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They are dozens of free fax services today and picking a specific one can be such a tedious and time-consuming task. To make your work easier here are the top 5 free fax services.

Over the past few decades, there has been a major advancement in electronic communication. Sending all kinds of data, whether documents, Emails, recorded audio messages, images, and video calling is now just a button away from the majority of people.

Among these vast options, there is one which has stood the test of time and proven itself as an invaluable communication tool. This is no other than the Facsimile, commonly known as a fax. This communication relic has been in existence for over 50 years.

Even though newer and technically superior communication tools are being developed every day, the fax is still a popular option. It is found in the majority of offices and even residential places. The fax enables one to easily send a printed document, whether typed or scanned. As a result, it much popular tool used by law firms and business premises to send materials such as legal documents, contracts, and reports for which other methods such as Emails may not be acceptable.

Currently, there is a wide variety of online fax platforms to choose from, some free while others require a subscription. With this comes the confusion, the difficulty, and frustration in choosing the best fax. These online fax platforms each have a different and commonly unique set of features and interfaces. Today, this article focuses on some of the top 5 free faxes services.

5 best free online fax services: send fax from computer

1. FaxZero

FaxZero for free online fax

This a free web-based platform for sending faxes in the US and Canada. With the free service, one can send a document not larger than three pages. Documents larger than three pages can also be sent albeit at a small fee of $1.98 paid via PayPal.

FaxZero has several advantages which make it superior over other fax services. It has a simple interface which is easier to follow and use. Unlike GotFreeFax, FaxZero allows one to send up to five faxes a day. Thus, it is an ideal option in dealing with fewer fax loads.

Despite the perceived superiority, FaxZero has its own drawbacks. First of all, it lacks an Android or iOS-based mobile applications. Sending faxes is slow as a result of the two-stepped process. For every free fax sent, the company’s logo is branded on the document.

FaxZero : Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Allows one to send up to five free files a day

FaxZero : Cons

  • Lacks an android or iOS-based OS
  • Cannot send large files for free
  • Imprints its own logo on free sent files
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2. GotFreeFax

GotFreeFax for free online fax

This service is designed mainly for those with modest and uncomplicated faxing needs. If FaxZero does not suit your needs, GotFreeFax is the best alternative. Its interface is simply made up of a single screen. With GotFreeFax free option, one can send a maximum of three documents per day, with each document being less than three pages. Larger documents can be sent at a fee, with 10 pages costing $0.98, 20 pages at $1.98, while 30 pages stand at $2.98. Unlike FaxZero, this platforms does not introduce cover pages ads or company brand.

The lack of an incoming fax option as well as a mobile phone application is the main let down of GotFreeFax. Another disadvantage is the limitation of daily faxes to meagre three.

GotFreeFax : Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Specially designed for domestic use

GotFreeFax : Cons

  • One can only send 3 files a day
  • Doesn’t have a developed application for it
  • Sending larger documents is charged

3. FaxBetter Free

FaxBetter Free for free online fax

Unlike other companies, FaxBetter boasts of the best fax services overall. It gives its clients unique toll-free numbers. Additionally, its payable services have the best pricing per month.

FaxBetter Free allow its clients to receive incoming faxes with relatively gigantic storage space. In fact, clients are able to store up to 1000 pages of their faxes online forever. FaxBetter interface is simple and unlike other companies offering free fax services, there no annoying advertisements to wade through. Additionally, it has an inbuilt Email notification service that allows its clients to receive notification via Email whenever they have an incoming fax. Another major advantage is its friendly, reliable and accessible customer support service. Clients can contact the company on weekdays, working hours.

To retain the free fax number, the FaxBetter Free fax services requires that the client sends at least one fax per week. Its inbuilt search tool is only offered as a 30-day free trial after which one is required to pay a subscription fee in order to retain this service.

FaxBetter Free : Pros

  • Provides a considerably large storage space of up to 1000 pages
  • Has a responsive customer care services
  • Offers a toll-free fax number to its clients

FaxBetter Free : Cons

  • The free trial period only lasts for one week

4. eFax Free

eFax free for free online fax

Boasting of the highest number of subscribers, eFax status and popularity is unquestionable. The eFax free plan ensures that there is a constant communication between your fax and your mailing system. Whenever you have a fax, it will be delivered directly into your email account. For this to function properly, you have to install an e-Fax viewing software which can be downloaded from the play store. One of the drawbacks to using this system is that you are limited to only 10 faxes monthly.

Unfortunately, most of the features of eFax are limited on the free trial and an upgrade might be necessary for business or office uses. The free version limits you to only

eFax Free : Pros

  • Gets connected to the mailing system
  • It is user-friendly

eFax Free : Cons

  • Only offers 10 faxes a month

5. iFax

iFax for free online fax

Last on my list is iFax which allows you to synchronise your files with Dropbox documents and folders. You can access Dropbox files and folders from iFax app anywhere any time. Furthermore, you can send photos, mp4 and Mp3 files, and PDF documents via your iFax app.

The free aspect of iFax is that it offers a  free plan. Despite the limitation on the features which comes with the free plan, other features work fine and you will be able to send your faxes.

iFax : Pros

  • Provide a sizable storage space compared to its competitors
  • Is synced with Dropbox and your email accounts and is accessible from your phone

iFax : Cons

  • The free plan comes with numerous limitations
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Having knowledge on the right free fax app to use not only saves you from unnecessary frustrations and time wasting but it will also help you save money. Sending one fax might not be that expensive but the charges accumulate within a short time.

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