15 Best DaddyLive Alternatives: Get Free Sports Streaming

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Discover the top 15 alternatives website to DaddyLive that will offer popular streaming sports live events on their platforms. When exploring these sites, you will find a wide range of live sports events from different sports such as Soccer, NBA, UFC, tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Rugby, and many other sports. The quality of these streaming sites is high-quality that you will enjoy when watching.

For every sports lover who loves to stream sports events online, you may have known or heard about the DaddyLive application; if not, we will gladly introduce it to you. DaddyLive is a comprehensive platform that provides live streaming of various sports events, which include Winter sports, Rugby Union, and Ice Hockey.

The site has over 120 live TV channels that you can go around and look for your favorite sports and channels. Using this platform makes the live streaming process easier than before. If you need extensive information about matches, which includes venue details and a direct link to the live stream DaddyLive is the website to consider.

You can imagine the frustration you can get if you don't have a streaming site to watch your favorite match or if the streaming link you are using is blocked. Therefore using DaddyLive will help you, especially if you are interested in watching Live Soccer, Live Cricket Online, Live Tennis, or Cycling Streams Soccer. The site is very important as it covers a wide range of sports and provides a platform that caters to everyone's sporting preferences. How cool is that!

Another thing why DaddyLive is loved by many users is because it offers high-quality live sports streams in which viewers are satisfied with what they see and enjoys the viewing experience. Since the site has a user-friendly interface, users will easily navigate the main screen as they find their desired sports at their corresponding time.

In this article, we have compiled a list of several DaddyLive alternatives that will help you explore additional options for watching live sports.

Let's check out these 15 best platforms that you can use as an alternative to the DaddyLive site, and you will find some similar features like Sky Sports, EPL STANDINGS, Live broadcasting, viewing streaming Online, and Sky Sports Football UK.

1. BossCast

BossCast Overview

BossCast.net is one website that can't miss from this list, and it is a widely recognized live sports streaming website where users of different sporting events can watch the sports at any time and on any device they possess. The site offers a comprehensive selection of sports coverage estimated to be over 130 top streaming channels for users to watch.

It is a website similar to DaddyLive because it is an alternative option for sports streaming. You can find various Categories of sports on this site, such as Football, hockey, Soccer, WWE, Boxing, and many others.

One promising feature you will notice when using BossCast.net is its commitment to improving the scheduling system and providing an organized and up-to-date schedule for every sporting event. This site ensures users don't miss out on the daily sporting event by scheduling them on the site so that no user should miss their favorite games or matches.

2. FuboTV

FuboTV Overview

FuboTv is another alternative for the Daddylive website, which is a dedicated online platform for live match viewing and enjoying DVR live sports and TV channels over the internet. This platform stands out from the other sites because it leads in sports streaming and internet TV service. The primary focus of this platform is to showcase channels that provide international soccer coverage, along with other sports, games, news, and entertainment content.

If you try to access FuboTv as a user, you will be satisfied as the website offers a wide range of streaming options that you can use. However, the FuboTv website is a United States-based website that targets people living in the US, and it cannot be streamed in other countries.

For instance, if you are in a different country, not the US, you will receive a notification on your screen indicating that the content is currently unavailable, which can be frustrating to any viewers.

3. Crackstreams

Crackstreams Overview

Cracksteams is a free online platform that offers streaming services that mainly focus on its coverage of the NBA seasons, where the site provides links to live streams of NBA games. You can also use the site to watch other sports like Crackstreams NFL, MMA, DaddyLive UFC, and even boxing events. This platform is also an excellent alternative to the DaddyLive site, and users can access live streams and updates for their favorite sports.

When you navigate the website, you will see it has a user-friendly interface that users can easily go through the sports category displayed and find the desired sports streams. If you are a fan of UFC, NFL, MMA, Boxing, and NBA, this is a site you should bookmark and a good alternative to the DaddyLive site.

4. StrikeOut


If you are looking for a reliable streaming site where you can be able to watch live sports, strikeout is a great option and also an alternative site for the DaddyLive website. A strikeout is a popular streaming site where you can watch any sports game of your choice which is happening currently (Live game). The site has over 2000 sports channels making it comprehensive for users to access and provide different games to people of different sports.

Viewers using the Strikeout site can watch corresponding matches from their location since the site has enabled them to overcome geo-restrictions. Being a free streaming site, strikeout has a user-friendly interface where users can navigate all the sports displayed on their screen.


LAOLA1 Overview

Laola1 is a highly regarded website that offers to stream sports events and has a wide range of video games displayed on their live time event. The site has a vast platform that entails all sports events. Every passionate sports enthusiast will have a place on that site. The numerous live channels display clips shown in video streams from the world, and many fans will be sorted out in their choice of sports they want and enjoy the game.

One advantage of the LAOLA1 site is that it offers its content for free in many countries, and users enjoy high-quality live streams and highlights from multiple sports channels. LAOLA1 is another alternative site that can be used if you are a true sports lover and want to access sports events that are in demand.

6. SonyLIV

SonyLIV Overview

If you are fun of soccer and looking for the best streaming site where you can fully access soccer games and watch them without any limitations, then SonyLIV is the best site for you. Apart from soccer, SonyLIV also offers other live-streaming office events like the UFC, TENNIS, MotoGP, NBA, cricket, and the WWE, which is also a good alternative for the DaddyLive site.

Some countries may be affected by using this site because it is blocked, and for you to access the site, you can use a VPN that will hide your location when accessing the site.

7. Footybite

Footybite Overview

Footybite is a free sports streaming website that stands out from the rest and doesn't require any form of registration process so you can access the site. The website is designed mostly to offer sports-related information, such as real-time online ratings. Also, it focuses on discovering and aggregating links to websites where users can watch their favorite DaddyLive sports events, which are live. If you are a person who prioritizes accessing ratings over watching the actual video game, this is the site to bookmark.

When you glance at the website's homepage, you will note that the site has a friendly user interface where users can easily present all the essential information. When you look at the right side of your screen, it has an interaction of a Twitter feed where users are updated with the latest news and discussions related to; sports, scheduling of games, and ensuring users are updated with upcoming matches.


ESPN Overview

ESPN is another popular website that provides a wide range of sports content, including live matches, video analysis, and highlights. It is one site that fits to be one of the best alternatives to the DaddyLive website.

The unique thing about ESPN is that it primarily focuses on American sports like basketball(NBA), baseball, and American Football. Due to the emergence of new sports like MMA and UFC, the site has also extended to cover the sports live events to cater to a broader audience who are fans of those sports.

The ESPN website only offers free content for highlights and analysis videos, whereas for live matches, you must pay a subscription fee to access the live match. So whenever you want to subscribe, you can log in using your existing television/cable subscription credentials or purchase a streaming subscription directly on the website. You will now be officially granted access to the live sports events.

One benefit of using ESPN is that it is available on multiple platforms, including PCs, Macs, Android smartphones, and iPhones, ensuring it targets every sports lover and can conveniently watch live matches with no issues.

9. NFLbite

NFLbite Overview

If a DaddyLive site needs to be fixed on your side, the top alternative site you can try for accessing live sports is the NFLbite site. Using this website, you will discover it offers numerous live streams that mainly focus on NFL sports, including various sports teams, leagues, and games. Once you enter the website, you will observe the user interface of the website to be user-friendly and provide a seamless streaming experience for any sports lover who has a glance at the site.

Another feature you can observe is the existence of sports-related images, which creates an engaging visual experience for every user who has interacted with the site. Also, on the website platform, there is a section dedicated to only NFL, making it easier for fans to access the live broadcasts.

10. MyP2P

MyP2P Overview

MyP2P website stands out as one of the top alternatives of DaddyLive, offering free sports streaming sites with a vast selection of sports content. If you love sports and watching their live events, this is a site you can bookmark because the platform is a good one for hosting sports events.

The site's features are also excellent as its user interface is user-friendly, where browsing is made easier, and the streaming experience is also wonderful. You can imagine how you can be frustrated if you are on a site o streaming and you cant load well the live events but with MyP2P, the films, and sporting events load smoothly, and users can quickly access the content they want.

Furthermore, the website has an interactive feature where sports lovers can discuss and exchange information with fellow fans from different parts of the world. This means the site also promotes social elements in the streaming experiences with the users and allows them to connect like peers in sports.

11. StopStream

StopStream Overview

Sports enthusiasts seeking to watch live sports events should check on the StopStream site, which offers valuable resources for live events. It is one of the top site websites, which is an excellent alternative to the DaddyLive site, and it has a wide range of sports channels that can be accessed by the user any time they want and in any location.

The site offers a user-friendly interface with a straightforward design and dark-colored layout, where users can easily navigate the site when accessing their favorite sports channels, which are normally updated to the latest events. Expect to enjoy streaming sports events when using StopStream.

12. CricFree

CricFree Overview

Users' most common inquiries about CricFree are mostly about how safe it is or if it is still functioning. CricFree is still a top streaming site that continues its streaming purposes and considers user safety when accessing it. Don't worry about how secure the site is because it is a legal sports streaming website that protects users while accessing their favorite sports events on the platform site.

CricFree has proved to be an ideal site for many since it comprises numerous categories and services available for all users regarding their geographical location. Due to its good reputation worldwide, it is a suitable alternative for the DaddyLive site, making it a reliable platform where users can enjoy live sports events.

13. Feed2All

Feed2All Overview

Feed2all site is among the top sites that allow live streaming of Football and other sports. It also offers live channel watching at a free cost. If you are a die-hard fan of Football, then feed2all is the best site since you can watch many live matches and other games.

This website also ensures that all their live streamings are uninterrupted. The site has partnered with the best live sport streaming platforms and networks worldwide. Once you click the main page of feed2all, you can view all the live matches being played globally.

Visit the feed2all link to watch Football and other interesting sports such as tennis, rugby, basketball, baseball, boxing, and many more.

14. VIPBoxTV


VIPBoxTV is a fast-growing sports live-streaming website with a wide range of sports coverage where users can access the site to watch their live content. It is one of the best alternative websites for DaddyLive since it offers comprehensive live events with regular updates. Therefore all the live content you will see on the site are latest, and you will be happy with the experience you will get with the site.

The site covers over 33 sports events where users of different preferences will get sorted with what they want to see from anywhere in the world. Most users love using the site as it offers diverse content unrestricted to many countries and is a reliable website for many.

15. Batmanstream

Batmanstream Overview

Batmanstream is an online free sports streaming site that focuses mostly on offering diverse, exciting sports, including the: NBA, rugby, NBA, Football, NHL, and many others. If you want to see unseen events or want to get to know about some sports feeds, you will get them in Batmanstream. Initially, the site was once known as Dracula, but it changed to Batmanstream.

If you visit the site, you will get updates on sports events after every 15 minutes, so there is a lot the site offers, especially the latest sports events. Also, there are categories of games where it can be easy for someone to search for their favorite games; for instance, in soccer, you can search for various leagues such as FA Cup, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, La Liga, Copa Brasil, Serie A and many other leagues. Other sports you can also look at the site in their categories are such as Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Handball, Tennis, Rugby, NFL, Volleyball, Football, and Motorsports.


There are many alternative sites available for the DaddyLive website that can offer you Live streaming of sports events that will be reliable and easy to access. The 15 websites listed above are top-rated sites that most users have used and got satisfaction from their offers, and I recommend them to any sports lover seeking a live-streaming site. Take your time and select the best website you feel will cover your needs and enjoy every sport events without worries about your secure internet connection.

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