How to Streaming Anime Shows on Crunchyroll for Free Trial

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 Are you wondering how to get the Crunchyroll free trial and watch all your favorite anime for free? This step-by-step guide will put you through the process of getting a Crunchyroll free trial and stream any anime of your choice at no cost.

Stream Any Anime of Your Choice for Free with the Crunchyroll Free trial

In case you are wondering how you can watch your favorite anime without spending a dime, don’t worry about it much, as you can learn how to get the Crunchyroll free trial in this article. One of the best anime streaming platforms with a large library of anime is Crunchyroll. It has so many popular anime shows such as Death Note, Naruto, and so many others.

The platform makes sure you don’t have to sweat over streaming your favorite anime. It provides you with an entire world full of anime entertainment. Crunchyroll has over one thousand titles at present. What you are mostly going to love about this platform is that while it is entirely free. The only thing that might pique you about the platform is that it contains ads and pop-ups. However, you can deactivate the ads by subscribing to the monthly plan of 7.99 US Dollars monthly.


Crunchyroll is one of the anime streaming platforms that provide you with high-quality content. If you love fictional characters such as Naruto and Goku, then you should go for the premium account of Crunchyroll.

Below are the various steps you can take to get the Crunchyroll free trial.

Best Steps to Get Crunchyroll Free Trial

It is entirely easy and simple to get the free trial offered by Crunchyroll. All you have to do is follow the steps below. In these steps, you will get a detailed explanation of everything you need to know and do from the beginning to the end to get the free trial.

Step 1

crunchyroll create account

The first step to take is by visiting the Crunchyroll official website. You can click on this link to make it easier.

Step 2

Once you have accessed the website, the next step to take is to go to the web page, where you will see the price list of each subscription. After accessing the pricing webpage, you are to select the subscription plan you wish to subscribe to and get its free trial. After this, tap on the “Start Free Trial” option.

crunchyroll price

Step 3

When you are done with step 2, step 3 is all about you creating a Crunchyroll account. When you have done this, you will have to input the payment details.crunchyroll sign Up

Step 4

After step 3, you’ll be redirected to where you will need to enter your payment information, such as your billing address and name. On the payment page, you will see two payment options, such as making a payment using PayPal and the option to pay using Credit Card. All you have to do is pick the one that is convenient for you.crunchyroll paypal

Step 5

This is the last step to getting Crunchyroll free trial. After inputting your payment information, you are to tap on “Start Free Trial.” Once you have done this, you can now begin to enjoy the Crunchyroll free trial.

You can enjoy the service for free through the free trial for a period of fourteen days. There is no restriction to using this service. Also, you shouldn’t worry about whether you will be debited the subscription fee before the trial ends. The answer is NO. However, the only thing you need to do is deactivate the subscription before it ends. If you don’t remember to deactivate it, you will then be deducted the sum of 7.99 US Dollars.

Remember that all the Crunchyroll plans provide you with a fourteen-day free trial. Therefore, choose any one of you would like to subscribe to. It is advisable that you subscribe to a plan which costs 7.99 US Dollars monthly. This is because our main goal is getting the Crunchyroll free trial.Crunchyroll free trial

Crunchyroll Premium Benefits

There are so many benefits for subscribing to the premium account of Crunchyroll. You are never going to regret doing this as far as you are an anime lover. You are definitely going to enjoy the premium service. Below are the benefits you can enjoy with the Crunchyroll premium account.

more than 1000 anime titles

  • One of the benefits you will enjoy as a premium subscriber is that you will be given access to more than one thousand anime titles. What more? They are all of high quality. You will be able to stream them in complete High Definition. You will be amazed at the quality video content of your favorite anime as you stream.
  • Another benefit is that you wouldn’t be bugged with ads and pop-ups. Without a doubt, no one loves to experience ads and pop-ups when watching your favorite movie, streaming content online, or simply surfing the internet. Everyone cringes at the sight of unnecessary and unwanted advertisements. However, once you subscribe to the premium account, you are sure of watching any anime of your choice from start to finish without any glitches, ads, and pop-ups to make you go mad.
  • Lastly, this benefit is really amazing for every anime lover. Once you are a premium subscriber, you’ll have access to stream exclusive and latest programs. With this, you wouldn’t miss out on any newly released program or anime as you can now stream it in less than one hour of its release.


Crunchyroll is an amazing anime streaming platform for every anime lover. Crunchyroll provides you with quality video content for your streaming pleasure. No one likes to stream a video in a quality you wouldn’t enjoy. With Crunchyroll, you are sure of getting the very best quality as all its contents are in HD quality. With its over 1000 anime titles, you don’t have to worry about not finding your favorite anime character as it has very popular anime characters such as Goku and Naruto.

If you don’t want to cringe over glitches as you stream, it is recommended you opt for the premium account as you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming without bothering about ads and pop-ups. You will also be able to watch every latest anime in less than an hour of being aired.

Without a doubt, Crunchyroll is one of the best anime streaming platforms you can always count on. We have discussed the various steps you can avail of the free trial and stream quality anime for free for a period of fourteen days. All you have to do is follow the steps accordingly, and you are done getting the free trial in no time!

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