17 Best Sites to Download Movie Subtitles for Free

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Subtitles are essential when you are watching foreign movies, series, documentaries, and TV shows. Additionally, the subtitles help those with hearing impairments to understand the plot of the movie.

It may be frustrating when you realize that a film you wanted to watch doesn’t come with the necessary subtitles. This is also crucial when the specific language used doesn’t favor you.

It is crucial to get subtitles from reputable sites to ensure no virus will get into your computer. The subtitles also make you get a better overview of the movie and enjoy the flow. If you are impaired or having hearing issues, subtitles will give you a great watching experience.

1. OpenSubtitles


Open subtitles is an ideal website that is packed with many subtitles for different movies. It has a forum where you can ask various questions and get relevant answers. Even if a movie, film, or documentary was just released recently, you can still get its subtitle from there.

It has over 5924397 subtitles and more than 110 language support. Additionally, you can add your subtitles. It has one of the largest multi-language subtitle databases. There is no registration needed to download. Additionally, it can act as a subtitle server for the subtitle sites.

2. Addic7ed


This is another ideal website where you can get subtitles for TV shows and movies. Are you worried about the latest movie? Worry no more! It has a forum where you can get answers to various questions and updates.

You can search for subtitles for the latest and most downloaded releases.  The subtitles are always updated daily and if you have some subtitles, you can also add them to the site to make other users get access to it. If you have a premium account you can even get notifications on upcoming TV shows.

3. Podnapisi


Talk of the best subtitle provider! This is an ideal subtitle site where you can download as many files as you wish. On the homepage you can see the latest subtitles, most rated subtitles, most commented on subtitles, most downloaded subtitles, and much more.

The site has subtitles for over 61, 205 movies and 7416 series. They also have 101 languages in the database. They pay attention to the hearing impaired so that they can enjoy the movies as well.

4. YIFY Subtitles

YIFY Subtitles

YIYF subtitles feature subtitles from different genres. These include movies, sports, horror, news, animation, thriller, music, documentary, biography, and much more. You can’t miss out on your favorite genre of show.

It also features the latest movies, hence you can know what to add to your movie list. Unlike most subtitle sites, this one gives a bit of information about the specific movies.It is simple to use the site to download subtitles, safe, and piracy-free.

5. Subscene


Subscene offers subtitles for different movies, TV shows, and documentaries from all over the world. Additionally, it has a forum that offers the best advice on how best to download the subtitles and solve the different technicalities.

If you have subtitles not present on the site, you can also add them to the site easily with a click. It has a very fast response time. If Subscene is blocked in your area due to copyright issues, consider using a proxy or VPN.

6. Subdl


This is a credible subtitle site that you can use to get movies, TV shows, video files, and music subtitles. It is a highly credible site that won’t make you feel unsafe.

On the site, you can search for specific subtitles and popular movies. The homepage is straightforward to ensure you get nothing but the best. It supports over 100  subtitle languages.

7. Tvsubs


This is one of the best sites where you can get subtitles for different TV shows and TV series. You can get the subtitles in multiple languages.

On the website, you can see the latest subtitles, most downloaded subtitles, and top TV shows. It has a large database of subtitles that you can browse through effortlessly.

8. Moviesubtitles.org


Just like theTV subtitle website, this one is an exception. It mainly features subtitles for movies and TV films in multiple languages. Once you download it, it comes as a compressed folder, and you will need to unzip it.

You will use the least effort while searching for a specific movie in the search bar. It has over 22783 movie subtitles and 127662 overall subtitles. What more could you ask for? If you are a movie fanatic, this is the best film for you!

On the homepage, you can see the latest subtitles, top movies, and most downloaded subtitles. Incase you have an issue, you can always write it out in the feedback section.

9. Subtitle seeker

Subtitle seeker

This is one of the best sites that you can get popular movie and series subtitles. You also get a preview of what the movie is all about. This can even help you to know whether you will download the movie and upload the subtitles.

Just imagine a website that provides the latest films and subtitles in different languages. It is easy to navigate through the website to get a variety of subtitles.

10. Downsub


This is another ideal website that offers different subtitles. Downsub is a free web application that you can use to download subtitles directly from YouTube, VIU, Viki, Vlive ad much more. If you want to upload, it supports SRT, TXT, and VTT formats.

While using it, you won't need to download any third-party software or extensions. You can simply input the video URL in the searchbox and download various subtitles. For a start, you will need to paste the video link and click the download button. Remember to select the subtitle format and language that you want to download.

11. Movie Subtitles


This is one of the best sites that you can use to download movie subtitles. On this website, you can search for movies, shows, or series depending on the time the movie was released. This makes it easier to find a specific movie.

It supports TV series, Tamil movies, and Hollywood movies. There is also a review section where you can read about the latest movies. You get more information on what the movie is all about. Hence, this will make you the judge of whether you will look for the movie or not.

12. Sub-DivX


This is another site where you can get amazing subtitles for films, series,songs, and TV shows. The default site is in Spanish but you can change it to your preferred language.

It also allows you to upload subtitles for the various shows. However, ensure they are legit to provide other users with the right subtitles and not malicious content. Additionally, you need to login to upload a subtitle.

13. English subtitles

English subtitles

This is another great site with readily available movie subtitles. You can get movies, TV shows, and series subtitles based on the various episodes.

On the mainpage, you can see a list of different movie subtitles. The subtitles come in a wide variety of languages to suit the audience.

14. Isubtitles


This is another ideal site where you can get various subtitles for movies, series, or TV shows. On the site, you can see updated movies, recent updates, and much more. It is simple to search for a certain movie and find the respective subtitle. On preview, you can see what a certain film is about. This will make you decide whether you would want to look for it and download its subtitle on the site. Moreover, if you already have the specific movie, search for its subtitle only.

15. Subtitles hub

Subtitles hub

Have you ever heard of subtitle hub? It features different subtitles for movies and TV shows. Moreover, you can convert a YouTube video to MP3. On the main page, you can see the latest movies and popular movies.

This is one of the largest multi-language movie subtitlesiteon the web. It has a strong search function that allows you to get the best movie in real-time. The subtitle search can be performed for various languages simultaneously.

You can also choose according to genre, rating, or release date. The subtitles are free, virus-free, and ready to use. It features 3772753 subtitles and 356170 movies.

16. Subs4free


This is another great site where you can download a wide variety of subtitles. It is straightforward and you can search for any film you like. It also provides information on the latest films and other reputable sites that you can use to download subtitles.

Ultimately, you can get the latest subtitles, movies, tv-series, and games subtitles. What more could you ask for? It mainly has Greek and English subtitles.

17. Bollynook


Are you looking for Bollywood subtitles? This is the most ideal site for you.It features Bollywood movie subtitles, Bollywood song lyrics translations, and various celebrities information.If you are an Indian film admirer, this is definitely for you. Not only can you download but also share the translations for various films.

18. Digital digest

Digital digest

This is another straightforward site in which you can get a wide variety of subtitles. It features the latest news, guides, software, trailers, and much more.

There is also a forum where you can talk to the different movie lovers and get the latest about various films. You can search by simply inputting text on the search box. It even allows you to search for subtitles on different websites.

How to add subtitles to a movie

VLC is one of the best software you can use on your computer to watch movies, documentaries, music videos, series, or TV shows. It works perfectly on Windows and Mac.

This is how to add a subtitle to a movie in VLC:

Step 1: Download the zipped subtitle folder from any of these sites.

Step 2: Copy the subtitle folder into the movie folder.

movie folder

Step 3: Open the movie using VLC.

Step 4: On the top menu bar, click on “subtitle”.


Step 5: Click on “add subtitle”.

add subtitle

Step 6:On the folder choose the language that you want for the specific episode.

choose the language

Step 7: Now you can watch your film with the subtitles on.

Enjoy your movie

Once everything is in place, prepare some popcorns and start watching your film. It is that easy to download subtitles and add them to the film.

However, always be wary of the kind of files you download from the internet. All these sites are credible, but you still need to be extra cautious. Have a great watching experience!

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