20 Best Free Cracked Software Download Sites of 2024

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Are you searching for paid application software and programs without paying for them? Cracked software is unauthorized copies of Mac Os or Windows operating systems that users can use to enjoy the services offered by the software for free. However, you should know the consequences involved in using an illegally cracked version, and the security and integrity of your computer or network may be at risk.

Using cracked software is illegal and unethical since we need to respect the property rights of genuine software and support the developers who spend their time creating the software. But why is that some people opt to use a cracked version? Even though most people who use the translated version are aware of its legal implications, but still use it because of the cost.

Acquiring a cracked version is often available for free or at a significantly reduced price compared to if someone could go for a legitimate source where you need to purchase the license. Those with a tight budget always go for the cracked version if they can't afford the original software.

Additionally, another reason most users use cracked software is because of accessibility, Cracked versions are readily available on various websites, and they can be shared through multiple platforms. It is so convenient for users to download the cracked version rather than going through all the official channel processes of paying for the software.

However, you need to be very cautious while using cracked versions. Some do possess several security risks since they are modified by unauthorized developers who can insert malware or viruses that can hack your personal information. In this article, we will list the 20 best-cracked software websites you can use to download software of your choice and display their features.

1. Softonic

Softonic Overview

Softonic site must be included when discussing a list of cracked software. It is software first launched in  1997 in Spain, Barcelona, and  mainly focused on cracked softwares. Some of the most popular cracked software they offer for Download is VLC media player, Avast free antivirus, Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop CC, and WhatsApp.

You can also download other games for your PC for free. This software is primarily compatible with Operating systems such as iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows.


  • When browsing through this site to find specific apps like Lifestyles, multimedia, and games, it offers convenience and easy navigation.
  • The flexibility of the software. The software is flexible in terms of compatibility with other operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

2. LinuxTracker

LinuxTracker Overview

Using this software, you will get an extensive collection of user-uploaded torrents where you can find cracked software specifically designed for Linux and iOS platforms. When you navigate through this platform, you will notice there are over 409 pages of downloads available for every software you are looking for.

To access the software of your choice, you can browse through the pages to discover the software you like or use the search bar on the site to look for specific software in your mind. So if you need an efficient cracked software for your  Linux or iOS device, LinuxTracker is the best site to look for.


  • The site offers maintenance in case there is a correction of some bugs that are needed to be fixed for users to have easier usage of the site.
  • Accessibility of the site is relatively easy due to the arrangement of files in categories, a list of torrent files added in the latest time displayed, and their size.

3. Cnet

Cnet Overview

Cnet is a secure source for downloading paid software for free, and it is readily available if you need cracked software. This site is an established media website based in America that offers a wide range of content, including news, reviews, articles, videos, blogs, and podcasts. When you access this website, you can access safe and legitimate downloads for various software applications without making any payment.


  • The quality of software downloaded is of high quality and have
  • There is the provision of the best virus-free Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS cracked software that is available for download.
  • The website has a review section where users can freely comment about their experiences with the software they have used.

4. FileHippo

FileHippo Overview

Another cracked software website that you can encounter and offer free downloads of software, videos, and music is FileHippo. This site allows you to access various software categories, including the most popular applications such as Chrome, VLC media player, and Internet Download Manager. If you need the latest cracked versions, FileHippo is the site to bookmark.

Also, when downloading through the site, you will get the software free from malware, adware, and viruses, and you will have safe downloads on your PC. During the downloading process, there are no added installers, bundles, or toolbars that can frustrate you during the process.


  • The user interface of FileHIppo is friendly and easy for any user to use while downloading cracked software. You just need to go to the fast search button, and you will be able to access the software you need quickly.
  • The site has fast indexing characteristics, allowing users to display files and folders easily.


GITHUB Overview

While we have seen other user-friendly websites for downloading software, it is also worth trying a different website like GitHub, which provides access to the source code of programs directly through code. In terms of the user-friendliness of this software, it can also be improved and become user-friendly to anyone using the software platform.


  • It has a GitHub community where you can source articles.
  • The website can automate any workflow you may have.
  • The cracked software offers solutions for enterprise, automation, or any development.

6. Miro


Another open-source and non-profit website you can use is Miro, which offers a variety of free software, games, and many other files. When you visit the official site of the Mira website, any user will be comfortable accessing the platform and easily find specific software of their interest by browsing the genre category available.


  • The site category arrangement of the genre has made the site easy to navigate and saves time for searching for your desired software for download.
  • The cracked software downloaded from this site is free from risks from malware or viruses. Your online security through the software download is secured.


Download Overview

Download.com is a cracked software website launched in 1996 by the CNet portal. This site has an extensive collection of software that you can download for free on various platforms, such as Mobile devices, macOS, Linux, and Windows. Users commonly use this site because the site has over 100,000 pieces of software, and users can have some options when selecting free software. In the platform, there are free software and trial software. You can choose the one you want to suit your needs as a user.


  • The software available for download on the platform is very reliable and secure since they have editors who ensure you download software with no risks involved.
  • The site offers over 100,000 software for free and trial version software.
  • In the platform, we have a comment section where software users can give out their experiences by leaving out reviews and rating the software downloaded and used.

8. Download.io

Download io Overview

If you are searching for a secure website that will provide you with downloading cracked software, then Download.io is the site you should look for. The site is famous for many users since the site offers a section of top–quality cracked software. You can also access some giveaways software the site provides to users on the software menu.


  • There is no need to register your account details so that you can access the cracked software of the site. This makes the site convenient for users to use the platform.
  • Easy to navigate and use the website.

9. Softpedia

Softpedia Overview

Are you looking for an encyclopedia website of cracked software? Then Softpedia is the right platform. You can access over 1,000,000 available downloads with a minimum of 100 software added daily. With the vast software available on the website, users have been provided a wide range of options for downloading software. The downloads available on the site are compatible with various operating systems, such as Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux. So, if you are looking for software, applications, games, or any other resources, Softpedia is the site you can consider using. The options you have for downloading are either downloading the software in its original form or downloading it through a developer link, and it's up to you to prefer which way you want.


  • The website offers free download of software to the users.
  • A wide range of over one million free applications is readily available for users who want applications software for their drivers, smartphones, Linux, Windows, and Mac.

10. Sharewareonsale

Sharewareonsale Overview

When you begin to access the Sharewareonsale website, first, you will need to register on their website and sign in using the email address you had used before while registering on the site. After signing in to the website, an activation code will be sent to the download page. Use that code when you want to activate the downloaded cracked software, and it will eventually install on your device.


  • The quality of Android and IOS apps downloaded are of high quality.
  • The flexibility of the website is easy and quick to navigate as it offers programs compatible with common operating systems.

11. FileHorse

FileHorse Overview

FileHorse is a website that offers a fast and straightforward way for a user can download a free software version of the Windows operating system. This site originated from Dubai and assists users in quickly locating the software they want, and the new software and apps are of high quality. The site also has many categories provided, which assist users in accessing the software.


  • The site offers the latest software version, which is of high quality and released daily on the platform.
  • The process of downloading the software is fast and straightforward in various operating systems like Windows and Mac.


NINITE Overview

Ninite is a software offering a collection of essential programs that users can use on their computers. It is also given the flexibility to choose a specific program that you want to download a convenient installer. Using this site, the user can customize their selection by picking up the preferred program and continuing to download an installer containing the chosen programs. With just one click, you can quickly install and update your program. When downloading, don't worry about spyware or malware because the site is safe for any software. Some of the downloads you can find are Discord, Chrome, Spotify, WinRAR, GIMP, 7-Zip, Audacity, and many other programs.


  • There is real-time monitoring of the downloaded and ongoing downloads of the program.
  • The customization process is easy when using the software.
  • The software has an integration of third parties.
  • The software portal is user-friendly, which makes it easy for a user to navigate and use it.

13. Major Geeks

Major Geeks Overview

Major Geeks is another vital website that hosts a wide range of top-notch applications available for free download. Before a user downloads any app, the site has some publishers who validate these apps' legitimacy, safety, and reliability. Doing this ensures that every website user is well protected from untrustworthy apps. This website was founded in 2001, and its primary goal was to ensure users get the top 1% of safe and visitor-tested downloads. The total number of downloads available on the site is less than 10,000, which means for every user, you should download only the best and safest website.


  • The website interface is simple and user-friendly for any user.
  • The apps to be downloaded from this site are of high quality.

14. Crackzoom


Crackzoom is another website that offers cracked software download for users to their PC; some software you can access on the website are AutoCAD, Adobe CC, MS Office, and Microsoft Office 365. Despite having these software apps for download, be cautious when using such software on your devices since it may pose a security risk to the user.


  • No sign-in request is needed to download any software of your choice.
  • Security risks of the usage of the software are not that threatening because the software is free from malware and virus.
  • The library has limited software, but users can still access some.

15. Get Into PC

Get Into PC

Another widely recognized popular platform for accessing free cracked software is Getintopc.com. This website is very convenient for users as it provides direct download links, where users can acquire software effortlessly. They are over 200 categories of software available on the site, and you can search for software that caters to your specific needs.


  • The website provides instructional support on installing specific cracked software on your PC. The steps are easy to follow, and you don't need technical skills to manage the installation process.
  • Easy accessibility of the website has made users navigate the website with no difficulties as software is grouped into different categories.
  • The website user interface is friendly, and there is a search bar where you can search for the software of your choice quickly and easily.

16. Snapfile

Snapfile Overview

Snapfile is considered one of the longest-standing websites that have existed for a long time. The site is known for offering an extensive collection of nearly every program you may want to use on your PC. What makes Snapfile stand out from the other software files is the unique feature that allows editors and fellow users to leave feedback and a rate of the program downloaded from this site. This rating system is suitable for users to make informed decisions by selecting programs with the highest rating and positive reviews.


  • Security measures of the website are ensured when users use it.
  • The website automatically updates if there is new software updated in the platform. Users can quickly be notified and install the latest updates of the software.
  • Snapfile software is highly functional and efficient, and developers are empowered to publish their compatible applications on the platform.



An additional website that is worth exploring for downloading cracked software is Filepuma. This website is similar to others, offering a wide selection of cracked software options you may want to download. The site has also shown commitment to ensuring the cracked software they host for downloads is virus-free software and files.


  • The site offers security measures to its software which are virus free.
  • It has well-organized programs that make it easy for users to locate the programs they need.
  • The browsing and downloading programs on the site are optimized to be easy for the users.


FOSSHUB Overview

FossHub is a website that provides numerous apps and programs that are free to access. The software options offered by the website are primarily from closed-source origins. Despite having closed-source programs, FossHub remains one of the valuable resources for users seeking a diverse selection of free apps and programs.


  • The download speed from the server is enhanced to facilitate a fast download of files on the website.
  • Cracked software provided by the website is safe and free from viruses or malware.
  • The accessibility of the software from the website is highly reliable as users don’t have to use other intermediate downloaders to download the software but have a direct option of downloading the software to the user's PC.

19. Download.hr

Download.hr site

Download.hr is a site that giveaways software and games that users can access for free or at a discounted price. You will find giveaways for various platforms, including Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS, when you navigate the website. More so, the website has a platform forum where users discuss giveaways and offers. If you are looking for a site to acquire software and games without incurring a total cost, download.hr is the site to look for.


  • The site has a forum where discussions are held by the users accessing the software and games.
  • It has a user-friendly platform where it makes it easy for users to search for the software they need without any complications.

20. Piracy City

Piracy City

The Piracy City website offers full download versions of cracked PC software for Windows and Mac computers. During the downloading process, the site provides activators for downloads in Windows 10 and other operating systems.


  • The site has a well-organized category of platform-grouped software for easier looking for your desired software.
  • The website's user interface is user-friendly, and you can search for the cracked software when you enter it in the search bar, and the software results will be displayed on your screen.


Q. Is it illegal to use cracking software?

Yes, it is illegal to download and use a cracked version because it involves unauthorization distribution and modification of copyrighted materials without the owner's consent.

Q. Are cracked software downloads safe?

Most of the cracked versions often pose a significant risk since they come from untrustworthy sources that you can only verify if they are genuine. You need to be cautious when downloading and installing the cracked version since some come with susceptible malware, viruses, and other security threats.

Q. Can I trust websites offering cracked software?

You should not trust a website that offers cracked software. This is because the sites usually operate outside the law, and they host software that may contain viruses or malware. To be safe with your online security, you can avoid those sites.

Q. What are the potential consequences of downloading cracked software?

You may risk severe consequences when you download cracked software on your device. Some of the consequences you can face are legal repercussions such as fines or even criminal charges. Also, the software needs more support and upgrade, which can lead to system instability and limited functionality.


Using a cracked software version is like running a separate specific program or software to bypass licensing restrictions. Even though using a cracked version of software helps you when you are on a tight budget, be aware that when caught engaging in these illegal activities can lead you to severe consequences.

Also, another risk of using cracked software is that your computer or network is exposed to virus infections and other security threats. But the popular website above is well known for offering cracked versions and can be convenient if you don't have plans to purchase legitimate software licenses.

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