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Any institution or University you are accepted into will offer you a free Edu email address associated with your name. Only educational institutions, especially those in the US, are permitted to use edu email addresses, which are temporary.

You may learn how to create a free university email address from this article, along with several advantages that students with one can use.

What is the edu email address?

What is the edu email address

Edu email is just another type of email address. It is comparable to the email address offered by services like Hotmail, Gmail, and so on. Once created, your edu email cannot be changed. Edu emails are email addresses that students can use to communicate with educational institutions like colleges, universities, and schools. With this email address, students can access resources made available by the college to them, as well as critical notifications and emails from deans, college administrators, instructors, and other relevant parties regarding the activities of the educational institution. A prime example of one of these emails is [email protected].

In addition, teachers who work for educational establishments such as universities and colleges are also issued edu emails. Employees can get discounts on merchandise, perks offered to teachers, and other offers by using their edu addresses.

Why create an edu email?

The email extension for education is one of the most popular, and many companies offer free services. Students can only receive these emails from colleges, universities, or other educational institutions. In addition to serving as a means of communication for college administration to notify students, these emails serve as login credentials for internal systems and services.

But if you have an edu email, you can also benefit from numerous other online advantages. Companies give students exclusive discounts and offers, which you may access if you have an edu email address. Let us talk about the services and recommendations provided to school emails. The following is a list of advantages and benefits available to users using edu emails.

  • Students are given a free one-year subscription plan to Bitnami, which usually costs about $588.
  • A $15 Amazon AWS voucher is given to students with edu emails.
  • If you have an edu email, you can access Crowdflower for free.
  • Students can obtain 15000 free emails each month from Sendgrid by entering their university email address.
  • Free Namecheap domain registration with a one-year SSL.
  • Students can get exclusive savings on BestBuy.
  • For a year, Canva Premium is free.
  • The Figma for Students plan offers free premium access to all content.
  • Students can access the DNSimple plan, which is valued at $120 for free for two years.
  • Students can get a free $25 HackHands credit.
  • While you are a student, you can obtain a free developer pack from Orchestrate that contains a variety of APIs and services.
  • With an edu email, you can get a discount of about $100 on Apple products and more on Microsoft products.
  • Subscription of the final six-month pass for no cost.
  • With an edu email, you can get free digital ocean vouchers worth $50.

Top offers to edu emails

1. Autodesk


It is pretty helpful that Autodesk offers many free software licenses to students. Before you can get the free software and licenses, you must register on their website with email address.

If you have an edu email address, visit Autodesk's official website at From the upper right corner of the page, pick “sign in.” A drop-down option will appear, from which you must choose the Education Community. Click “Create account” on the following screen, then enter your date of birth, country, and education role (student). You must now enter your credentials and email address, which will take you to a signup page where you must enter the name of your college or University. If it is not there, you may add it. Your registration is complete, and Autodesk will send you a confirmation email so you can download the free program.

Don't worry if you still need an email address; we will cover how to create one for free today.

2. Google G Suite for education

Google G Suite for education

Students can sign up for a G Suite Education Account, which grants them 5 TB of storage, as part of Google's special privileges. One of the best things about having an Edu email account is that you can save many more files, like e-books, movies, and photographs, without worrying about running out of space. This is yours to use for as long as you want. Your University actively offers edu email accounts. Don't worry about running out of cloud storage. Follow our tutorial to create a new Edu email at no cost if your current one expires.

3. Microsoft Office and Azure

Microsoft Office and Azure

For teachers and students, Microsoft provides a vast array of software at no cost and substantial savings on other products when Edu email addresses are used. Office 365 for Students is simply available for free.

You can register for Microsoft Azure Students to receive a $100 free credit when you open an Azure student account. This way allows you to enjoy cloud service and create RDP for free.

4. Amazon Prime

Another e15xciting offer is available for the Edu email. Students can enjoy a free six-month trial of Amazon Prime for several reasons, including free shipping and two-day assured delivery on eligible items. You can get special college discounts with free delivery (in addition to the prior free shipping offer). Get a free six-month trial of Amazon Prime Video and savings of up to 90% on textbooks. Create a new account by clicking this link verifying email address. Ensure you have a credit card to finish the process; you may even accept this offer with a virtual credit card; there will be no additional fees.

5. GitHub Student Developer Pack

GitHub Student Developer Pack

Requesting a GitHub Student Developer Pack entitles you to some savings and freebies. The most fantastic perk of having an Edu email address is that you can use it to acquire free items worth at least $1000. Using email address, you can quickly sign up for a Student Developer Pack on Github by visiting this site and clicking the “Get your pack” button in the center. You can complete the signup form and request a discount on the next page. You will have to wait five days for a response.

These will be the most significant advantages of an Edu email account once you have the Student Developer Pack on GitHub. You will receive a one-year free trial of the Bitnami Business 3 plan (usually $49/month), up to $110 in additional AWS credits, and a DataDog Pro Account with 10 servers. 2 years for free, $50 in platform credit from DigitalOcean for new customers, unlimited private repositories on GitHub for students (usually $7/month), One-year domain name registration on the. me TLD (usually $18.99/year) plus a one-year SSL certificate from Namecheap (typically $9/year). Now, let's get started on our free university email approach right away.

6. Last pass premium

For students with edu emails, Last Pass provides a six-month premium subscription.

7. Discount on music streaming services

Students can save 50% on music streaming services like iTunes and Spotify by using the student discount offered by these platforms. You can access these savings with your edu email, which is used for student authentication.

8. Apple student benefits

You can get student discounts on Apple products with an edu email address. Students can typically receive a $100 discount from Apple on purchases when they provide an edu email address.

9. RoboForm

With an edu email, you can receive a free one-year premium management subscription from RoboForm that lets you track and manage your passwords.

10. Figma for education

If you have an edu email, you can use Figma Pro features for free. All you have to do to access the pro member advantages on your account is join up for the Figma education plan using your edu email.

Free edu email generator

Here is how to establish a free edu email step-by-step.

  • Generate an SSN and US address
  • Submit your free edu email application.
  • Create an email account with domain.
  • Create a distinct password.
  • Access your email at edu.

Prerequisites to create an edu email address

Before going over obtaining an edu email, these are a few items you need before moving forward.

  • The address and phone number in the United States
  • SSN, or Social Security Number
  • Verification requires a temporary email address and photo.

Now that you have this information, let's move on to our techniques for obtaining an edu email address.

Step 1: Create a US Address and SSN

Having a home address is the first need for creating a free college email address if you live in the United States of America.

Create a US Address and SSN

You need to run a Google search for any random address generator to achieve this. Once the procedure is complete, you will obtain an SSN and address.

Step 2: Make your application for the free edu email

After creating the address and SSN, the next step is to apply for a free college email address. This is when things become complex. You don't need to worry because we have you covered. What to expect on each page while registering for edu emails has been thoroughly described.

Click “Create an Account” once the page has been redirected to you.

Page 1

Select a college, click “Apply,” and make sure to fill out the following information:

  • Your initial and final email
  • edu email
  • The birth date
  • A working cell phone number
  • Present residence, the City-State.
  • The Zip code
  • Details regarding high school (You are free to select any school.)
  • Year of high school graduation
  • Educational objectives (Choose any option you like).
  • Enrollment information:
  • Grade or Certification
  • Area of Study
  • Teaching term
  • Account Details
  • A passcode

Page 2

It would help if you answered even more critical questions on the second page to go on to the following one.

  • Legally recognized name (insert name obtained from a website that generates fictitious names)
  • Additional names (omit one)
  • Phone number and address (Enter the same data you entered on the page before.)
  • What is the date of your birth that you moved into your current residence?
  • Place of residence (choose any)
  • Email Address (enter the same one as the page header)
  • Gender
  • Social Security Number in the US
  • Status of Citizenship (Select Yes)
  • Date of Birth (matching the first sheet)
  • Background Ethnicity (Leave blank)
  • Race (Make your own decision)
  • Tactical standing (choose Yes or No)
  • Emergency contact (omit this field)
  • Additional information
  • Mother's educational background
  • Father's level of education
  • Status of student employment (mark if or not employed)
  • Do you speak only English? If not, please select.

Click “Save” and “Continue” after finishing the second page.

Page 3

  • The most recent school attended (To insert the school name by your state code, click “add School”).
  • Type your state name and address together, select United States of America, then hit search.
  • Select a school from the list of alternatives.
  • Don't fill in “other information.”
  • Earned date (Insert date)
  • College details (Select No).

Select “Save” and then “Continue.”

Page 4

  • Describe your educational objectives to us. (Select: I want to graduate from associate's college.)
  • Select your area of interest (any selection will do).
  • Choose your certificate or degree (any option will do).
  • Decide on your Academy term (choose fall).

When finished, click “Save” and “Continue.”

Page 5

Past disciplinary actions:

  • Have you received disciplinary action in the last four years due to misconduct? (Select No)

Practice inquiries:

  • Make sure you enter each response to the relevant questions.


Enter your name in the same format as before.

Select “Save” and then “Continue.”

Step 3: Register for the .edu email account- Edu email sign-in

It typically takes one to two business days to activate your account after entering essential data.

You will see your email address in this format, without any spaces, as soon as the account is activated: The email address “[email protected]

Step 4: Make a unique Password

The creation of a password comes next. For your account, use a unique eight-digit password that you can always easily remember. But if you created your account before April 3rd, 2011, your password would be six digits instead.

Step 5: Log in to your .edu email

After completing everything, go to “https: //” You will be taken to a screen where you have to enter your password. That's all there is to it: enter the password you created before. Your free student email has been successfully accessed.

Thank you for successfully logging in! Your college email account is now free of charge.

You should undoubtedly add “your best meal” as a security choice if you forget things quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an Edu email address?

The administrations of universities, colleges, and schools issue EDU email addresses to their employees and students.

Q. Is Oxford University providing an .edu email?

No, the University of Oxford's email addresses with the “.edu” domain are unavailable. The “ac.Uk” domain is used by Oxford University, a British university, for its email addresses.

Q. Is Amazon Prime student free for .edu email addresses?

Yes, students may save a lot of money and receive numerous discounts when they shop at Amazon. Additionally, a free year of Amazon Prime is offered.

Q. Why is the edu domain only used in the USA?

The “.edu” domain was first meant for use by American educational institutions, and American universities and colleges are now the principal users of it. In contrast, top-level domains for educational institutions may be country-specific in other nations.

Q. For how many years will my edu email work?

The universities will determine how to respond to the queries. While some edu accounts expire after a six-month trial period, others may function for roughly four years.

Q. What should I do if I forget my edu email password?

To begin the process of recovering the password for email account, get in touch with the IT department or support services of your educational establishment.

Q. Can I use my edu email after graduating?

The policies of the educational establishment will determine this. After graduating, some universities may deactivate alumni's edu email accounts, while others permit them to be kept.

Q. What is an example of an institutional email ID?

Emails from organizations, such as Microsoft (, the US Department of Agriculture (, or university staff or students (, require verifiable identification.

Final Thoughts

You will undoubtedly require email address if you are a student living in the United States. Register and obtain your edu email if you still need to take advantage of the advantages other students have experienced.

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