11 Best Free Flash Games of 2020 – No Installation Needed!

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Are you tired of spending money on games that you can’t play immediately, but have to download and invest in? We have a solution for you. FLASH GAMES! Once you try, you won’t go back to regular gaming.

Flash games or browser games as they are known are games that you play directly on your browser without the need to download any content whatsoever. The games are using standard web technologies. Browser games include all video games genre and can be single player or multiplayer. Flash games are also portable and can be played on multiple devices, so you are not stuck at your pc or laptop.

Browsers games are often free to play and do not require any client or software to be installed, apart from the web browser and the plug-in such as Flash player because of which they are named Flash games. These are very addicting small games that are very easy to learn and a good time spender.  They can also be played via social media such as Facebook. These games are a perfect place to get to know people or meet new friends, or even meet new enemies and improve yourself to defeat them or be better than them.

Although excellent distraction, some of the browser game can insert certain viruses on your computer, so you ought to be careful when playing these games. Do not download anything that you don't know what it is and pay attention to the behavior of the computer. And play only the legitimate flash games. Now that I have warned you, without further ado, we give you:

Top 11 Addictive Flash Games unblocked: Play Using Only Your Browser!

1. Accelerator


Accelerator is a fast-paced 3d addictive flash game that allows you to speed through a pipe looking space filled with Static or dynamic traps that and obstacles you have to avoid to get the higher score. The game is really addictive if you have good reflexes, it can be amusing to play for a prolonged period. It can sometimes be frustrating to react to particular objects in the track, but his fantastic flash game offers a challenge along with the feeling of satisfaction when you beat your own or your friend's high score. The more points you earn, the faster you go, and everything becomes even harder. The only downside of this game is the poor graphics, but what it lacks in graphics, it has in gameplay.

Key Features of Accelerator :

  • Simple Design and Easy Controls
  • Develops Reflexes
  • Entertaining and fun

Accelerator: Cons

  • Poor graphics

2. Kill the Plumber

Kill the Plumber

Have you ever played Mario? Have you ever thought about killing that short man with a mustache? Well, Kill the plumber is a browser game that gives you the ability to destroy that mushroom killing Italian finally. There is a multitude of levels with this game and many different characters such as regular gumba who needs to avoid being killed by the plumber, spiked gumba who has to trick the plumber to jump on him, or the notorious red gumba who can attack the plumber. The variety of levels is impressive. Avoid being killed in the game, race the plumber to the top and stop him from getting the flag, avoid his fireballs and many many more. I must say, I certainly did enjoy this highly addictive and fun flash game!

Key Features of Kill the Plumber :

  • Fun game
  • Many different levels
  • Multitude of characters
  • Entertaining content

3. Learn to Fly 2

Learn to Fly 2

Now, this is a game with little to no learning curve, but it still manages to be one of the most entertaining flash games out there. This is a story about a penguin who is trying to launch himself from point A to point B, and you are there to help him. By reaching further and further away, you earn points. You use those points to buy upgrades such as penguin gear to help him stay in the air longer, ramps to launch him farther and speed boosts to increase the launch distance. On harder levels, there are also some obstacles in mid-air that are designed to stop you or reduce your flight speed. The graphics are decent, and the gameplay is straightforward, but this is by far one of the best Flash Games I have ever played.

Key Features of Learn to Fly 2 :

  • Simple Gameplay
  • Entertaining and Addicting
  • Interesting story

Learn to Fly 2 : Cons

  • Weird graphics
  • Clunky System universal in these genres

4. Run


A very entertaining and simple game, Run is one of my personal favorites. You run through a squared hallway filled with tiles you walk on and holes you avoid. Sounds simple enough. But wait, there is more. You can jump on the wall and boom, the hallway rotates, so the wall you jumped on becomes your floor. This is the concept I liked the most about this top-rated browser game I played merely a week ago, so I had to put it on the list. Some people, like me, enjoy the simplicity of these games and prefer them easy and smooth, though Run becomes more difficult the more you play it.

Key Features of Run :

  • Simple, Easy and Entertaining Gameplay
  • Interesting Concept with Rotating hallway
  • Fast Moving Reflex Game

Run : Cons

  • The game can be tough for people with poor orientation
  • Poor graphics

5. Sky Island

Sky Island

Sky Island is an exciting puzzle game with a unique twist. At first look, it seems like a regular 2d jumping platform game, but when you are stuck, click your mouse and rotate the map to see the world from the whole new perspective! Still, with the unique ability to twist and turn the world, this game can be quite challenging in its way. You might end up looking guides on certain puzzles on the internet, and that is considered cheating. This option to rotate the world blew my mind because it shows that things are not always what they seem to be. I spent hours on this game while I was doing the research and I must say I didn't want to stop playing it. The graphics are cartoonish and unique, but the different point of view is bread and butter of this game. Anyone who likes puzzles paired with 2d platforms is sure to love this game, just as I do!

Key Features of Sky Island :

  • Interesting design
  • Unique Abilities With Perspective Rotation
  • Mind-blowing Discoveries

Sky Island : Cons

  • Not Enough Content
  • Short Game (Because it’s so good)

6. Heli Attack 2

Heli Attack 2

This was one of my favorite flash games I could find. I used to play this game with a friend; we always tried to beat each other's high score. Heli Attack 2 is a straightforward yet exciting flash game. The setup of the game is not so unique, but the game is addicting. You play a generic soldier whose only job is to destroy as many helicopters humanly possible while avoiding their fire. The helicopters keep coming, and they all try to kill you, so you must fight for your life here. They also introduced Heli Attack 3 with mission-based gameplay, but Heli attack 2 feels more entertaining as a Browser Game, which is why it deserves a spot on this list. If you want to feel like a real super soldier, jumping tens of meters into the air and shooting helicopters from above to destroy them, this is the game for you!

Key Features of Heli Attack 2 :

  • Point System
  • Fun Gameplay
  • Very Competitive
  • Simple and easy to learn the game

Heli Attack 2 : Cons

  • Repetitive
  • Lack of Story Mode

7. Fancy Pants Adventure 2

Fancy Pants Adventure 2

Fancy Pants Adventure 2 is a platform adventure game where you play as a faceless stickman with these cool pants.  It’s not a typical high score game that is typically seen in Flash games. This platform adventure is about exploration rather than score. The details of the game are very well done, and the animation is just perfect for a browser game. Each level is different and memorable; you never get bored of the repetition. There are also some collectible items and hidden treasures! The game is so well designed; you even manage to make a connection with your character which is only a stickman. You can also change the color of your pants!

Key Features of Fancy Pants Adventure 2 :

  • Vast number of unique levels
  • Polished graphics
  • Cool pants
  • Character connection

Fancy Pants Adventure 2 : Cons

  • Can’t find any

8. N – Ninja

N - Ninja

N stands for Ninja! In this game, you play a ninja type character that is in some weird portal room, and you have to avoid traps and laser beams and explosions to get to the next level.  Unlike the sequel (N+) N is free to play and a very interactive game. The graphics are well done for a flash game, and the character is well developed. You are nimble and agile, able to jump super high, yet still die by falling from too high which helps you connect with your character. The game gets really hard by the end. Beware of the eye looking robots, by the way, they are super hard to dodge and will most likely kill you quite often in this very entertaining Flash Game!

Key Features of N – Ninja :

  • Graceful, Nimble main character
  • Plenty of Levels to explore
  • Gradually increased Difficulty

N – Ninja : Cons

  • Frustrating difficulty near the end of the game
  • Some of the robots are hard to see

9. Burrito Bison Revenge

Burrito Nison Revenge

Burrito Nison Revenge is a browser game with the most exciting and weird story on our list. You lost your wallet in the store, and it somehow ended in the gummy bear world. Since you are the badass luchador fighter, you start wrestling everyone on your way to get your belongings back. You buy upgrades for in-game currency as you play, so the game gets easier in a way, but still challenging so it doesn't get boring. The main character is clearly inspired by the American wrestling and Nacho Libre from the movie, which is a cool detail in the game. You can buy all sorts of upgrades for your character, so you succeed further and further every time you play this game, and I must warn you, this game is very addictive!

Key Features of Burrito Nison Revenge :

  • Tons of upgrades
  • Unique Storyline
  • Interesting design
  • Fun Graphics

Burrito Nison Revenge : Cons

  • You are weak at the start
  • Repetitive gameplay

10. Elephant Quest

Elephant Quest

Did you ever dream about being an elephant in a strange 2d land, killing bad guys and trying to finish the level? Well, this is the game for you. Elephant Quest is a 2d adventure platform. The game is as the title says. You are an elephant who goes on a quest. Many quests to be precise. There are plenty of areas to explore and many abilities to unlock. For example, you can open a laser shooter on your back so you can kill creatures that attack you. The game has so many unlockables, by the end of the game, you will be a walking one elephant army with tons of rockets, lasers, and many other devastating weapons that nothing will ever stand in your way to completing that quest!

Key Features of Elephant Quest :

  • Exportable World
  • Many unique areas
  • Many items and upgrades
  • Fun concept
  • Good graphics

Elephant Quest : Cons

  • By the end of the game, it gets way too easy
  • Addictive!

11. Notpron


This fantastic flash game calls itself the hardest riddle game on the internet, and with the few exceptions, it might be right. You will have to think outside the box for this game, and if you want to have any success playing it a unique concept for a game, you are given a picture in every level. Each photo has different clues and hidden meanings, and you have to solve the meaning of the photograph to advance any further than the picture you are on. What is the purpose of the lamp on the table? Why is it turned off or, where does it point and all another puzzling conundrum this game has to offer, it may indeed be the hardest solving browser game provided.

Key Features of Notpron :

  • Creative and Unique Thinking game
  • Beautiful Pictures
  • Simple gameplay that requires Next level Thinking
  • Sense of accomplishment

Notpron : Cons

  • The game is super hard, I got four levels, and that's it!
  • Hard to finish without cheating


This was our list for the top 11 Flash games that are amongst the best games of this type. Browser games are unique and easy to play with no requirements to download, and I highly suggest you try playing some of them, they can be entertaining to play solo or with friends. Some of the games are super easy yet fun; others are a tough puzzle or adventure games that will almost make you obsessed with difficulty. No matter which one of these fantastic flash games of 2018 you pick as your favorite, I highly suggest you check them all out, it will bring you hours upon hours of fun and good times!

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