Comibn Scheduler: Instagram Content Planning Tool

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Instagram is a social media platform that serves both product advisory and content uploader. It allows you to post both videos and pics. You can also upload the stories that will disappear after 24 hours.

All you need to do is create an Instagram account. People use this platform for advertising their products and for showing their extraordinary personal skills.

But just posting or explaining extraordinary features of your product won’t be enough. You have to use some particular strategy to get your media visible to a maximum number of people on this application. To attract the public, your feed and the appearance of your IG account must be attractive and appealing.

The instagram content planning tool is an Instagram organizer that uses proper planning to organize your big content, saving time and money while assuring the maximum likes and views.

Scheduler: your personal IG organizer

This app does seem simple, but it can do what seems to be impossible, providing you something that you could only dream of. Here are some features that make it extraordinary and more than enough.

Organize your posts before publishing

Organize your posts

This Instagram downloader organizes your content and provides you with a proper schedule to post and with which tags. You can get help regarding both the immediate posts as well the ones you want to watch later.

You can select any particular date and put a reminder to post any image, fleet, or video, and Combin will do the rest.

Adjust the format of your content

You can adjust the size of your pictures and can set any particular format for your Instagram videos. You can select the slide, portrait, and even the square. Plus, you can zoom at any particular area without affecting the quality of pixels.

Adjusts the location

Some people get help through the geolocations to tag certain accounts. You can also fix your location to show your content to the people of any particular area. It also suggests the hashtags and account names that drive more traffic and helps the viewer to get engaged.

You do not need to schedule your feed one by one; select many media and just put it on the reminder. Everything will be done for you without creating any mess.

Adjust the layout of your Instagram

Adjust the layout of your Instagram

One of the huge problems people have to face is the lack of a proper format that they can use to attract people. The original Instagram has only one format, and you can’t change it even if you don’t like it. Combin provides you with multipurpose layouts that you can put on your IG to make it more appealing.

Grew your fan following

Huge fan followers are beneficial for you regarding every aspect, either it is the product advertisement or getting social attention to mark your IG among the big influencers. But getting followers and likes is not a piece of cake.

Your content must be engaging and must attract the public. But sadly, these things don’t work either. Combin helps you gain the public’s attention by making your account easily recognizable on this social media platform. People can’t help but fall for your content and feed.


In short, combat is a simple yet appealing software that costs you nothing but brings you everything. You can post your fleet any time and anywhere with the surety of getting viral.

You can organize your content and can upload it often to stay active on it. Combin scheduler will save you time and will help you to maximize your fanbase.

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