10 Free Ad Blockers 2023 – Remove Ads & Popups Now!

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It is prudent to start with free ad blockers before subscribing to paid ones. That way, you have an opportunity to test the reliability of the ad blocker before paying for it.

It is extremely difficult to find a website that does not have some ads. You can imagine how boring it can get navigating a page that is full of advertisement content. Sometimes these ads are traps by hackers and online scammers to lure internet users.

Remove Ads & Popups

The moment you click any of these ads, they re-direct you to another page that you never intended to open.  Other ads come with malware and other viruses that can damage your device. The best way to get rid of ads is by using ad blockers. Fortunately, you can use free ad blockers to make ads not pop out as you use the internet.

10 Best Free Ad Blockers to Remove Ads & Popups

The following are some of the free ad blockers that you can use to surf the internet smoothly.

1. Poper Blocker

Poper Blocker

This is an amazing tool for blocking ads and pop-ups. The blocker comes in the form of a plugin that is compatible with both Chrome and Firefox browsers. People who have used it in the past, for private and commercial purposes, have rated the tool highly. The good thing about Poper Blocker is that it not only blocks pop-ups and ads but also suspicious websites. The ads and pop-ups are removed automatically but you have to right-click websites that you do not intend to block.

The good thing about Poper Blocker is that it is available free of charge. You do not need to sign up for an account or even provide personal information. However, you should understand that the tool could collect user data from its users.  The owners of the Poper Blocker should update it regularly to make sure it is effective.

2. NoScript


NoScript ad blocker works on Firefox only. It is effective more as a script blocker than an ad blocker. You do not have to worry about scripts loading on your web pages because NoScript blocks all of them. Some of the scripts that you can block with No Script include Java, Flash, JavaScript, and other plugins.  You can as well change the settings of the blocker and accept some scripts. The good thing with this tool is that it can block even the most aggressive ads as long as they are not video ads or auto-play ads.

The fact that NoScript is only available for users of Firefox makes unsuitable for users of other browsers. It means that you need to install the Firefox browser in your device if you want to use this ad blocker. Its default settings are a little bit strict users should adjust so that they can surf the internet smoothly. The developer should also improve the AdBlocker so that it can be effective on aggressive advertisements and video content.

3. Stands Fair AdBlocker

Stands Fair AdBlocker

This tool works on the Chrome browser only. You can block all types of ads and pop-ups with Stands Fair AdBlocker. However, the tool appreciates fair advertising and it encourages its users to whitelist some ads when browsing the internet. This is among the most effective tools for blocking all types of ads in all platforms including ads on YouTube, ads on Facebook and autoplay video ads.

4. AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate

This open source ad blocker is popular among internet users because of its efficiency and usability. The tool can block all types of ads and pop-ups that appear when you open a web page. The blocker is compatible with the Chrome browser and you can even check the list of the blocked ads and probably unblock some of them.

One of the key challenges of AdBlocker Ultimate is that the developer does not update it regularly. This means that it lacks some advanced options that can improve user experience. The fact that the ad blocker does not support other browsers, except Google Chrome, also makes it unsuitable for many users who do not like Chrome.

5. Opera Browser

opera browser tools

The Opera browser comes with an all-inclusive ad blocker that you can use without installing any plugins. The platform is one of the fastest browsers and you do not have to worry about the speed of accessing the internet.

All that you need is to turn on ad setting and you are good to go. The good thing about Opera ad blocker is that that it comes from a reputable company that is committed to enhancing user online safety and security of the users. The adblocker from Chrome also works in the Chrome browser.

The good thing with Chrome is that its ad-blocking ability goes beyond basic adblocking. It works better than most of the paid ad-blockers available in the market. The IP-filter option enables users to manage the type of browser that they want to block and those that they want to accept.

The developer should make the ad blocker more powerful so that it can block all pop-ups and advertisements. Nevertheless, it is one of the best free ad blockers available in the market.

6. Trustnav AdBlocker

Trustnav AdBlocker

This tool from Andorra doubles as an ad blocker and antivirus. The antivirus option comes at a fee but it is currently unavailable. However, the ad blocker option is available, free of charge. The tool is compatible with the Chrome browser.

The good thing about Trustnav AdBlocker is that it is very easy to set and use. You do not need to be an IT expert to download, install and use the adblocker. Everything is simple and effective as long as you use a Chrome browser.

The only major problem this Ad Blocker is that it comes with limited setting options. This means users have limited freedom to customize it depending on individual needs. In terms of functionality, Trustnav highly effective and it has an easy user interface.

You can easily turn the adblocker or off, choose to block all ads or some ads and even get alerts. In general, the blocker in reliable because it blocks al ad except for some outplay video ads.

7. AdLock


AdLock is a reliable ad blocker that you can down and install in your device free of charge. The tool is available as a browser plugin, and as windows and android tools that you can use to block ads on apps. The ad blocker is a powerful and effective tool for blocking aggressive ads. More so, the ad is easy to use and comes with a user-friendly interface.

For an instant, you can use it to block autoplay video ads, pop-up ads and ads on YouTube among others. You can also use the tool to ‘whitelist’ ads that you do not want to block. In general, AdLock is a superior ad blocker for use in Android, Chrome and Windows devices.

8. Ad Blocker Genesis Plus

Ad Blocker Genesis Plus

This is an effective ad blocker is effective with the Chrome browser. The tool uses the same technology as other ad blockers but its user interface is slightly different.  The ad blocker is suitable for simple ad displays and not large and aggressive ad displays. Ad Blocker Genesis Plus is compatible with the Chrome browser. Some of the unique features that its users enjoy include ‘block element, button, removal of tracking code for privacy and easy whitelisting button.

9. uBlock Plus Ad Blocker

uBlock Plus Ad Blocker

This adblocker comes with additional third-party filters that enable users to enhance their online safety and privacy. It also has an advanced setting option that enables users to customize their content filters. The good thing about uBlock Plus Ad Blocker is that it can stop all ads, although it struggles with aggressive ads.

You can choose the type of advertisement that you want to allow using uBlock Plus Ad Blocker. The ad blocker is useful to parents who would want to control what their children watch by blocking videos programmed to play automatically.

Its interface is not user-friendly, especially for people without an IT background. More so, users of the blocker have limited control over the settings toggles. The fact that uBlock Plus Ad Blocker is compatible with Google Chrome only also limits users who would like to use other browsers.

10. AdGuard

AdGuard pop-up

AdGuard is an amazing and reliable pop-up and ad blocker. Its plugin is capable of blocking most of the advertisement adds, even those that other blockers allow passing through. Its ‘inverted white list' enables users to change websites from white list to blacklist whenever they want to do so. The free version of AdGuard is as effective as the paid version. The good thing with this tool is that it is compatible with all popular browsers. You can use it on Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Safari among others.

AdGuard needs to clarify features that are available on the free and premium versions. Some users are confused about whether to subscribe to the paid version or use the free one. The developer should improve the ad blocker so that it can be able to block self-promotional ads.


Internet users can use free adblockers to block aggressive advertisement ads. That way, they can browse the internet smoothly. Blocking ads and pop-ups also enhance the online security and privacy of internet users.

The ad blockers listed above are very effective and you may not need to look for a paid AdBlocker.

However, it is worth noting that some of the free ad blockers are compatible with specific browsers. You need to look for an ad blocker that matches your online needs and the browser you use to access the internet.

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