CS: GO – Things You Should Know About

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CS: GO was released a decade ago, and it has been a popular first-person shooter since then. It requires skills, strategy, and teamwork for victory. If you're new to CS: GO, here are all the details about this popular competitive game that you need to know.

Objectives and Gameplay

It is a shooting team that features two teams. One team consists of terrorists, while the other team features members of the counter-terrorist force. According to game modes, various objectives are available. These objectives include planting bombs, defusing bombs, holding the base, etc.

The objectives will differ according to game modes. The gameplay is very detailed, and you won't get bored very easily.

Game Modes

Game Modes

Various game modes are available to choose from in Counter-Strike. Compared to all the game modes, the competitive game mode is the most popular mode. In this game mode, you will be playing against thirty other players. Casual and deathmatch mode is also available, where two teams of five players are available. If you have enough players, simply create a custom room and invite other players to play with them.

There are no rewards other than ranking on the leaderboard, so nothing is at stake. You can play irrespective of wins or losses. In the game you can also buy new skins, sell CSGO skins and earn money.


Pistols, rifles, and other weapons are available in CS: GO to deal with enemies. You start a round with a pistol before eventually moving to better weapons. There is an economy here where you'll get money based on how many kills you have in a match. Buy weapons and other equipment with this money at the start of the next round. If you die, you'll lose everything and respawn at the start of the next round. Weapons are quite realistic and feature recoil, which is different for each weapon.

To withstand damage from enemies, purchase armor. Throw grenades such as flashbangs, smoke grenades, and frag grenades according to the situation. There is a tactical shield that will protect you from all the weapons in the game. The only downside of using this shield is that you can only use a pistol with it. To defuse the bomb, you'll need the defusal kit that you have to purchase separately.

When playing the bomb defuse mode, you'll need this kit, or else the terrorists will win. Grenades aren't available by default, and you have to purchase them separately from the purchase menu.



In the start, there were only eleven maps available in CS: GO. As the game became popular, new maps were added to the game, and old maps were removed. Each map in the game has a different design and layout.

One of the most popular maps in CS: GO is the Dust II map. Remember to play on all maps in the game to learn about them inside out. When playing on a new map, try to remember the position of objectives to reach them quickly. Learn about all those secret passages.

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