9 Best Free Adobe Apps for Android & iPhone

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Adobe creative suite has one of the best editing apps in the world. These free Adobe apps can help you to edit photos, videos, and pdfs. The wide variety of effects, filters, retouch effects and music will make your media look great.

Adobe creative suite has a wide variety of free and premium apps. If you just want to use the app for personal use, the free version will suit your needs. However, if you want to use it commercially, the premium versions will suit you best.

We will share some of the best free adobe apps that you can use to make your creations stunning and pop. They are all specific to different functions. All these free apps, offer trials to ensure you get a taste of the Adobe Creative cloud applications.

Top 9 Free Adobe Apps

1. Adobe Photoshop Camera

Best real-time photo filters

Adobe Photoshop Camera

Did you know that apart from the Adobe Photoshop desktop version, there is also the Adobe Photoshop Camera? Well, there you go! It is a free photo editor with hundreds of filters. Surprisingly, the developers add new filters every week. You can only imagine the amount of editing you can do using this Adobe Photoshop Camera app.

If you like taking sky pictures, this app is definitely for you. It allows you to add meteors to the night sky, create a beautiful halo, or add neon effects to your portrait photos. Ultimately, this helps to make your photos look better and livelier. Maybe you could be the next Instagram star! Who knows?

Unlike other common photo editors, where you can’t beautify your photos after you've taken them, Adobe Sensei's smart system technology allows you to select filters and see how your photos look on the screen in real-time. That’s just fantastic, right?

Click to Download Adobe Photoshop Camera: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

2. Adobe Lightroom

Best photo color editor

Adobe Lightroom

This Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a powerful photo editor that will make your photos look stunning. Do you want to upgrade your photography skills? Why not try out this app! You will never regret it. The Adobe lightroom app allows you to capture and edit stunning images.

In addition to its great photo-taking features, it has filters that you can add to simplify your basics of photo editing skills. Additionally, you can retouch photos to make them seem flawless. You can drag filters to help improve the light and color to make beautiful images.

Additionally, crop and rotate the complex images to suit your preference. In the premium version, there are 70+ new hand-crafted presets to make your photos pop. Like most ideal photo editors, it harnesses the Adobe Sensei AI to tag and organize photos according to people or objects in the photo. You also get to share the photos easily with different people and places.

Click to Download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

3. Photoshop Mix

Easy combination of multiple photos into one

Photoshop Mix

This is one of the best Adobe photo editors. You can upgrade your photography skills using this great app! This camera app can help you to cut out, combine complex images, change colors, add filters and enhance the photos. Ultimately, once you are done, you can share your creations with your friends and family.

Do you want to merge multiple photos? Well, this app allows you to cut out, remove some sections, and merge in multiple photos. This allows you to create surreal images. You can easily adjust colors, contrast, and apply presets. If you choose the creative cloud photography plan, you get both Lightroom and Photoshop editing tools.

Click to Download Adobe Photoshop Mix: Git it on google play

4. Photoshop Express

Best photo filters and effects

Photoshop Express

This is one of the best photo editing programs in the world. It allows you to enhance, transform, and share your photos with ease. This app allows you to edit, retouch, make collages, and combine photos for high-quality pictures.

The app delivers a great selection of free photo effects and editing features. The photos will make you stand out on social media using the one-touch transformation. Get to share your worthy moments with your social network.

Additionally, this app allows you to work on a single part of the image without touching other parts. You also get to remove or replace the background with smart cutouts, add a wide variety of filters to make your photo stand out, and enhance your photo with the various photo effects

Is there an element in your photo that you don't like? Well, it’s all okay, this photo app allows you to edit it and make it perfect. The Photoshop Express also allows you to explore the color temperature, vibrancy, and other effects. You can also remove and fog to make the photo more detail-rich. Does the angle of your facial look odd? Use this photo app to change that. Additionally, remove blemishes and smooth skin for a flawless finish.

Click to Download Adobe Photoshop Express: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

5. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Best pdf reader app

Adobe Acrobat Reader

This is one of the best mobile apps that you can use to view and edit PDFs. It is one of the most trusted PDF viewers in the world. You get to store your files online and read the PDF files anywhere.

Have you been sent an online document that needs your signature? Well, with this Adobe acrobat reader, you can easily add an e-signature, and change fonts. No more worries about downloading the pdf, signing, then scanning it again.

You can either view documents through single pages or continuous scroll mode. You can use the dark mode to help save on battery, easily search, and find text fast in your PDF documents. Are you working in a team? Use this adobe acrobat reader to create and share pdfs with your teammates. You can also collect comments from multiple people in one file. This allows easy review of the documents for easy modifying of the final document.

This app allows you to edit text and complex images directly on your PDF. If there is an image, you can easily rotate it or delete it at ease. No more worries about whether you can edit pdf documents, yes you can! You can subscribe to the pro version to add more features to the adobe acrobat app.

Click to Download Adobe Acrobat Reader: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

6. Adobe Premiere Rush

Best video editing app

Adobe Premiere Rush

This is one of the best Adobe programs that allows you to shoot, edit and share videos online with ease. It is a cross-device video editor. It is among the best video editing app in the creative cloud suite. The powerful tools it possesses allow you to quickly create videos that look professional. Once, you have created your video, you can share it easily with people.

Additionally, it allows you to use hundreds of soundtracks, sound effects, music, animated titles, overlays, and graphics. You can also crop videos and customize them to share in the different social applications like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and much more. This application can be used to edit online videos.

The app allows you to effortlessly create pan and zoom effects for the images and video with just one click. Your video will pop well! Fortunately, you can use Adobe Sensei AI technology for sound balancing and auto-ducking.

Click to Download Adobe Premiere Rush: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

7. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Best graphics app

Adobe Illustrator Draw

There is the Illustrator desktop version, and Adobe Illustrator Draw mobile app. This editing app allows you to create vector artwork with different images and drawing layers. Did you know that this app allows you to zoom to make more edits? Yes, it does. You can also use it to add text, change to beautiful fonts, and add different visuals.

You can get everything you need from this amazing app! You won't regret using it at all.  This app is more focused on specific tasks. It is most commonly used by artists, illustrators, and graphic designers to make logos, icons, and infographics.

Click to Download Adobe Illustrator Draw: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

8. Adobe XD

Best for prototyping web and mobile apps

Adobe XD

This is a unique vector-based UX tool for prototyping web and mobile applications. You don’t create the web app on the app but simply visualize its interface. It is one of the most unique Adobe creative cloud apps.

This adobe app supports sophisticated design systems, vectors, pixel screens, advanced tools, design systems, and symbol libraries. It has one of the best intuitive tools and the ability to create interactive prototypes. This app allows you to compile all your common design elements. You can choose a subscriptions package to get more features of  this Adobe XD app.

Click to Download Adobe XD: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

9. Adobe color

Best app for adjusting colors

Adobe color

This is one of the best applications for adjusting color in images. It allows you to create color palettes easily directly through your phone’s camera. You will need to focus on something and the app will automatically create the color palette from whatever is on the screen.

On the app, you can easily modify any of the colors on your palette. The Adobe Color CC is an excellent complementary tool for Adobe Photoshop users. It is easy to master, operate, and use with many additional tools. Additionally, use the color wheel to know which colors match together.

Click to Download Adobe color: Git it on google play


There is always the issue of security when downloading applications. If you download these apps from the right link, you will get the best! No more worries about viruses or malware that can easily affect your computer. Make sure to only download from credible Adobe sites.

All these apps are free to use, but if you want more powerful features consider choosing a suitable subscription. Whether you are amateur users or advanced users, these Adobe Creative Cloud applications will provide solutions to your creative work.

All the best in your video, photo, and pdf editing!

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