Top Reasons for the Growing Popularity of Free Spins Casino

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Online gambling is among the most popular hobbies in the world, which is really fascinating when you think about it. Apart from slots, table casino games have been pretty much the same for decades.

What’s even more surprising is that online casinos continue to grow in popularity. This is partly due to new technologies and even new payment methods. Today, you can even find under 1 hour withdrawal casino which is truly impressive given how we can wait for payments to be processed in some cases.

In other words, online casinos rely on very sophisticated gaming and payment software and go above and beyond when it comes to providing a superior user experience.

It is also worth mentioning that user bonuses and promotions play a big role in increasing user engagement. These bonuses can include a match on deposit, free chips, and even free spins.

In fact, the most popular sites are known as free spins casino and these are by far the best options for slots enthusiasts. Here we will focus on some of the main reasons why these sites continue to grow, and what other incentives they use on top of free spins.

Online Slots Are The Most Played Games

Online Slots Are The Most Played Games

The earlier gambling parlors or casinos were luxurious entertainment hubs for the rich, but that gradually changed. Moreover, these institutions didn’t have slot machines as they were invented later on. However, once the casino owners saw the lucrative potential of these machines, and how much people enjoy them, they soon restructured the idea of the casino.

Today, land-based gambling institutions allocate a large portion of their space to hosting slots, and their online counterparts follow the same logic. Some of the most successful gambling sites have a massive game library, and 95% of those games are different variations of slots.

Since free spins bonuses allow players to enjoy slots longer, it’s obvious why these sites continue to grow. They are effectively catering to the largest sub-section of gambling enthusiasts.

Progressive Jackpots

One of the main appeals of slot games is their jackpot. More specifically, there are slots that have so-called progressive jackpots, and if someone ends up winning their entire life will change. These are multi-million dollar rewards, and players aren’t too concerned with their odds, because the payoff is worth it.

Since slots don’t require any skill or strategy the only way to improve your chances is to continuously play. In other words, free spins are the most effective way of increasing your odds of winning a progressive jackpot.

From this perspective many view slots as an alternative version of the lottery. As we all know, the lottery is popular all over the world, and people often daydream of how they will spend their money if they win.

The same applies to slots, as many have big plans and love to think about winning and spending large sums of cash. In this case, though, they don’t have to wait for a whole week to get another shot, every spin is a potential jackpot, and free spins are more than welcome.

Progressive Jackpots

Fun and Interesting Casino Games

Classic slots are definitely still played, but we have to point out that these games have significantly evolved. Online slots are so much more than countless re-skins of the same game, they are quite innovative.

The developers get extra creative when exploring different themes, and often try to make unique mechanics that correspond to that specific theme. This is why people love to try different titles and see how symbols will interact with one another.

This suspense is what makes the gameplay more engaging, as you will definitely be surprised at some point. It’s especially exciting when certain symbols rearrange the order and you end up with a winning combination, or if you enter the bonus round.

With free spins offers you get to experience more of these games, and see what they have to offer. That being said, you should also be able to play a demo version for free, but for many, that ruins the surprise.

Content Available on Mobile

Accessibility has a huge impact on the popularity of casino games. Thanks to our smartphones this content is more accessible than ever, and game developers made sure that slots are perfectly optimized for small screens. It’s true that other table games work great on mobile too, but slots are always the priority as they are the most profitable content for casino owners.

In addition to working great, it’s also really convenient to play on a smartphone. You can make deposits using the saved information, or even via SMS. Moreover, you can have a whole game session in private without anyone staring at your screen.

You can even play while you are riding a bus or waiting. In other words, mobile gaming is increasing the number of online casino enthusiasts, but since slots are the best mobile content, they naturally gravitate towards it.

Other Bonuses and Features

Free spins casinos want to create a superior slots experience, and they do this by relying on other bonuses and features. For starters, players can participate in tournaments, which in a way increases their odds of winning something. Slots are a single-player game, where you can’t really compete with other players, however, tournaments were cleverly designed around that fact.

You are simply comparing your results with other participants, and whoever has the best score wins. This means you can get a reward even if you have an unlucky player session, so long as everybody else did worse than you.

On top of free spins, casino sites offer other incentives. For slot players, there are so-called cashback promotions. A cashback offer or promotion is basically a way to mitigate your losses when playing slots. The offer is active during a certain timeframe, during which a portion of lost money is credited back to the account.

In essence, if players are disciplined and use free spins along with tournaments and cashback offers they can have a lengthy play session that isn’t expensive at all.

Finally, there are also rare instances of no wagering bonuses. Almost any casino bonus comes with wagering requirements, and for regular players, this isn’t a big deal.

However, for a more casual player base, this can be really expensive. A no-wagering bonus is a promotion that doesn’t require future deposit commitments, and it’s currently the best type of promotion available.


These were some of the main reasons why free spins casinos continue to grow, and why they will continue to acquire new users. Of course, it’s always important to remind players to be responsible with their spending and to look for the most budget-friendly options out there.

It’s quite common for online gamblers to have multiple accounts as this gives them more access to free spins and other active promotions. So, always have a list of casinos that you can use, and circle back every now and again to see if there is a reload offer.

You should also try to use your free spins in a smart way. Typically, these spins are awarded for specific games, but in case they are not then you are free to choose high RTP titles. Definitely do some research online and opt for those games that have a higher win rate.

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