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The use of the Internet has increased to an unprecedented level. The world has dramatically changed. Undoubtedly, Technology and the Internet have revolutionized this very planet. We, the humans, are no more the same.

Today, my Internet went damaged due to the recklessness of PTCL—the telecommunication company of Pakistan. Believe me, my whole day turned out to be miserable, I couldn't do much of my important work of university and content writing. And this reminded me of the power and vulnerability of the Internet to me.

And Have you ever get extremely annoyed at the website which is not working but you need it the most at that period of time? You must have. What actually happens is that the website you browse do not work either the URL is blocked or the URL is, seemingly, not accessible to your country’s IP address. Then, in order to get access to that blocked website, what you need to do is to use free proxy website.

I think the same goes for you. If not, then you must be lagging behind the world, try to move along with the world which is seeking maximum benefits from the Internet. People use the Internet for surfing the websites, using social networking and gathering valuable content and material needed in their academic and professional life. My today’s article is, interestingly, not for the use and pros of the Internet, but to help you know and reach to the top 5 free proxy websites.

TOP 5 Free Proxy Websites: Unlock content in school

Here I've just added a list of top 5 web proxy websites,



Kproxy is a Free Anonymou Proxy to Surf the web anonymously and bypass filters with this free and fast web proxy

Link To:

This is one of the great free proxy websites that has been leading the market. It has an extensive and wide variety of qualities and features. Moreover, it offers the extension for Firefox and the Chrome that is the feasible way to visit the blocked site, which means you don’t have to open any proxy site and just allow the kproxy browser extension from the icon and things will be fine.

Anonymouse is so old web proxy site which have more than 10 years!

Link To:

This seems to be the best guide to your diverse needs. You must have seen that different websites keep logs of your account, but with this, one can protect the private information. It is quick, has protection and built-in encrypted connection and much more.


Link To:

This is one of the best free proxy websites for you. It is something which is apparently quite easy to use, and obviously free of cost. When you want to use this site, you will have the search box in which you need to write the URL of any website that you want to access to. Then, your desired website will open in other tabs. Try it!



Link To:

This proxy site serves you the diverse purposes while enabling you to unblock your desired websites which are blocked, and not working on your IP address. Certainly, it is quite safer to users and the good thing is that it makes you anonymous. Simply, visit this site, put the names of your favorite site and press Go. It offers unlimited access with free of cost, as it says in the landing page's description.


4everproxy is a free and secure web proxy. Change your IP address and remain anonymous while browsing the Internet. Unblock websites with 4everproxy!

Link To:

This proxy site is famous for its quick and easy website searching features and qualities. This website caters distinguish web servers from many countries. The best thing is that doesn’t restrict its users in bandwidth and speed, which makes this a great proxy server. However, you may get annoyed by the many adverts.

Here the question arises as to what do proxy means?

The simplest answer to this question is that proxy helps to lift the restrictions on availing websites that are blocked. Thus, you can use the blocked website or unworkable site without any sort of trouble or problem.

To me, the proxy websites are the life-saving drug. Yeah, I am serious. So it was the perfect day for me when I was surfing the internet to pass my time at college. And suddenly, I came across with a thought that I have to finalize my deal with my Britain-based client via Facebook. But what had turned out to be more terrible for me, when I search for Facebook, was that unfortunately, my IT teacher had blocked Facebook. I was completely taken aback. Then, it was my friend who helped me to get out of the prevailing scenario against me. Surely it was, after a lot of patience and hardworking, I finally got a smartly paid project. So my friend told me to use the free proxy website to unblocked Facebook to get the work finalized.


I think I have fully convinced you with my personal experiences that proxy websites have become the need of all times. So I will help you to know about top 5 free proxy websites which will likely to help you when you’re in trouble.

Hope you like this article of mine with the important information about the top 5 free proxy websites. We hope that it will help you in choosing the best one whenever you are faced with any sort of trouble while browsing the websites.

BTW, you can also use the free VPN sites to Surf web anonymously, but There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch, both free proxy sites and free VPN are at speed, and also with lots of advertising, if you're want to get fast network connection you have to find the fast proxy service or VPN service to anonymous Surf online.

Good luck!

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