15 Must Have Chrome Extensions for Marketers

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Google Chrome is an internet browser that was developed by Google Inc.

This internet browser is currently one of the most popular browsers because of its simplicity and fast loading speed. Additionally, this browser is capable of housing applications known as extensions which dramatically improve the internet browsing experience. In this article, a list of 15 must have chrome extensions for internet marketers will be shown. The list will elaborate on these extensions and will give a detailed summary of their description and use.

Google Crome Extensions

So here it goes, the top 15 chrome extensions, in no particular order. Some marketers might use one more than the others as everybody has their own way of doing things but they are all highly needed!

1. Mozbar

MozbarMozbar is an SEO Toolbar that integrates an SEO program into the internet browser. This extension tracks down the activities of the user and makes use of these activities to determine the user’s SEO metrics on popular websites. This toolbar also lets users create custom searches, highlight keywords, compare link metrics, and determine page placement. There are also other SEO tools available in this extension which would help marketers determine their website’s visibility in the internet.

To use this extension, users must first download and install the extension. After installation, users will see a toolbar on the top of the internet browser. Users will then need to navigate to their desired website and then click on one of the SEO tools on the toolbar to determine the properties of the website. By doing so, users will get an idea of how their website compares to other websites in terms of visibility.

2. VidIQ Vision

VidIQ VisionVidIQ Vision is a YouTube analytics program that gives a detailed summary of any YouTube video. This program deals with statistics and optimization data which would help any marketer improve his/her video’s performance. This program unlocks the secrets for every YouTube video’s success and provides all of the necessary information in front of the user. The user will then need to understand this information so that he/she could apply it to his/her videos. By doing so, the user’s videos are guaranteed to be given more visibility.

After downloading this extension, an icon will be placed in the top right corner of the Chrome browser. By clicking this icon, users will then find a detailed analysis of a YouTube video including its view, subscribers, and shares. Users may also click on the graph tab to show the video’s performance as time passes.

3. Momentum

 MomentumMomentum is a productivity tool that is meant to add personalization options to the internet browser. This extension replaces the “new tab” homepage with a page that the user is able to customize. Customization options include a to-do list, weather, and inspirational quotes. This extension is intended to give users a momentum on their current tasks and to prevent the opening of distractive websites such as Facebook and YouTube.

After installing this extension and giving it the necessary permissions, users will find that their “new tab” homepage will be immediately replaced. Users will then have the option to customize this new homepage by clicking on the desired elements on the page.

4. Sidekick by HubSpot

Sidekick by HubSpotSidekick by HubSpot is an email management tool which helps users get an insight on their email contacts. This extensions lets users get contact profiles of their prospective clients as well as schedule emails to these clients that will be sent on a later date. Additionally, this extension enables users to see who opens their sent emails. This will give them insight on whether or not their client is interested in their offers.

This extension is an application in itself and will be opened on a separate tab in the browser. Upon installation, users will input the necessary information on this extension and will wait a few seconds or minutes for authentication. Once the authentication is granted, users will then be able to view their emails on this extension and will be given notification when any of their emails are opened by their receivers.

5. Save to Pocket

Save to PocketSave to Pocket is an extension that enables users to save their articles and videos for offline use. Aside from saving these media, the extension would also sync them to the user’s accounts. This means that users will be able to view these media on their phones, tablets, and computers as long as these devices open the same account.

To save any page, users will first need to open the website and then click on the toolbar button or input the keyboard shortcut to save the website into his/her computer. Take note that the web page does not need to load before the saving process takes place. Users will also be able to add tags to these saved files.

6. Page Monitor

Page MonitorFrom the name itself, Page Monitor enables the Chrome browser to monitor several websites. This extension reports any changes that may have occurred to the website so that users will not have to do this by themselves. Monitoring pages is important since marketers rely on a website’s coding to determine their visibility on the internet. By monitoring a competitor’s website, users will get an edge by knowing the elements that may or may not be present in their website.

To use this extension, users will simply navigate to their chosen website then click on the Page Monitor symbol on the toolbar. Users will then choose the “monitor this page” option and voila! Any and all changes to the chosen website will be displayed on a badge in the browser or the desktop.

7. Eye Dropper

Eye DropperEye Dropper is a simple Chrome extension that enables users to pick colors from any web site. This extension works by determining the specific codes of colors and then displaying this code for the user to see. The user will then be able to use this code for his/her design elements in his/her website.

To use this extension, users will have to navigate to a website with his/her chosen color. Afterwards, users will then click the Eye Dropper icon on the toolbar and then point the pointer to his/her desired color. The extension will then display the specific code for this color.


SEO SERPSEO SERP is a powerful tool that enables users to see the position or ranking of a website given a certain keyword. The position of the website determines its overall visibility in search engine results. A higher position means that the website is more visible. This extension is useful in comparing multiple websites.

Upon opening this extension, a statistics page will open and the user is required to input a certain keyword. After doing so, the extension will work for several seconds and display the websites which have the most prevalence of the chosen keyword. The extension will also display the ranking of several websites up to a certain position.

9. Page Analytics by Google

Page Analytics by GooglePage Analytics by Google is a web page analysis extension. This extension allows users to see their web pages’ scores as well as the interactions that customers may have with these pages. The information presented by this extension is helpful in determining which elements to use for optimizing the website. Website optimization is a key aspect in marketing since it determines a website’s score in search engine results.

This extension adds a toolbar on top of the browser’s title page. Upon clicking the extension icon, the toolbar will be displayed and all statistics of any loaded web page will then be showed to the user.

10. RiteTag

RiteTagRiteTag is an extension which grades hashtags based on their usage and visibility. This extension makes use of an algorithm which analyzes the frequency in which a certain hashtag is used by the user or by a certain Twitter account. By doing so, this extension gives users the idea of how frequent a certain hashtag is used and searched for by Twitter users. Additionally, this extension gives users notifications when a certain hashtag becomes trending in the Twitter universe.

Upon installation of this extension, Twitter hashtags will be immediately color coded depending on their score by the extension. Users will then have an insight of what hashtags to use to enable their posts to have more views. Users may also click the this extension’s toolbar icon to read on the statistics of different hashtags as well as their views and shares.

11. Instagram for Chrome

Instagram for ChromeInstagram for Chrome is an extension that is made for efficiency purposes. This extension enables users to browse their Instagram accounts directly from the browser itself. Additionally, any and all functions of Instagram are supported by this extension. This effectively removes the need of having to type the Instagram URL on the browser’s URL box.

After installing this extension, the user will be prompted to input the necessary information to access his/her Instagram account. After doing so, the extension will add an icon to the browser’s toolbar. Users will then click on this icon to access their Instagram account.

12. Window Resizer

Window ResizerWindow Resizer is a tool that enables websites to be completely viewable on any and all screen sizes. This extension is mainly used by developers so that they could test their designs on different browser resolutions. This extension does this by emulating screen resolutions of various dimensions.

To use this extension, users will have to navigate to any website and then choose the window resizer icon on the toolbar. A dialog box will then appear and the user will have to input the window’s height, width, position, and other elements. After doing so, the window will be adjusted and the user can check if his/her design elements are still functioning and/or placed properly on the page.

13. Instapaper

Instapaper is a Chrome extension that is used for saving links for offline reading. This extension works similarly with the bookmark icon. However, the main difference is that this extension saves the pages to a local storage where they can be opened even when the user has no internet connection. Additionally, users will be able to sync these pages to other devices so that these devices will also be able to view the links.

Using this extension is easy. Users will first navigate to their website, click on this extension’s icon on the toolbar, and then choose to save the website for offline use. The website will then be saved and synced with the user’s other devices.

14. Rapportive

Rapportive is another email management extension which helps users determine the identity of their contacts. This extension shows each and every information about the user’s contacts and displays them within the internet browser. By doing so, this extension provides an efficient way of sorting through prospective contacts and clients. Additionally, this extension shows users the location of their contacts so that a meeting could be arranged easily.

When this program is installed, users will first navigate to their email accounts and then choose to compose or reply to a message. Once the receiver’s email address is inputted, the extension will work to find all of the relevant information of the person using the email address.

15. Draft

DraftDraft is a powerful tool that enables users to turn any text area into a virtual editing area where the user is free to add text and effects. Even small text areas such as comment boxes can be made into good-looking text using this program. This extensions works with any website as long as there is a text area present.

To use this extension, users must first navigate to a website and click on any text area. Users will then click on the Draft extension icon and a new tab will open. In this new tab, users artye free to edit their comment or response without fear of accidentally sending it before it is finished.

So here you have it, this is our selection of the top 15 Chrome extensions that every serious marketer needs. You can see what each of the extensions is used for and only install the ones that you would really use. These will save you hours and hours of manual work and will definitely help drive you towards your goal faster.

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