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There are many photo editing and enhancing programs out there, butSerif Affinity Photo is simply one of the best. This is the most in-depth review about this amazing software. Continue reading to know more about its great features.

Corel PaintShop Pro has given photographers some assurance about their work as this software boasts one of the best photo editors. For the past decades, there have been great improvements in the photography industry as more software companies start or continue to develop applications for photo editing. Corel is one of the best software companies in the world and it aims at helping photographers and designers to enhance their creative and productive skills.

Sometimes, it is not easy to get a photo editing software that will give you that special look you want in your images, but with Corel PaintShop Pro you can make photo editing as simple as possible.

Overview: Corel PaintShop Pro

PaintShop Pro is a straightforward and effective image editor that encompasses image drawing, editing, and correction features. This software provides a wide variety of editing tools that enables you to edit images, create projects, and improve the look of images with just a simple click.

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Corel PaintShop Pro Review

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Corel PaintShop Pro Review

The latest version which is Corel PaintShop Pro 2019 comes with lots of improvements and added features which users wouldn’t hesitate to explore. In this version, you would love so many features; such as its very easy interface, 360-degree photo editing capabilities, new creative tools, and faster performance. This software is ideal for both beginners and professional photographers, as its powerful tools give room for creativity and productivity. Now, let’s have an in-depth look into its powerful features, pros and cons, cost, and installation.

Pros and Cons of Corel PaintShop Pro


  • Wide range of sophisticated photo-editing tools
  • Easy to use interface
  • Less expensive than some software
  • Effective Batch processing
  • Effective Library Module


  • Does not have macOS version
  • Limited drop shadow options
  • Lacks online photo storage
  • Lacks GPU acceleration

What do I like PaintShop Pro?

The 2019 version of Corel PaintShop Pro has so many benefits for users. For those who would like to know if it is a better alternative to Photoshop, here are its great features.

Easy to Use Interface

One feature considered by photographers when opting for a photo editor is its interface. A clumsy interface makes work stressful and difficult for you, this is why a user-friendly interface is very paramount in any photo editing software. Photoshop pro’s easy to use interface is one of the benefits enjoyed by users. This interface has got effective and accessible tools you can easily work with. Also included in the interface is a video and written guide available via the welcome screen.

The 2019 version features a more streamlined and simpler interface compared to other versions; the default workspace can be customized to display any palettes and tools you desire. You can also make some changes to your font size, icons, and scrollbars. Even for first time users, they can get to know their way around the interface. Its customizable interface has various tools and functions to work with.

Various Photo Editing Tools

Various editing tools
Various editing tools in Paintshop pro

Another benefit enjoyed by users in this software is its various effective photo editing tools. These tools when properly utilized can give your image a beautiful look. By function, the editing tools are divided into groups; this makes it easy to utilize and navigate. The Edit tab comprises of editing tools that can help you achieve your aim.

The Edit tab displays the editing tools in an organized way, making it much easier to locate tools. PaintShop Pro offers a wide variety of editing tools that can perform different functions. For instance, there are different color-management tools, background removal tool, and object extractor that allows you to remove backgrounds or unwanted objects from your photos.

Another thrilling thing is that PaintShop 2019 has got more than 99 creative filters you can use to make changes to the colors and textures in your images. You can also use this software to layer images to design clear HDR images and also put images together to produce detailed panoramas. Furthermore, you can use the shadow and highlight adjustment tools to make changes to images.  There are editing tools used for removing spots, wrinkles, whitening teeth, and enhancing skin tones.

We also have the cloning layers and tools that help you make corrections to your images. With these layers, you can test filters and effects on your images without making permanent changes to the original image. There are also auto-edit options that allow you to correct your images automatically. The vector graphic tools are also included in this version; these tools can be utilized to edit both raster and vector photos.

Organizing Tools

There are scenarios where you would have so many photos.In this case, you need a good organizing feature that will help in arranging your photos. PaintShop Pro 2019 offers you a good organizational system. With the organizing tool, you can quickly tag, browse, organize, and rate your images when they are loaded into the computer. You can find the photo organizer in the Manage tab.

The built-in organizing process helps you save and manage images without stress. The manage tab is where you can organize photos in terms of places, tags, ratings, and people; this enables you to easily locate your photos. The face-detection technology is another nice feature in this software.With this feature, your images are automatically arranged and grouped in terms of the subjects in each photo. With the photo loader tool, a USB device can automatically be detected when plugged to your computer.

Image Import Tool

Import tool
Import tool in PaintShop Pro

PaintShop pro 2019 supports more than 40 file formats, most images can be imported into this software. It supports common photo files like RAW, GIF, JPG, PSD, TIFF, PNG, and PDF. This software has tools that can help the optimization of images for use on the web. During picture editing and uploading for online content, the slicer tool helps to cut photos into smaller portions which reduce the time spent to load photos.

Drawing and Painting

PaintShop Pro includes a wide variety of painting and drawing tools, which means this software is not just meant for photo editing only. You can design a photo having a textured backdrop to properly display the entire textural effects of photorealistic painting and drawing. This software has a wide variety of brushes with different customization options. This feature is ideal for freehand designers and artists who specializes more in drawing and painting.

There are three different types of art brush; these include colored pencil, pastel and oil brush. In PaintShop Pro, there are ways you select colors for your brushes, and you can design color palettes with the traditional color wheel. This feature is a beautiful thing you would like to experiment in PaintShop Pro 2019.

New Upgrades

PaintShop Pro included some new features in its 2019 version. These features include Art Media, Pic to painting, 360-degree support, faster crop tool, Enhanced 4k support, and the likes.

Art Media

The realistic Art media
The realistic Art media in PaintShop Pro 2019

The Art Media is a new feature included in PaintShop Pro 2019.This feature allows you to paint over a photo in different painting styles like oil, watercolor, acrylic, etc. This feature picks up the photo’s color underneath; with this, you can develop your creative skills for image editing.

A built-in tool is also available in this version, this helps you to paint with different brush styles and also blend colors on a digital palette.

Pic to Painting

PaintShop Pro’s Pic-to-painting

This is another new feature in this version you would love to make use of. Pic to painting is an Artificial Intelligence painting feature that offers effects that are similar to apps like Prisma, iColourama, and waterlili. You can apply these effects on your computer. Pic-to-paint helps to transform your images into art styles.

Pic to Painting

This is another new feature in this version you would love to make use of. Pic to painting is an Artificial Intelligence painting feature that offers effects that are similar to apps like Prisma, iColourama, and waterlili. You can apply these effects on your computer. Pic-to-paint helps to transform your images into art styles.

360-Degree Support

Camera support
360- degree Camera support

This is a new feature included in PaintShop Pro 2019. This feature allows you to stitch several photos together to get a virtual tour. The inclusion of 360-degree support in this software is a great move. There are new sets of cameras that can capture 360-degree images.These images cannot be edited with just an ordinary photo editor, which is why PaintShop Pro is one of the extraordinary photo editors that offer powerful features.  You can edit a 360-degree image in three ways: through the main workspace, through a specialized edit window, and by converting the photo.

The 360-degree edit window provides two functions: Remove Tripod head and Straighten. With the straighten function, you can check the straighten view on your photo. PaintShop Pro 2019 is the only photo editor that allows you to interactively zoom and pan through the entire 360 degrees of your image. In the Remove Tripod Head window, you can utilize the selection tools and also the content-aware fill, to remove visible parts of your tripod in the image.

You can be rest assured that these first two methods of edits won’t affect the image metadata, i.e. when the file is saved, you can make use of a third-party viewer to interactively tilt and pan through the 360-degree capture. Your 360-degree image can also be converted to a non-pannable photo; when this is done, that particular metadata is destroyed.

New and Faster Crop Tool

This is another new feature in PaintShop Pro 2019. The crop tool is one of the commonest photo editing tools. Even in Photoshop Elements, the crop tools are advanced; therefore, Corel has also done well by paying attention to its crop tool.

The new crop tool in this version is five times faster than its previous version. This crop tool provides you with overlays.When the crop tool is rotated, the crop box remains there while the photo alone rotates; this enables you to view the result better. There are also new options included in the crop tool.These options help you to: save a photo as a new image, apply instant effects, auto-fix, and get the depth of field.

Cost: (Is It Cheap Or Expensive?)

PaintShop Pro 2019 is a low-cost photo editor; this is seen as one of the benefits enjoyed by users.This software is less expensive than some photo editors. Corel Paintshop Pro does not need subscription payments, unlike Photoshop that has different prices for subscription depending on whichever option you choose. However, for the monthly payment of the annual plan, it costs $20.99.

You can get PaintShop Pro 2019 from Corel at $79.99 and $59.99 for the upgrade. This is not expensive for a photo editor that encompasses RAW image editing, Photo painting, 360-degree support, intelligent photo correction, photo animation, and more. There is also a 30-day trial version that goes for free.

How to Setup and Install

Step 1 : Visit and click download trial

Visiting PaintShop
Visiting PaintShop Pro’s website to download

Step 2 : After clicking “download” save at your preferred location

Saving at the preferred location

Step 3 : Select File and then click on “Run as Administrator.”

Running as administrator

Step 4 : Click “I agree to the End User License Agreement” and then next

License Agreement
Clicking “I agree to the End User License Agreement”

Step 5 : Click ‘finished’

Clicking on finished

Do We Recommend?

PaintShop Pro is a highly recommended photo editing software that is ideal for both beginners and professional photographers. This software is also great for artists and designers. It has various drawing and painting tools.With its Pic to Painting plug-in, you can choose your desired filter and also preview the effect before applying.

This software is a better alternative to Photoshop. Its powerful features are loved by photographers. Another great feature here is its 360-degree support. With this feature, 360-degree photos can be adjusted before they are uploaded. With the Auto Photo Fix dialog, you have better control and can correct lighting problems. Corel did a nice job in PaintShop Pro 2019 as it offers effective features to users.

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