12 Best Free Prank Websites to Trick Your Friends 2024

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These 12 free prank websites like Keyprank, Geek Typer, Google Gravity, Prank Owl, Prank Hotline, Pranx, etc. can be used to make a fool of anyone. The prank can be a website screen, link, phone call, text, or code.

If you are thinking of pranking your friends, colleagues, neighbors, or family, then these free prank websites will work for you. You just need to have a motive of what you would want to fool them with.

Many people are often cautious on April Fool's Day, but you can prank them on a  different day to either get some information or just make humor out of the situation. Regardless of the prank that you want to try out, ensure it is not too dangerous to prevent creating some hatred between the two parties.

Here are some of the best free prank websites that you can try. They won’t disappoint.

1. Fake Update: Windows

Fake Update- Windows for Free prank websites

You can use the Fake Update tool to prank anyone that their website needs an update. You just need to choose a screen and modify it as you wish. The website can be used on Mac computers or Windows computers. It supports Windows 98, Vista, XP, 8,10,11, macOS, etc.

Therefore, you can wait until the other person has left their computer unattended to open the prank website in full-screen mode. Be assured that they will fall for it. Then you can wait to see their reaction once they realize you pranked them.

2. Key Prank

You can also download the KeyPrank software to prank your friend, colleague, schoolmate, or family member. You can choose to prank them with space, vOwEL, ADCBE, or Lol key pranks.

For example, once the SpaceKeyprank software is installed, whenever the user clicks on the space key, instead of a space being created, the word “SPACE” is written down. When it comes to the vOwELkeyprank, when they click on any letters, one becomes uppercase while the next is smallcase as per the vOwEL arrangement.

When you install the ADCBEkeyprank software, what you type isn’t what is displayed on the screen. Finally, if you install the LOL key prank, you will get synonyms of the LOL word. They will feel worried about what's wrong with their keyboard. Therefore, this is an innocent prank that you can play on anyone you want.

3. Geek Typer

Geek Typer for Free prank websites

GeekTyper is another platform that you can use to prank your friends, family, colleagues, schoolmates, or other people. However, you need to be wary as some real hackers can even use the platform to pretend that they have hacked your system.

It has various themes that you can choose from based on what you want to achieve. When you click on any key, some code is displayed on the screen, so someone can think that you are coding or entering into a system without the authorization needed.

You can use it on your PC or download it on Google Play Store. It's so amazing how the themes work!

4. Pranx

Pranx for Free prank websites

Pranx is another free prank website that you can use to fool anyone. It has different themes you can use to prank the other user. You just need to choose the option you know will surprise them most. For instance, a hacker in their system, chat screenshots, virus, FBI lock, etc.

You should wait for the time they leave their computer unattended, open the website, and select the prank option that you want. You can click F11 to put the screen on full screen so they can believe it is actually in their system. However, be cautious not to prank someone who can easily faint.

5. Love Calculator

Love Calculator for Free prank websites

Love Calculator is another website that you can use to prank your friends to know their crush. What you need to do is to register into the system, get a unique link, and send it to your friends.

They will think their answer will be anonymous, but through the link, you will be able to know your friends’ crush. How exciting is that? It might even turn out to be you, who knows! It is a safe prank as long as you keep their crush a secret to prevent breaking your friendship.

6. Fart Scroll Google Chrome Extension

Fart Scroll Google Chrome Extension for Free prank websites

Fart Scroll is a Google Chrome Extension that you can use to prank anyone. Just like its name suggests, it offers a farting prank, in which when you set it on and the other user clicks on anything on the screen or opens a webpage, a fart noise is produced.

This would be a great prank to your co-worker, schoolmate, or even friend who you are used to. They will be surprised at what's wrong with their computer when in the real sense, it is you. Try it today!

7. BlowUpMyPhone prank

BlowUpMyPhone prank for Free prank websites

BlowUpMyPhone is a platform that you can use to send prank texts or even prank calls. You can send random messages to people without them knowing that it is you. You can even choose to get hilarious texts which you can use to prank others with a different line.

It is an interactive platform that has a large database of users. Additionally, you can check the blog section to get more insights on how to up your pranking game. It can never be a sad moment when this free website is available.

8. Google Gravity

Google Gravity for Free prank websites

Google Gravity is another prank website that you can use. When you open the webpage or try to type into the search, everything collapses, as if it is being pulled down by gravity. If someone was searching for something, this would be a great way to surprise them or make them feel fooled.

Additionally, once they try to search for something on the next page, the page will turn to the other side. Use the website to prank your friend to see their reaction. It has various options to choose from through the menubar. Therefore, you will feel great also using the site and be amazed by what you can achieve from it.

9. Fake Facebook Post or Comments Generator

Fake Facebook Post or Comments Generator for Free prank websites

You can also use a Fake Facebook post or comment to fool your friend. If they often use Facebook, it would be perfect to make them feel scared a bit. You can use the generator to produce a fake FB post with some comments. Therefore, it will be easy for the person to fall for the trick.

However, ensure you show them the post, while you are there with them to prevent them from taking an action they might regret; like deleting their Facebook account. Be there to see their reaction and tame them when they start to become furious. Therefore, prank them in a friendly way.

10. Prank Owl

Prank Owl for Free prank websites

PrankOwl is a platform that you can use to prank your friend, family, colleague, co-worker, or even your schoolmate. There are various prank-call options that you can choose based on what you want to achieve. It all depends on the kind of thing that you think would scare the other person mostly.

Therefore, be wise to choose something you are sure will scare them most. You can decide to just use the free version or opt for the premium version. What's amazing, is that you also get access to some hilarious reactions to hear how others reacted to certain pranks.

11. Shady URL

Shady URL for Free prank websites

ShadyURL is a platform that you can use to modify a link to look suspicious. You can even modify a link to be a bit shady and send it to your friend. You can make it redirect to a specific website the person is familiar with so that you can scare them. This will make them wonder what happened.

It is the perfect way to scare a techy person who is always careful about the kind of links they click. Making a shady URL is as easy as 123.

12. PrankHotline

PrankHotline for Free prank websites

PrankHotline is an amazing platform that you can use to make prank calls. Additionally, you can listen to people’s reactions after their prank calls – and see how people react when faced with some news.

You just need to enter a number to make a prank call, save the whole conversation, and put a watermark on it so that you can easily send it to the other person to see that it was just a prank. Be cautious, as they might want to revenge for the prank on them. Therefore, be careful.

Have Fun with Your Friends Using These Pranks

You can prank your friends or any other person with these pranks to see their reactions. However, be careful not to prank them in a way that can make them scared or faint. There is a lot that can happen when someone is surprised. Therefore, choose a prank website with caution.

Also, remember that you can prank people in different ways. However, just be sure of the one you are pranking since some may want revenge. Be ready for the consequences of your actions.

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