Emus4u App Installer Download for iOS devices to Get Free Apps and Games

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Download Emus4u App Installer to get the iOS tweaked apps, games without jailbreak your devices, this tutorial will guide you to get Emus4u on your devices.

emus4u icoEmus4u, a third-party installer app, presents itself as the perfect tool to install modified and advanced apps and features in your iPhones. In the wake of disappearing jailbreak options, it is getting more and more difficult to install Cydia which was being used till now. Emus4u is the newest option which is full of app files for iOS devices including modified ++ apps like Snapchat++ and Instagram++ and a plethora of other options.

I am sure this must have got you excited to get this amazing feature on your device. To find out how to Download Emus4u in your device, read on the post below. Before start downloading the app on your device let us know you, why to download Emus4u and is it safe?

Why Download Emus4u

The below listed are the top reasons you should download Emus4u on your iOS devices.

  • The reason to download Emus4u has simply compensated the unavailability of Cydia access on your iOS devices. As you don't get any available jailbreak tools to use the customize apps on your iOS devices Emus4u is here to provide you with a number of Cydia contents.
  • All the apps and games get updated on a regular basis and it is very easy to download and install with following some simple steps.
  • You can fix any kind of error issues in a minute as well.
  • It occupies very less space on your device.

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Is Emus4u Safe:

As I have mentioned earlier whether using Emus4u is safe for your device, as you know once you have jailbreak your device you cannot claim any free service from Apple.

But, here using Emus4u you don't need to be worried as it does not use your Apple ID that means your privacy is safe and at the same time, it uses the Configuration Profile to install it on your device, which is actually generated by Apple developer account itself.

In that scenario, we can say it is 100% safe for your device. Now, let's get into the way to download it on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Download Emus4u

There are many ways you can download Emsu4u but we are showing you the most convenient one as per your requirements.

Configuration Profile Installation:

  1. Open Safari browser on your iOS device.
  2. Go to the page Emus4u Download.
  3. Look for the Configuration Profile Link, tap on it.
  4. Now go through the step by step Installation process on it.
  5. Once Installed go to your device Home screen.

How to Fix Emus4u Errors

Once Emus4u is installed on your iOS device, it might not start working immediately, you need to go to

Settings > General > Profile and Device Management > Tap Trust on the Emus4u Configuration certificate

All set and your Emus4u is ready to provide you the apps and games installation from the list.

How to Stop Emus4u from Crashing

It is no news that Emus4u is not an official app by Apple and so Apple doesn’t consider it valid to be used on their devices. As a result, Apple revokes the certificate to run it after some time of installation. This might lead to the app not working after a week.

In that case, you are left with no choice but to keep re-installing the app. To put a complete stop to this issue, you can install a VPN which keeps your certificate safe and Emus4u app continuously running on your device.

Most Popular Emus4u Apps

Emus4u packs so many app files to choose from. This part of the posts enlists two such files among the most popular and downloaded ones:


Airshou was one of the best free screen recorders that Cydia had to offer. After not being able to use Cydia any longer, users had to find different ways.

But with Emus4u, AirShou which is one of the most efficient screen recorders among all is back in business. Utilizing very little of device’s resources, it records at 1080p at up to 60fps. Its incredibly easy usage makes it one of the most sought-after app.


Snapchat++ is a modified advanced version of the official Snapchat app which offers extended features that are not included in the stock app. With Snapchat ++, you can spoof your location and increase your record strength. Besides, you can apply in-app customizations as well.

Instagram ++

Instagram is well known to everyone now as it got 800 million users and still counting every day, but some tweaked and customize feature is not there on the official Instagram. What you can do to use the customize feature is to install Instagram ++ which will give you more data about your followers and how they are interacting to your post.

Pokemon Go+

Everybody knows about Pokemon Go, in this game you have to move with the GPS to grab Pokemon, but in the advance feature Pokemon Go Plus or + you don't need to move to catch Pokemon.

You may be like, Other AR games alternatives to Pokemon go.

Emus4u bring the customized Pokemon for your iOS devices, if you are looking for Pokemon Go+ then try Emus4u to install this game to enjoy catching Pokemon without moving.

Emus4u Alternatives

If Emus4u doesn’t satisfy your hunger, then you can try one of these other options available.


AppValley is unique from Emus4u in the sense that it does not only house of apps and games but provides the user with the complete range of tweaks, apps, modified games, and apps.

Read more: Apps like AppValley to download cracked App & games for Free!

You can also find a lot of premium apps which are paid in the App store for absolutely no cost at Appvalley and off course without needing to jailbreak.

Cydia Impactor

IPA files can be downloaded on your iOS device by using Cydia impactor. These are unofficial files that Apple will not sign as valid ones, including the most recent jailbreaks. Cydia Impactor works with Windows and with Mac operating systems as well. It is one of the simplest apps to use and follow.


The absence of jailbreak and Cydia does look like a limitation at first but with so many options getting available, it has become pretty simple to experience the same features that Cydia had to offer. These app installers act like a panacea for users who always like to have a little more than usual. Do try Emus4u and let us know what you think of it.

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