Protecting Your Business From Data Breaches in 2021

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In these days and age, cybersecurity is one of the high priorities for every business. Indeed, even a single hacked account can jeopardize the stability and normal functioning of the whole company, not to mention aggressive and well-thought-out cyberattacks able to ruin a good reputation and dwarf the revenues.

Even though no entity is immune to a data breach, every responsible business owner has to implement a set of preventive security measures intended to reduce the risk of attack and minimize its eventual negative consequences.

If you feel that there is still enough space for improvement when it comes to cybersecurity in your company, here is what your business needs for efficient data breach protection.

What Is A Data Breach?

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In a word, a data breach is an incident that resulted in confidential, sensitive, or otherwise protected information being stolen or taken from a system without the authorization of its owner.

What is the most sought-after data for the geeky attackers?

Well, everything they can turn into money, from credit card numbers and details of bank accounts to trade secrets and even matters of national security. Plus, all kinds of customer data, the larger, the merrier.

The Right Time To Think Of Data Breach Protection

Many business owners are so much focused on the performances and growth of their brainchild that they forget about security risks or simply think their company is not endangered. Well, until one day they become victims of attackers.

If you want to avoid unpleasant surprises that can cost you dearly, follow the example of people who were well-aware of the threat from the very outset and didn’t waste precious time.

For instance, Robert B., an owner of a successful small business in Salt Lake City explains that cybersecurity and data breach protection were hot topics for him already during the process of setting up an LLC in Utah and that such an early start is the main reason he enjoys peace of mind today.

Bonner adds that newly-minted entrepreneurs shouldn’t ignore numerous benefits of getting an EIN (Employer Identification Number) since it prevents business owners from having to give their social security numbers to suppliers or lenders, which significantly reduces their identity theft risk.

What Businesses Are At Higher Risk Of Cyber Attacks?

While many people think that hackers are only interested in such giants as eBay, JP Morgan & Chase, or Yahoo, the truth is business of every size can become a victim, if people who run it have failed to develop a sustainable protection strategy and introduced certain security measures.

So, the answer is there is no rule because, over recent years, the world has witnessed a multitude of cyber attacks targeted absolutely different businesses, from adult websites and social media platforms to really small companies with a pretty modest client base.

Key Elements Of Data Breach Protection

Now, let’s take a look at the most important elements of data breach protection, every business owner should implement to make sure, sensitive info won’t end up in the wrong hands.

Naturally, a lot depends on the size and nature of your company but the entries below are a must even for the smallest enterprises.

Strictly Controlled Access To Data 

Make sure that only authorized employees can access certain data. It’s not that some of them will have a desire to steal important info but employees are the easiest way for cybercriminals to enter your system.

Take advantage of role-based access control to optimize data usage and minimize eventual leaks.

Educated Employees

Do not underestimate the importance of a well-trained and educated workforce because often huge mistakes are made by employees who simply didn’t realize they put at risk the entire network by clicking on an email that contained a virus.

Instruct your staff on how to identify a potential threat and what to do in each situation.

Data Backup

This one seems to be a no-brainer but you’d be surprised to know how many small companies do not care that much about eventual data loss.

There is no dilemma – hosting data on backup servers is a must, all the more so, it can be lost also due to a power outage or human error.

24/7 Network Monitoring

If you want to take the security of your system to the highest level, being able to detect the potential threat as soon as it appears, the entire network must be monitored round-the-clock.

That means you will need an IT team (yours or outsourced) to monitor it remotely and address eventual issues instantly.

Network Monitoring

As you can see, the risk of data breaches can be significantly reduced by implementing pretty uncomplicated yet incredibly effective security measures.

Take advantage of this multi-layer approach and do not forget that it’s of utmost importance to start thinking of data protection from day one.

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