5 Reasons to Include Blogging into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Most businesses don’t understand the importance of blogging. Here’s why an Effective blog is a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy.

Many brands are constantly on the lookout for ways that can increase their sales and revenues. Blogging is often overlooked, as it can be quite time consuming. You might think that it’s too late to start a blog but in truth it never is too late if you have a good strategy. Many people do want useful quality content, and with your brand blog, you can meet the demand. Read this article to learn how you can benefit from making blogging a part of your marketing strategy.

Blogging into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

While a blog can serve as a great and successful marketing channel for a company, blogging is actually quite a tough job in terms of content creation and its optimization. Luckily, you can rely on stock photography websites as a cost effective source for visuals. Stock photography also saves time spent looking for images or producing them on your own. Check out carefully selected photo collections for non-stocky and artistic images.

5 Reasons Why Blogging Is an Important Part of Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Get More Organic Traffic

website Organic Traffic via blog

If you create a blog and update it regularly, more and more people get aware of your business. Search engine optimization can work very efficiently with your blog in terms of organic and referral traffic.

Your website might not be updated so often, but with a blog, you can regularly post well optimized articles that will help you get the traffic and new clients. You can learn about optimization even if you are a solo entrepreneur or can’t afford to hire a specialist.

2. Boost Your Brand Image

Brand Image promotion

A brand blog with useful and valuable publications can really improve your brand image. First, you can make a statement as an industry leader when you share your knowledge in well written blog posts.

Second, you can provide value for your clients with your blog articles, offering them your expertise, helping them learn something new, or simply entertaining them. Clients do appreciate when a brand has a more personal  approach to their communication.

3. Connect with Your Clients

communication with Clients via blog

Your brand blog is another way to connect to your current and future clients. When your blog readers find the posts you share useful and appealing, they might go to your social media profiles and website to make a purchase. As an example, think of a law firm that has its own blog with legal advice and articles for their clients.

Many people would research legal topics before they decide to visit a lawyer. If they stumble upon your blog while searching and your post or article answers their question, there is a high chance they will want to contact your company for additional services.

4. Use Blog Data to Better Social Media Targeting

Social Media Targeting vai blogging

A blog gives you opportunities to improve your efforts with social media marketing. Your brand blog on WordPress or a separate blog-building platform can serve as a valuable source of information. You can see and analyze how your visitors act when they visit your blog, what they search for and click, and how long they spend on your platform.

There are many online tools you can use to analyze your website. Opt for free Google Analytics if you don’t want to pay, or subscribe to Ahrefs to get advanced SEO statistics and analytics on keywords. This will help you personalize promoted posts and content and target more precisely on social media.

Most platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, let you choose a variety of options when you set a targeted post, so you will surely be able to implement the data you receive with your blog.

5. Evergreen Content You Can Re-Use and Update for Your Needs

Evergreen blog content

It’s a tough job to write longreads and create enough content to regularly update your brand blog, especially if your company works in complicated fields of finances, law, or medicine. You might need a whole team of copywriters when your marketing activity grows. However, once you create your post, you will have an opportunity to share it on all of your social media platforms and even reshare it from time to time.

You can reshare your publication after a month or even half a year if it’s still relevant. As a pro tip, try to come back to older articles and posts on your blog and optimize them for search engines, since Google’s algorithms tend to change with time. This makes your business blog an interesting marketing channel. With it, you have a chance to create something that will live way longer than social media posts.


Starting blogging as a brand is a great way to make your digital marketing strategy stronger and more effective. A blog can bring you new clients and help you establish a more meaningful, trusting relationship with your target audience. It makes you look professional as a company and allows you to create content that works for your marketing needs for quite a long time.

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