browser history and monitor their GPS location. It’s perfect for parents who want a simple geofencing tool that can help them keep their children safe while also allowing them to maintain their privacy.

4. Spyzie — The World’s Number 1 GeoFence App

Spyzie apps overview

  • Price: 39.99 monthly (Android Basic Plan), 9.99 monthly (Android Premium Plan), 69.99 monthly (Android Family Plan), 99.99 monthly (iPhone Family Plan), 10.83 monthly (iPhone Premium Plan), 399.99 monthly (iPhone Business Plan)
  • Device Supported: Android and iPhone

With Spyzie, geofencing has never been easier or more user-friendly. Because you can also examine their device’s web browser, this is a simple yet powerful parental control program for preventing your children from being subjected to online bullying. As a geofence program, it’s rock solid and will let you know when your child leaves or enters a virtual fence you set up for them. You may also keep tabs on your contacts, texts, and GPS coordinates.

Because of the app’s anonymity characteristics, your children won’t be concerned about your online presence. Both iPhone and Android users can use this geofencing tool, although iOS users should be aware that some functionalities are not available. Among the premium features are data exports, alarms, and a timeline, all of which can be used to their full potential. You’ll have to pay an additional 10 USD monthly, but I think that’s a reasonable price.

5. Kaspersky Safe Kids — Best GeoFence App for Monitoring your Kids Even When You’re not around

Kaspersky Safe Kids apps Download from Play Store

With over a thousand five-star reviews and 4.5 stars, the next geofencing app on this list is Kaspersky Safe Kids. It is popular because it can help you track your child’s whereabouts and filter harmful information, such as websites and apps. This geofencing app has a unique feature: You can also see the battery level on your child’s phone.

If their phone battery runs out, you’ll know that you’ll need to find another way to contact them. This is beneficial. With this geofencing program, the creators intended to assist parents in keeping their children secure. If you want to access the app’s full set of capabilities, though, you’ll have to pay.

6. EgiGeozone Geofence — Best GeoFence App for Monitoring Location and Predefined Zones

EgiGeozone Geofence apps Download from Play Store

One of the most intriguing advantages of this geofencing app on this list is its excellent location precision, which means that you will always be able to acquire reliable information about your kid’s location. Additionally, the app may assist you in determining your kid’s whereabouts and trigger actions that can be communicated via an alert when they leave or enter a particular geofence.

Tablet or mobile phone sensors are used to accomplish this. Using a mobile device, you can not only be alerted to your kid’s whereabouts, but you can even close the garage door or turn out the lights in the house. Each geofence zone can be given a unique name so that you can quickly identify and locate it.

If you have more than one child to keep track of, or if your child travels to many locations in a single day, this is a wonderful option. The major advantage of this geofencing app is that it’s wonderful for Android users, but it’s not compatible with iPhones.

7. KidsGuard Pro — Best GeoForce App to Keep an Eye on Loved Ones

KidsGuard Pro apps Download from Play Store

  • Price: 29.95 USD monthly (Android monthly), 16.65 USD monthly (Android 3-month plan), 8.32 USD monthly (Android annually), 39.95 USD monthly (iPhone monthly), 19.98 USD monthly (iPhone 3-month plan), 9.16 USD monthly (iPhone 1 year plan)
  • Device Supported: Android and iPhone

One of the best geofencing apps is KidsGuard Pro, which claims to be both efficient and accurate. Because they may be used in stealth mode, your children won’t be able to tell that the app is even on their device; they’re perfect for parents who want to keep tabs on where their children are at all times. The tracking time may also be customized, so if you only want to watch your children at specific periods, you can do so with ease.

Using this function, you can promise your child that you will only track their whereabouts at particular times, which is helpful if you want to get them to install the app on their phone in the first place. Additionally, you may obtain a detailed report on geofence boundaries, as well as position data, delivered to your inbox at any time. If you want to keep an eye on your kids at various times of the day, this is wonderful geofencing software. However, the negative is that it is perfect for Android but not compatible with the iPhone.

8. GEOfinder — Best GeoFence App for GPS Tracking

GEOfinder apps overview

  • Price: 29.99 USD one-time payment
  • Device Supported: Android

GEOfinder is one of the top geofencing apps on the market, so if you want to make use of it, you should. You can use GEOfinder to identify the exact location of any phone number, irrespective of the mobile network they are connected to. For Android and iOS users alike, you can easily track down the owner of any mobile phone number in just a few short minutes.

One of the best things about this program is that it doesn’t require installation and is fully anonymous, so there’s no need to be concerned about being tracked down. This is the type of geofencing tool you want to use if you want to be able to set up successful geofences and know exactly where your kids are at all times. The features are simple to use, and the customer service is excellent.

9. uMobix — Best GeoFence App to Track Mobile Phones for Modern Parents

uMobix apps overview

  • Price: 9.99 USD monthly (Basic Plan), 59.99 USD monthly (Full Plan monthly), 33.33 USD monthly (Full Plan 3-month), 14.99 USD monthly (Full Plan annually)
  • Device Supported: Android, iPhone, and iPad

uMobix is another wonderful geofencing tool that you can use to keep an eye on your kids and know exactly where they are at any given time. My favorite feature of this GeoFence app is that it doesn’t require any tracking software to assist you in identifying your child’s exact location; all you need to do is send a single SMS.

Your youngster can be located with just one touch of the phone and can be tracked from anywhere, regardless of where you are. They claim that monitoring your kids is as simple as registering, installing, setting up, and then monitoring them. For those who don’t know how their software works, they even have a demo and excellent customer service in case something goes wrong.

10. mSpy — Best GeoFence App for Parental Control and Phone Tracking

mSpy apps download apps store

  • Price: 48.99 USD monthly, 27.99 USD monthly (3-month plan), 11.66 USD monthly (1-year plan)
  • Device Supported: Android and iPhone

You can use mSpy to find out where your kids are at all moments, but it can also let you follow all of their phone activities. This makes it one of the best geofencing applications available. This implies that you can effectively kill two birds with one stone, making it one of the best parental control tools.

To keep your children safe while using the internet, you can use this to get access to texts, images, social media posts, and more. Most importantly, you won’t have to jailbreak your iPhone to use this feature.

This geo-fencing application’s drawback is that it only offers geofencing in the premium edition, which is more expensive. As a result, I believe that the investment will be well worth it for your child’s safety.

A GPS sensor and position tracking capability are included in the app’s additional features, which means it is incredibly accurate. Because this software allows you to keep track of your child’s whereabouts and activities without fearing that they’ll find out about it, I think it’s the best geofencing app available.

11. eyeZy — Best GeoFence App for Powerful Mobile Device Monitoring

eyeZy apps download from apps store

  • Price: 47 USD monthly, 27.99 monthly (3-month plan), 9.99 USD monthly (1-year plan)
  • Device Supported: iPhone

If you’re searching for a means to keep track of what your children are doing or even what your spouse is doing, eyeZy is ideal. Even if you don’t leave the house, eyeZy claims that they have a phone tracker that you can use to keep tabs on your loved ones.

If you want to know where they’ve been, you can follow their location and look at their previous location history. Without a doubt, eyeZy is an excellent phone tracker app for keeping an eye on where your youngster is going or where your partner claims to have gone.

12. Spyic — Best GeoFence App for Tracking Cell Phone

Spyic apps overview

  • Price: 39.99 USD monthly (Android Basic Plan), 9.99 USD monthly (Android Premium Plan), 69.99 USD monthly (Android Family Plan), 99.99 USD monthly (iPhone Family Plan), 10.83 USD monthly (iPhone Premium Plan), 399.99 USD monthly (iPhone Business Plan)
  • Device Supported: Android and iPhone

Spyic is a tracking application for mobile devices. For parents who want to protect their children from predators, cyber-bullying, and other difficulties, this software is a must-have! Both iOS and Android devices can use this software.

Spyic is a geofencing tool that gives you access to a cell phone’s messages, call logs, contacts, and GPS location. This program is one of the most popular online spying tools because it is less expensive. What makes Spyic exciting is that you can use it to spy on WhatsApp, Snapchat, SMS, Facebook Messenger Chat, Instagram, and GPS Location.

13. GizmoHub — Best GeoFence App for Monitoring Your Child’s Location and Getting Alerts

GizmoHub apps Download from Play Store

The internet has made our lives simpler, but it has also exposed our personal information to unwanted prying eyes and prying eyes. Safety has always been a top concern for everybody, and GizmoHub provides you with a wide range of options for protecting your family and loved ones.

This application’s Android device management and parental control functions include geofencing, a family tracker, and anti-virus. Use this application to protect your family from the internet and other threats.

14. GreenRoad — Best GeoFence App to Ensure Safe Driving and Location Awareness

GreenRoad apps Download from Play Store

Why I include GreenRoad in this list of amazing GeoFence apps is the fact that you can use it to help your children ensure safe driving and location awareness. Its amazing features include real-time notifications and reporting and vehicle monitoring, and route optimization.

You can read a CSV file with a list of landmarks by using this software. This app’s client interface lets you keep tabs on drivers entering and exiting restricted areas or working locations. The program also keeps track of the time spent at the job or project site by the vehicles or the personnel.

15. Timesheet Mobile — Best GeoFence App for Time-tracking and Scheduling Team Messaging

Timesheet Mobile apps Download from Play Store

  • Price: 29.99 USD monthly per feature
  • Device Supported: iPhone and Android

Timesheet Mobile is a helpful app for precisely Geofencing work-related locations,. ADP and Sage payroll can import data from this app when used with QuickBooks. This is a cloud-based GeoFence app that works with iOS and Android devices.


Q. How do I use GeoFence on my iPhone device?

To use GeoFence on your iOS device, all you have to do is go to your GeoFencing application and turn it on. After this, access the Settings of your iPhone and select the Home Center option after scrolling down. Click on the Location option and set it to Always. Once you have done this, ensure that you have enabled the Precise Location. And that it is.

Q. What are the advantages of GeoFencing applications?

As parents, there are numerous benefits to using a geofencing app. As a first step, you can designate areas as “off-limits” and receive notifications if your child enters such areas. To ensure that your child is attending school, you can also track when they arrive at school. If they’ve managed to keep their phone on them, you may also follow their whereabouts and find them more easily in the event of abduction. Another benefit is that it may be used by anyone in your family who has a mobile phone and needs extra security precautions.

Q. What do I do to track my kid’s whereabouts?

Using a geofencing application, such as one of the ones discussed above, is the greatest way to keep tabs on your child’s whereabouts these days. To ensure that your children are not breaking any regulations, these geofencing applications can keep you informed of their whereabouts.

Q. Is it possible to monitor more than one device at once?

You may be able to use any of the geofencing applications I have discussed above to monitor more than one device at once, but please remember that it will cost you extra money. Numerous applications are free to download and use on a single computer or mobile device.


Ultimately, the security and well-being of your kids are what matters most here. As parents, you’re not alone in your desire to understand precisely where your kids are at all times, and the excellent news is that innovation has now come up to the extent where you can do so without looking like you are monitoring them.

No matter how you choose to notify your kid, the more trust you have in your relationship, the easier it will be to set up a geofencing application on their smartphone and monitor their movements within it. If you’re concerned about your kids’ security and want to know their whereabouts every time, you may want to sit down with them and speak about it. Alternatively, you can use the apps in this article to monitor their movements.

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