5 Free Photo Editing Softwares + 5 Free Photo Editor Apps = Which is Best?

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Do you want to edit images in your device free and easy? Here are the top free photo editing tools for your PC and smartphone.

In the past it was unimaginable that everybody could use a photo editing tool to manipulate the images they went – it was even unimaginable to take your own images with just a click. And imagine all that in the past – but easy, and completely free. That is what’s going on now.

Photo editing is a vital part of any online work, whether just updating your personal profile with some nice images, or wanting to create your business more visually pleasing. Today you can’t build an internet reputation without having a respectable visual presence.

While in the past it was unacceptable for a “common person” to edit photos and images by themselves, now it is more than possible and easy. You don’t have to be a graphic designer or Photoshop-savvy skills. Technology and software evolved so much, that now anybody can do it for free, with just a couple of screen-taps.

Here is some amazing, free and useful software to use and edit your images and pictures from various devices.

Top 10 Free Photo Editors from Softwares to Apps

>> Free Photo Editing Softwares for PC <<


1. Gimp – Best Overall: Editor Choice

Probably the cream of the crop as far as free photo editing software goes. You will be amazed at the number of options that are available to you when you’re using this tool, while its interface will remind you of the top legendary programs that are considered the kings of photo editing – such as Photoshop.

The tool is equally good for advanced users and newbies. Some of the options are functionally as same as in the more advanced pay-to-use software but still simplified so you will find it easy to use from handheld devices.

You will find options such as manipulation of layers (Photoshop), curves, brilliant toolbars, and many more. You will also not be littered by ads and other forms of limitations. You can also add a Photoshop plugin, which is amazing!

2. Pixlr.comOnline Photo Editor Like Photoshop

Pixlr is another Photoshop-like software that is equally good on a telephone and desktop. While it has some pay-to-use functions, it is mostly free and, what you get for a free version of the app is more than enough for usual photo editing work.

Similar to other editing software, you can resize, crop, edit, recolor, add and remove parts of the image and add overlays. The mobile version of the app is convenient and useful, and you will not be disappointed by its functionality.

There are a bunch of creative work such as interesting brushes that will make your photo artsy and imaginative if you use it well. Pixlr is one of the best that you’ll get for free, that works the same in handheld devices and computers too.

3. Paint.NETThe Most Easy Online Photo Editor

Paint.NET is compared with the aforementioned tools,  just a little less effective and with less shiny perks. The simplicity of this software is, despite what it lacks, its strength. It’s smooth and hasty, and the missing options will make your editing job much more straightforward and decisive.

Paint.NET has all the necessary tools to make a good photo great. You can remove red eye,  remove stains, moles, etc. Youwilleasilyresizeandcrop, and for somebody who is entry-level, as well as users that don’t require professional editing, this tool is top-notch.

You will find that the interface looks like Microsoft Paint, which will trigger a bit of nostalgia too. It offers a lot of plugins and supports various image files.

4. PhotoscapeA Simple and Fun Photo Editor

Photoscape is a great little software that adds some more variety to the editing work. You will have so much fun with it, but unfortunately, only if you’re a Windows or an iOS user. So for an Android device, you should look around this piece of software.

Besides the common editing tools like cropping, cutting, adding and removing, resizing, sharpening, layering, etc –  you will be able to easily make a .gif. After you make a .gif you will have an option to upload it online, and share it with your friends. So, if you want to edit, and then animate your images, this program is for you.

5. PhotoPosProBest for An Amateur Photo Editor

PhotoPosPro is an entry-level software that is perfect for an amateur photo editor that aspires for more. Although there is a premium version of the software, most of its functionality doesn’t disappear with the free version.

PhotoPosPro will be your perfect guide to photo editing. The interface is visually stunning and offers a lot of options. The tool itself is smooth and accessible, and you will spend some time trough trial-end-error but in the end, the results will be amazing.

The tools are smartly made, a lot of things will be useful for you even if you’re considering just some amateur refining. PhotoPosPro is one of those tools that will always remain in good memory.

>> Free Photo Editor Apps <<

1. Photoshop ExpressBest Photo Editing App for Mobile Devices

A free and useful version of its well-known Adobe parent, this tool will at least bring you closer to the real Photoshop experience. Far from the real version’s complexity, the PS Express will give you many kinds of editing possibilities.

You have pre-built effects that remind a bit of the real Photoshop image effects you can load. The interface is easy to use but downgraded from the real deal. The point of the tool is its simple way of single-tapped editing and adjustments. You can also change the sharpness, make the photo more blurry in some parts, and many similar editing experiments.

The biggest downside of this version is its lack of support for an abundance of formats. You can only edit JPG, PNG and camera files, but the tool is a hundred percent free and useful.

2. Google SnapseedBest Free Android Photo Editor

This quick, smart and brilliant tool that comes from the depths of google library will make your life so much easier. It is an official Google editing tool for Android and OS and considering it is meant to be a smartphone app, it is probably the best photo editing app if you intend to add some finesse to your social media content.

If you used some social networks that are dominantly visual and image-reliant such as Instagram, you will find most of the options on Snapseed familiar and easy to use. Since it is a photo editing software, some tools and options are more powerful than just Instagram edit, and you will have a lot more to do.

It is a must-have for your handheld device.

3. PhotolabThe Easiest Photo Editor App

Photolab is an Android & IOS tool that is much, much less powerful than everything else that was mentioned in this list and it is recommended only for some interesting tweaks and tunes to your already good images.

You will find around 700 filters, frames, and brushes that are frequently added and you will find it perfect for some simple stuff. The actions that are used to make the pictures better will prove to be a fun experience while you're testing each one in your spare time.

It is mostly for fun, and probably not recommended if you want professional use.

4. Prisma – Best Photo Editor App for Instagram & WhatsApp

Maybe you have heard of Prisma since it’s a very mainstream free software that will make your Instagram profile colorful and stylish. Considering its social-media-centric nature, it is easy to upload and share the edited pictures in many popular social apps (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Viber, etc).

This software is also more for fun and personal use and it will not offer you any professional satisfaction since its tools are limited mostly to filters, cropping and some smaller details.

5. Cupslice – Easy & Fun Photo APP

Another great app that will give you an abundance of filters and is on the bottom of the list since that is it's only and most important feature.

Cupslice lacks the tools to make your experience fulfilled but will probably do a job if you require some minor image tweaking, adding a couple of stickers and filtering.


So, that is it! These are some of the best that we believe can do a respectable job for you.

If you have some others that you believe should be on the list, feel free to comment and leave some feedback!

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