Gaming Colour Psychology of Game Designs – Reasons and History

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The traditional land-based casinos use a variety of tactics to keep customers inside to encourage them to spend more time inside and play more. For example, casinos do not have watches, when you enter a casino, time stands still.

Historically, colours have deliberately been used in a strategic way in casinos to provide visual stimuli to the players. Velvet reds, cool browns, and shy yellows are used in interior designs because these are dim and have an inviting appeal for the casinos to be like after-hours destinations, no matter what the time of the day.

Colours have no other effect than encouraging you to do what you already intend to. Colours encourage you to spend more time in the casino, like making a couple of more spins.

On this website, you can find attractive designs and a comfortable interface combined with a huge variety of most popular online casino games, such as slots, roulettes, blackjacks, live dealer games, video games, and many more. Colours do leave a psychological effect on humans.

While these don’t leave a magical effect and won’t turn you into mindless players, they do encourage you to take certain actions. Certain shades trigger emotions. Rugs on the casino floor, walls and gaming tables are purple, red and black to create a pleasant, inviting ambiance.

Most of the casinos are recognized immediately by the casinos’ colour choices and the trademarked logo. Nonetheless, colours won’t turn you into a different person or a problem gambler. If you are someone who spends $100 on casino games, you won’t increase your budget to $1000 simply because of colors.

Gender-neutral colours for sophistication

Gender-neutral colours for sophistication

This also applies to online casinos wherein the established houses have migrated from physical establishments to online spheres wherein deep blue, black and purple are used to suggest sophistication, and are generally gender-neutral.

Online casinos use colour psychology to their advantage. They most often use red colour in their designs, which gives your brain a stop message. Red colour has a surprising message as it aggresses the players and leads them to take unnecessary risks.

Using yellow to enhance the performance of red colour

Online casinos also use yellow colour to enhance the impact of red. Some studies have shown that athletes performing in red rooms had improved performance. This way, red color enhances physical performance but impacts the mental-decision making, so players continue to increase their stakes even if their bankroll is low.

Buttons are usually orange or yellow to increase their use  

Grey and sliver are almost never used in online casino games as grey is a subtle color that does not attract attention while silver is associated with high-tech products and is not suitable for casino games that attract a large player community. Buttons are usually in orange or yellow color, so you are much more likely to click on them.

Green is a staple of casinos

Green is a staple of casinos, tables are chips are forest green, mostly for the purpose of contrasting them with what is there on the table. It is associated with health and prosperity, giving an optimistic outlook to online casinos, and encouraging players into longer sessions. Green also does not fatigue the eyes like neon or warm colors. It contrasts really well with other warm hues used in the casinos, making the game mover in a more evident manner.

Green signals safety of an action

Green is a staple of casinos

Green is also associated with Irish Shamrock clover that indicates prosperity. In the North American English-speaking territories, green is associated with money, particularly the icon-dollar bills. Be it a gambling situation or otherwise, green signals that it is safe to do a particular action. This way, green serves like the CTA (Call to Action) button of commercial websites when it comes to online casinos, and pushes the punters to proceed with their wagers.

It also creates a balance between the warm and cool colours, and makes the gamers at ease when they’re at the real-life or virtual table. Green encourages the likelihood of clicking on the game as it means continue universally.

Black symbolises power and authority

Black is usually not found in the casino hues, as historically it has been associated with negative rites in the Western culture, like seriousness and mourning. Interestingly enough, Blackjack has no distinctive black symbol.

However, black also symbolises power and authority, and casinos use black as interior design accents on the tables and uniforms of the dealers. Banks offer their top clients black cards to show their distinguished status from the rest.

Gold symbolises the final destination for you to achieve

Historically in both offline casinos and online casinos, gold is the final destination for you to achieve, much like the Gold Medal in tournaments and sports. In online casino games, the precious metal color is used to symbolise a large sum of money at stake or a jackpot. In mythology, jackpot symbol is a cauldron with gold coins in it, which is usually found at the end of a rainbow.

These coins can come from a table bet, where the chips slowly replace cash or a slot machine if a winning combination hits. That’s the reason gold accents are found on table chips games, or in the design of slot games.

Studies have shown that gold attracts gamblers and gamers to try out new things, be it new games, or the bound rounds in online casino games. Gold has historically been associated with the sun’s warm, life-giving essence, and the sun’s deities in different denominations, like Apollo in the Ancient Greeks, and Ra in Ancient Egypt. Gold also relates to high status, luxury, and wealth.

Using lights and music for more fun

Using lights and music for more fun

Continuous exposure to colored lights changes the gamblers’ behavior. Red light triggers a more robust response and makes the players more engaged in the tasks. Players become more focused and ready for risky steps. They have been observed to bet more often in the environments where the red light predominates. Blue light is more mellow and peaceful.

It instills calmness and decreases the focus of the players. Casinos also use music to breed interest in the games, eliminate distractions, and create an atmosphere to set the mood of the gamblers. People tend to have way more fun when music is used in casinos and games.

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