How to Find Apple ID By Phone Number [5 Methods]

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Have you ever felt shut out of your Apple ID account because you forgot your password? It can be a stressful process, especially if you have sensitive information or purchases associated with your Apple ID. But do not worry; a workaround involves utilizing your phone number to retrieve your Apple ID.

If you depend on the services offered by Apple for many facets of your digital life, forgetting the password to your Apple ID can be inconvenient. Fortunately, Apple has implemented a quick and safe way to get back into your account by utilizing your phone number as a recovery option.

In this step-by-step tutorial, we will walk you through the process of regaining your Apple ID with your phone number. This tutorial will assist you in recovering control and guaranteeing the security of your Apple services, regardless of whether you have misplaced your password or believe that your login credentials have been compromised. Thus, if you are having trouble recovering your Apple ID, continue reading to learn how to restore it quickly and easily.

What is an Apple ID?

What is an Apple ID

iCloud, iTunes, the App Store, and other Apple services and products may be accessed and used with an Apple ID, a unique identification number. You may experience a seamless and integrated experience across many devices with it, acting as your digital passport into the Apple ecosystem.

Your Apple ID is associated with your payment information, password, email address, and other personal data. As an entry point, it lets you simply and safely access and control your Apple products and services.

You can sync your files across devices, download apps, buy digital content, customize your device settings, and connect with other Apple users via FaceTime and iMessage. You can also back up your data to the cloud using your Apple ID.

In addition, the security and privacy of your Apple ID are greatly enhanced by it. You can use it to activate two-factor authentication, which protects your account from unwanted access and guarantees you are the only one with access to your data and Apple devices.

As a means of gaining access to a vast array of digital content, services, and connectivity within the Apple ecosystem, an Apple ID is an essential tool for any user of Apple products.

Getting your hands on an Apple ID is simple and free. Several devices can be used to obtain an Apple ID, such as:

  • iOS devices: Go to Settings > Sign in to your iPhone/iPad > Create a new Apple ID.
  • Mac: Go to App Store > Sign In > Create Apple ID.
  • Windows PC / Web browsers: Go to the official website for Apple ID, then create a new one.

NB: Whatever option is used to ensure successful creation, you will need personal information, a strong password, and a legitimate email address.

The Reasons Why Your Apple ID Is Locked

The Reasons Why Your Apple ID Is Locked

Before you unlock your Apple ID, you must first determine why it was locked in the first place. This will educate you on future best practices to prevent Apple from locking your ID. The following are some potential explanations for your Apple ID being locked.

  • Incorrect Password: If you or another person enters your Apple account password incorrectly too frequently, Apple may lock your account. Your Apple ID may be locked for this reason.
  • Incorrect Security Question Answers: Incorrect security question answers may also cause your Apple ID to be locked if you have repeatedly provided them.

In summary, you risk Apple locking your account if you submit false information about it too frequently on your devices or the Apple website. How can an Apple ID be unlocked using a phone number? Study the ensuing sections to discover the tried-and-true methods.

How to Find an Apple ID by Phone Number

Are you trying to locate an Apple ID using their phone number? There are several techniques you can try if you need to validate an account if you've lost your Apple ID. This post will examine several methods for utilizing a phone number to locate an Apple ID.

Method 1: Contact Apple Support

Contact Apple Support

Your first action should be to contact Apple Support if you are having trouble using your Apple ID and require assistance. They can assist you in finding your Apple ID by using the linked phone number because they have access to the relevant databases and resources. They can help you with the procedure and offer any verification measures required to guarantee your account's security.

Method 2: Use the Find My App

Find My App

The Find My app might be a helpful resource for finding your Apple ID if available on your device. Launch the application and log in using your Apple ID details. After logging in, you may access the “Me” tab to view the details of your Apple ID, including the phone number linked to it. With this method, you may use your iPhone to find your Apple ID without help.

Method 3: Check iCloud Settings

You can also locate your Apple ID by looking through the iCloud settings to see if you can connect to an iOS device or a Mac that is signed in with your Apple ID. To access iCloud on iOS, navigate to “Settings,” tap on your name at the top, and then choose the option. Select “iCloud” from a Mac's “System Preferences” menu. Your Apple ID and the related phone number will be displayed in both situations. This is a convenient method if you have an Apple device close at hand.

Method 4: Check iTunes or App Store Settings

You can locate your Apple ID by looking through the settings of these apps if you have used it to make purchases on iTunes or the App Store. Navigate to the “Account” area of the iTunes Store or App Store app on iOS. Open iTunes on a Mac, then select “Account” from the menu bar. In both situations, you can see your Apple ID and the related phone number. If you utilize these services on a daily basis, this strategy is incredibly beneficial.

Method 5: Use Two-Factor Authentication

You can locate your Apple ID by verifying your phone number if you have activated two-factor authentication. Enter your phone number when asked for verification, and Apple will show your Apple ID. This is a safe and practical option for users who have previously enabled two-factor authentication on their accounts.

Try these techniques to locate an Apple ID by phone number. Keep in mind that it's crucial to protect your Apple ID information at all times. If you need help finding it, contact Apple Support.

Note that depending on your circumstances, Apple's privacy and security policies may affect which solutions are available. Share personal information with caution at all times, and take the appropriate precautions to keep your Apple ID secure.

With these techniques, locating your Apple ID by phone number is simpler. Best of luck!

Why would you need to find an Apple ID by phone number?

find an Apple ID by phone number

In various situations, locating an Apple ID by phone number might be helpful. The following are some scenarios in which you might need to use a phone number to find an Apple ID:

  • Account Recovery: You might need to locate your Apple ID using the related phone number if you need to remember your password or Apple ID and cannot access your account.
  • Device tracking: Using Apple's Find My function, you can monitor and retrieve your iPhone or iPad if lost, stolen, or lost by locating the Apple ID associated with the phone number.
  • Family Sharing: To add family members to your iCloud family group and share purchases, pictures, and other content, you might need to locate the Apple ID linked to their phone number while putting up Family Sharing.
  • iCloud Activation Lock: If you buy a used Apple device and run into the iCloud Activation Lock, you can work with the prior owner to remedy the issue by locating the Apple ID associated with the phone number.
  • Managing Parental Controls: You can monitor your child's restrictions and screen time limits by locating their Apple ID using their phone number. This is useful if you are a parent or guardian wanting to manage your child's device and Apple ID.

These are only some situations where you need to find an Apple ID using its phone number. This information is crucial for security, troubleshooting, and efficient account and device management with Apple products.

Method 1: Contacting Apple Support

Reaching out to Apple Support is one of the easiest ways to locate an Apple ID by phone number. You can get the help you need from Apple Support, which is open around the clock, to obtain or validate an Apple ID connected to a particular phone number.

You can go to the support part of Apple's website to contact them. You can select from several choices: live chat, calling scheduling, and callback requests. Choose the option that most closely matches your requirements and provide the required information, such as the phone number for which you require Apple ID help.

Representatives at Apple Support have extensive training and expertise in all aspects of Apple goods and services. To guarantee the security of your Apple ID, they will lead you through the required procedures and confirm that you are the rightful owner of the phone number. This method lets you easily and quickly locate the Apple ID linked to your phone number.

It is crucial to remember that to verify your identity and ownership of the phone number; you can be asked for specific personal information while calling Apple Support. This crucial security feature has been included to safeguard your Apple ID and guarantee that only people with permission can access the account.

You can be confident that you will receive expert help from the company when you contact Apple Support. They know how to smoothly walk you through the procedure, regardless of whether you have forgotten your Apple ID or only need to verify the ID associated with your phone number.

Method 2: Using the Find My iPhone feature

If you are an iPhone user and can't find your smartphone, use your phone number and Apple ID to find it with this helpful function. A component of Apple's iCloud service is the Find My iPhone feature. When you activate this feature, you may use your iPhone to lock or play a sound and track its location remotely.

To utilize this feature, your smartphone must be previously set up with Find My iPhone connected to your Apple ID. Furthermore, for the functionality to function correctly, your iPhone needs to be online.

Here is how to use the Find My iPhone feature to locate your Apple ID by phone number step-by-step:

Step 1: Launch a web browser on a PC or another iOS device and navigate to the iCloud website (

Step 2: Enter your Apple ID and password to access your iCloud account.

Enter your Apple ID

Step 3: Various icons for distinct iCloud services will appear after logging in. Select the icon labeled “Find iPhone.”

Step 4: The locations of your devices are shown on a map on the Find My iPhone page. To choose the device you wish to track, utilize the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

Step 5: The map will display its location if the gadget is online and connected. The map controls allow you to navigate and obtain a more precise position by allowing you to zoom in or out.

Find My iPhone page on iCloud website

Step 6: Find My iPhone offers more possibilities if your smartphone is lost or stolen. You can even completely delete the device's data if the need arises. You can also activate Lost Mode, which locks the device remotely and displays a personalized message.

Step 7: Utilizing the Find My iPhone feature, find your device and then take the appropriate steps to safeguard or retrieve your data.

It's crucial to remember that location services must be activated on your smartphone to use the Find My iPhone feature. The feature might not function correctly if location services are turned off or the device is offline.

Using this approach, you are advised to contact Apple support if you have problems or need help locating your Apple ID.

Method 3: Using third-party tools

Using third-party tools

Consider using third-party software made especially for this purpose if you have tried all the previously listed approaches or are searching for a more effective way to find an Apple ID by phone number.

Phone number lookup services are available on some websites, letting you check details about a specific phone number, such as the related Apple ID. Large databases are used by these tools to swiftly and precisely retrieve the needed data.

The “Find My Apple ID” service is well-liked; it specializes in finding Apple IDs via phone numbers. You must input the phone number for this tool to produce a report that, if it has one, includes the associated Apple ID. Remember that using this kind of service can necessitate paying for a subscription.

Websites that perform reverse phone lookups are an additional choice that can assist you in tracking down an Apple ID via phone number. These websites compile information from multiple sources and offer thorough reports that include details about the phone number owner, including name, address, and email addresses connected to their Apple ID.

It's crucial to remember that although using third-party programs to look up an Apple ID by phone number can be helpful, their information might only sometimes be correct or current. As a result, verifying the outcomes using different techniques or speaking with Apple Support directly is advised.

Ensure you investigate and select a trustworthy service that puts user privacy and data security first before employing any third-party technologies. Understanding the platform's privacy policy and user evaluations can give you essential information about the tool's reliability and validity.

Only share vital information on reliable websites after using caution, as this risks your privacy and security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I find an Apple ID by phone number?

You can indeed look for an Apple ID by phone number. With Apple's “Find My iPhone” feature, customers can use their Apple ID or phone number linked to their Apple ID to find their iPhones. Please be aware, however, that this tool is not expressly made for identifying Apple IDs; it is primarily meant to locate devices.

Q. How do I find an Apple ID using a phone number?

Use your phone number to look for an Apple ID by doing the following steps:

  1. Visit the official Apple website and navigate to the Apple ID account page.
  2. Select “Password or Apple ID forgotten.”
  3. Type the phone number linked to your Apple ID here.
  4. Comply with the guidelines to confirm your identity.
  5. You will get a phone call or an SMS with a verification code to finish the process. You can get your Apple ID back once it has been validated.

Q. What if I can't access the phone number linked to my Apple ID?

Should you be unable to access the phone number associated with your Apple ID, you may attempt the following methods:

  • To change your phone number and reset your password, use a reliable device currently logged into your Apple ID.
  • For additional help, get in touch with Apple Support. They could ask for other details to confirm your identity and assist you in getting back into your Apple ID without using the original phone number.

Q. Can I find someone else's Apple ID by their phone number?

No, using a phone number to locate someone else's Apple ID is impossible. Since Apple values privacy, it does not offer a direct way to obtain another person's Apple ID by calling their phone number. It is improper to access someone's private information linked to their Apple ID without the permission of that individual.

Q. Are there any alternative methods to find an Apple ID?

Yes, there are a couple of other ways to locate your Apple ID besides using your phone number:

  • Using an email address linked to the Apple ID: To retrieve your Apple ID, go to the Apple website, select “Forgot Apple ID or password,” and enter the email address linked to your ID.
  • Using the Find My app: You can find and access your Apple ID details using the Find My app if you have access to a device signed in with the same Apple ID.
  • Getting in touch with Apple Support: If you need help with the suggested techniques to retrieve your Apple ID, getting in touch with Apple Support can help.

Final Thoughts

In some circumstances, locating an Apple ID by phone number might be helpful. There are ways to help you, whether you need to retrieve your Apple ID after forgetting it or you are looking for someone else's Apple ID.

Locate your Apple ID via the Find My iPhone function or the official Apple website. Request assistance from Apple Support for help if you need to locate someone else's Apple ID or use third-party businesses that specialize in doing so. But keep in mind that privacy is vital, so while trying to find someone's Apple ID, ensure you get permission and abide by the law.

Access to critical accounts and guaranteeing a safe digital existence can be made possible by becoming proficient in locating an Apple ID by phone number. Remember that while discovering or gaining access to someone's Apple ID, you should always protect their privacy and adhere to the law.

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