10 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools to Analyze FB Ads

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Do you want to have an insight into your competitor’s Facebook ad campaigns, but you don’t know? This article has got you covered. This article provides you with the best Facebook ads spy tools to help you spy on your rival ads campaign and boost your revenue inflow.

To increase revenue and ROI from advertising investments, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketers utilize Ad Spying Tools. Affiliate marketers and Internet marketers alike use these tools to spy on their rivals’ PPC advertising campaigns and learn how to outperform them.

Brands can employ the right tools when they require unique data from competitors’ Facebook advertising campaigns. The market for Facebook ad spying tools is crowded, and several products boast they are the finest. But before businesses can utilize any of these technologies, they need to choose what metrics and insights they want to glean from their advertisements.

Companies using Advertisements Spy Tools need to know exactly what they want to achieve by doing so. This might be anything from discovering the most successful banners and pre-landing pages to learning what content to include in their ads to boost sales conversion rates.

Don’t forget that certain Ads Spy Tools will allow you to grab the ads’ artwork from other companies’ Facebook pages. But it’s not a good idea to steal and utilize them. In today’s hyper-connected world, a brand’s CTR and conversion rate might be hit if consumers suspect it plagiarizes Creatives or Ads designs and content.

1. Anstrex


  • Price: 99 USD (for Anstrex Push), 59.99 USD for (Anstrex Native), and 124.99 USD for (Push + Native)

Though it may be a Facebook Ad Spy Tool, Anstrex is a sophisticated ad intelligence platform designed to spy on Push and Native Ads. A successful campaign relies on various ad formats, affiliate networks, and traffic sources, so even if you don’t utilize them all, it’s still important to know about them.

Spying on affiliate advertisements is easy with this tool, and the built-in filters let you find the gold in your rivals’ techniques. Any landing page can be downloaded in minutes and edited using Anstrex’s in-built landing page editor.

Why I like this tool: When it comes to spying on your rivals’ campaigns, Anstrex is a one-stop shop. It has a wealth of functions that let CPA marketers and affiliates quickly identify high-quality traffic sources, identify the most successful creatives, and study market trends.

2. ConnectExplore


  • Price: Begins at 197 USD (one-time payment)

Wilco De Krej, a Facebook Ads marketer, came up with ConnectExplore to take things in a new direction when making profitable Facebook advertising campaigns. ConnectExplore’s uniqueness lies in that it discourages users from mimicking the strategies of their rivals.

Instead, I will be focusing on a bundle that provides a variety of complementary tools to streamline and improve your Facebook advertising efforts.

I like this tool: It’s exciting to discover a novel method for using Facebook Ads that allows you to get insights into your competitors’ ad strategies. The software’s core functionality consists of its capacity to discover previously unrecognized audience potential and its layering feature, which enables you to zero in on a motivated audience that spans various interest groups.

3. SocialPeta


  • Price: Begins at 59 USD monthly

There are presently more than 200 million creatives in SocialPeta’s database, representing a wide variety of businesses such as ad networks, nations, the Web (Brands and eCommerce), Non-Gaming Apps, and Gaming Apps.

More than a hundred thousand clickable advertisements allow you to locate hot new content in seconds. Downloads and earnings statistics for up to 60 days, as well as regional and country-specific data, are just some of the outstanding ad intelligence information you’ll discover here.

Why I like this tool: SocialPeta makes brand analysis simple, allowing you to quickly find the most influential businesses across social media and learn how they’ve gained their status. You can also see keyword trends and bidding data for campaigns, in addition to a study of the app store for over half a million applications.

4. Adsova


  • Price: Begins at 69 USD monthly

Adsova, like many others on this list, is an advertising intelligence tool that can be used to learn about and mimic the advertising methods of your competitors. The UI is well-designed, and the search filter works effectively, so it’s simple to look through competitors' advertisements.

Adsova has a number of filters and audience segments to choose from, but its best features are its top-level navigation choices. Advertisements in all formats (mobile, post-browser, and desktop) that are now running on Facebook can be found using a news feed ad search.

Why I like this tool: If you’re a marketer interested in seeing how the platform works for you before committing to a monthly charge of any kind, you can do so using the platform’s 1 USD free trial option for five days. It has several cool features that aren’t offered anywhere else, and the monthly fee is cheaper than many of the other rivals on this list, making it a good choice for beginning marketers on a budget.

5. AdSpy


  • Price: Begins at 149 USD monthly

With AdSpy, you can quickly discover and analyze the advertising efforts of your niche rivals. It is a behemoth database, with over 80 million advertising from over 13 million advertisers in 88 languages and 198 countries. Additionally, it has top-notch search filters that let you zero in on the campaigns of your rivals with pinpoint accuracy.

Explore advertising on Instagram and Facebook and refine your search using powerful filters to reveal information such as the advertiser’s daily likes, ad kind, landing page URL, comments, text, and so on.

Why I like this tool: If you’re an affiliate marketer, you’ll love this tool since it lets you easily monitor the sales processes of your rivals by searching by an affiliate network, affiliate ID, or offer ID.

6. AdPlexity eCommerce

AdPlexity eCommerce

  • Price: Begins at 149 USD monthly

If you’re a professional marketer who wants to go beyond social search and evaluate competition campaigns for eCommerce, then AdPlexity is the solution for you. It has robust filtering options and is a helpful resource for keeping tabs on what other affiliates are doing in marketing. Advertisers’ other campaigns can be located, and you can examine competition efforts down to the level of network and monitoring.

Why I like this tool: Affiliates that want to keep ahead of the curve definitely might benefit from this technology. It’s lots of useful functions, and it has a huge library of ads to choose from that cover every conceivable traffic source. Affiliate marketers can now focus on their strengths and quickly develop effective campaigns.

7. Dropispy


  • Price: Begins at 29.90 EURO monthly

As a dropshipper, you understand how crucial it is to keep ahead of the curve. Dropispy is a cutting-edge app that spies on your e-commerce rivals’ advertising strategies. This data can help you fine-tune your advertising efforts for maximum success. In reality, AdSpy is the company behind the Dropispy service. However, this one is written specifically for those who own online stores or engage in dropshipping.

Why I like this tool: DropISpy stands apart from the competition because of its specialized capabilities for the dropshipping industry. You can use the feature known as “Shop Spy” to see a ranked list of the best online dropshipping retailers so that you can analyze their offerings and marketing strategies. You'll be able to identify the best-selling items and implement them in your business.

8. SocialAdScout


  • Price: Begins at 127 USD monthly

You’re going to enjoy the targeting choices that SocialAdScout provides. Inside the search engine results pages itself, you’ll discover a plethora of filters with which to conduct your searches, as well as in-depth targeting choices and live creatives with which to engage.

Millions of adverts from 21 different nations are included in every imaginable format and updated in real-time. Tracking software like Voluum has a nifty function that allows you to spy on affiliate programs by focusing your search on certain redirections.

Why I like this tool: When it comes to researching the marketing insights choices of one’s rivals, SocialAdScout is the best alternative for online marketers. An essential part of any effective Facebook Advertising campaign is a thorough understanding of your target audience, and this tool gives just that.

9. PowerAdSpy


  • Price: Begins at 34.30 USD monthly

PowerAdSpy is a social advertisements spy tool that provides a comprehensive analysis of each ad, including the ad’s landing page URL, the time and date it was last seen, and the number of social shares and engagements it received. As a bonus, you can use this program to spy on not just your competitors’ Facebook advertising but also on Quora, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, Google Display, and Google Ads.

Why I like this tool: You can narrow down your search for highly relevant results for your campaign by using the options provided. I really like the call-to-action feature, which shows you exactly what marketers want you to do to make a sale.

10. Madgicx


  • Price: Begins at 479 USD monthly

If you want to learn all there is to know about your advertisements on Google and Facebook, then utilize Madgicx. You can use this program to monitor your ad campaigns and adjust them based on real-time data.

Why I like this tool: This tool is efficient when it comes to providing in-depth audience data analysis and in-depth Facebook ad insight.

Benefits of Facebook Ads Spy Tools: Why You need to Use them

Benefits of Facebook Ads Spy Tools

Using Facebook’s ad spying tools, you’ll be able to see the big picture in terms of advertising and get a deeper insight into the details of your campaign. Tracking the campaigns of your rivals allows you to learn which landing pages they’re employing in which geographic regions, as well as examine the content of their sales sites and the caliber of their customer support.

In a nutshell, they put you ahead of the game because you can dissect your rivals’ strategies in great detail and use that knowledge to develop an approach that is equivalent to theirs but more effective. Marketers can learn from the successes and failures of others, as well as the current trends, to inform their own strategies and develop distinctive approaches that will help them carve out a niche for themselves.

Knowing how to analyze and improve upon rival efforts is a certain way to beat the competition and can even lead you to ideas for new products or designs you had never considered. You can see how well various types of content perform on ads, what sorts of calls to action and links your competitors are using, and how engaged their audiences are. Having access to all of this information is a huge boon to your own marketing.


Q: What makes Facebook Ads so appealing to companies?

Among the primary explanations for this is Facebook’s ability to reach a much broader demographic than other channels.

Q: Is it free to use PowerAdSpy?

Yes, it is. With PowerAdSpy, you can easily monitor and learn from the Facebook advertisements of your competitors at no cost.

Q: How do I spy on Facebook Advertising at no cost?

To do so, you can make use of PowerAdSpy, as it is considered the best Facebook ad spy. It is a social media ad monitoring tool that details social activity, last view date, landing page URL, targeting options and each ad’s creative.


Using Spy tools, it’s much simpler to create successful Facebook advertising campaigns. They are helpful resources that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as monitoring the competition or generating new ideas and approaches. Although initially, the cost of spy equipment can appear high, it will prove to be well worth it. Affiliates, like everyone else in the advertising industry, need to adapt to the changing landscape by using the most cutting-edge techniques and technology.

When used properly, Ads Spy tools are very effective resources for cutting down on advertising expenditures. However, it is essential to learn from the ideas and strategies of others without plagiarizing them. People just starting out should prioritize choosing low-cost or no-cost options. While they can be lacking in certain aspects, they are nonetheless beneficial for learning the basics of the program. You can always upgrade to more costly goods with more features as your expertise and skills grow.

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