Domestic Robots: Built to Make Your Life Much Easier

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A domestic robot is a type of service and autonomous robot software that is mainly used for household chores such as cleaning your house, vacuuming, mowing your lawn, and may also be used for entertainment. Most domestic robots are connected to WIFI home networks which makes them autonomous to a high degree.

Home Robots that will Lighten your Domestic Chores

Robot software is currently carrying out most of our household chores and they are currently available for very specific tasks like cleaning the pool. The following are amazing ways in which the robots are helping in our homes:

  • Litter-Robot: The Litter robot is built with a sensor that knows when to change the cat litter which is the most dreaded task in the house.
  • Floor Cleaners: Most floor cleaners are able to clean carpets as well as wooden floors and because of their small height they can clean under your cabinets and sofa. Modern robot software is able to adapt to the surface they clean and can overcome obstacles like doorsteps.
  • Swimming pool cleaner: A swimming pool needs to be cleaned frequently and with cleaning robots like Nitro Wall climber and Aquabot they are able to drive across the bottom of the pool and clean it.
  • Lawn Mowers: The advancement in the lawn robot software is able to effectively cut your grass regularly and the frequent cutting keeps the grass in perfect condition.
  • Telepresence: The telepresence is new in the domestic field and it is controlled by a web browser. It is able to see what is happening at home and have conversations as though you are right there.
  • Window cleaner: Window cleaning robot software is able to clean and leave your windows sparkling by using Artificial Intelligent controlled routes and automatic ultrasonic sprayer.
  • Grillbot: This robot software does all the dirty work of grill cleaning in minutes by roaming independently around your grill surface giving it a deep clean.
  • Robotic Crib: The robot software is fitted with a small camera that can give parents a live feed in case they want to check up the sleeping baby giving the baby and parents an easier sleep pattern. The crib has motion sensors that help detect when the baby is crying.

Benefits of Domestic Robots

Robot software for home use automates the tasks you do on a daily basis and if you get busy or bored by the repetitive chores you can purchase a domestic robot. The following are the benefits associated with having domestic robots.

Domestic Robots

  • A domestic robot has the prime benefit of making life effortless especially for nursing mothers who need more time with their children rather than spending all their life vacuuming or cleaning dishes.
  • Robot software has a voice-activated smart hub for removing your favorite pizza from the oven and spreading the sauce without a glitch.
  • Robots can play with your kids as well as provide assistance to kids with autism by enabling them to learn social skills.
  • Robot software has a hub with which you can control all the lights at your home and also turn them on or off according to an automated schedule.
  • Domestic robots have the ability to help the handicapped operate and serve as companions for the elderly for example Elliq is a robot software and personal assistant for the elderly.
  • Employing domestic robots can provide personal security by using cameras that are self-automated which are able to take pictures and videos to aid in deflecting any intruders.
  • A Robot software that can cook has the program to reproduce the skills and expertise of a human cook by preparing and cooking your favorite food.


Household robots will definitely change our lives by taking boring and repetitive daily chores that take up a high percentage of our most valuable family time. Domestic robots that can handle this tedious manual jobs are the solution for our homes, especially with our current busy schedules.

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