15 Best ChatGPT Alternatives in 2024 (Free and Paid)

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Do you enjoy the world of AI writing and want to explore other options outside ChatGPT? There are a lot of AIs ready to help you advance your writing. This article provides you with the top alternatives to ChatGPT.

So many of us know ChatGPT for what it does — powerful artificial intelligence writing. Unfortunately, not so many people truly understand what the name stands for.

ChatGPT is classified as a “Chat-based Generative Pre-Trained Transformer.” It came into existence in November 2022, developed by OpenAI.

ChatGPT is a GPT-3-based language model chatbot. OpenAI is said to be behind GPT-3, and both Sam Altman and Elon Musk are credited as the founder of OpenAI, which is an AI research laboratory.

This conversational AI has become popular among several writers, as it contains hundreds of billions of words from the web to help you answer your question.

However, many users have had concerns about the possibility of ChatGPT going down. For this purpose, I think it’s safe to look at some top alternatives to it to be fully equipped in case it is down.

Below are the top ChatGPT alternatives you can use.

For Writing

1. ChatSonic — Provides results on recent issues

ChatSonic overview

This conversational AI technology can quickly research the latest events, which taps into Google’s vast knowledge database.

As ChatSonic is built upon GPT3, its capabilities are extensive. ChatSonic can access the web and provide reliable information about current occurrences, including interactions, trends, and news.

On the other hand, ChatGPT is restricted to data and inputs before 2021.

ChatSonic’s vast knowledge database and reliability on current happenings are made possible by combining machine learning and natural language processing (NLP).

2. Jasper — Best for high-content-generating organizations

Jasper Overview

Among the most excellent AI authoring tools is Jasper. Jasper is perfect for businesses that need to produce high-quality content quickly.

Jasper Chat, a chat interface built on top of GPT 3.5, takes advantage of a honed platform with over 50 premade designs to rapidly generate content for PSA, AIDA, social networking, blogs, and other purposes.

Jasper is ideal for organizations engaged in sales and marketing, whereas ChatGPT is available to anybody.

3. Rytr — Perfect for writing business plans

Rytr Overview

Rytr’s primary function is as an AI-enhanced writing aid. It supports over forty languages and can help you produce a business plan, a pitch for an idea, a decent article for a knowledge base, or even a more compelling email.

Rytr’s free basic plan allows you to save up to 10,000 characters monthly before upgrading to a paid plan.

They claim to use a hybrid system consisting of GPT-3, their own proprietary AI technology, and a plagiarism detector.

4. DeepL Write — Accurate text paraphraser

DeepL Write Overview

German firm DeepL, experts in translating between artificially intelligent languages, has created a beta version of their product called DeepL Write.

In the short time since its inception in 2017, DeepL has established itself as a market leader among companies offering translation services based on artificial intelligence.

You can enhance your writing quality and precision with DeepL Write, an AI-powered writing helper.

The ability to properly and elegantly paraphrase text is one of DeepL Write’s greatest strengths.

Using sophisticated language processing algorithms, the app can generate a paraphrased version of the supplied text while preserving the content and style of the original.

For Coding

5. Amazon CodeWhisperer — Best for debugging code issues

Amazon CodeWhisperer Overview

Codewhisperer is an Amazon-made proprietary tool for finding, analyzing, and fixing bugs in computer programs.

The software employs sophisticated methods for natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to examine source code for recurring problems.

The program generates a comprehensive assessment of the code’s behavior, identifying possible flaws and system performance and recommendations for addressing these problems.

As a result, developers may spend less time and energy fixing problems while enhancing the code quality.

6. Tabnine — Best ChatGPT alternative for auto-completion

Tabnine Overview

Powerful programming languages like Java, TypeScript/JavaScript, and Python can all benefit from Tabnine’s intelligent auto-completion features.

It updates its system often to be competitive, and it now offers function recommendations depending on the user’s input.

Apparently, compared to other Artificial intelligence-based auto-completion solutions such as Copilot, Tabnine needs extra information from the user before it can provide recommendations.

Tabnine has both a free and a paid subscription, the latter of which begins at fifteen dollars monthly.

7. GitHub Copilot — Best ChatGPT alternative for coding, powered by OpenAI Codex’s GPT-3 model

GitHub Copilot Overview

Using the GPT-3 model from OpenAI Codex, GitHub Copilot provides smart auto-completion for code in several editors, including JetBrains, Neovim, Visual Studio Code, and GitHub Codespaces in the cloud.

BASH, TypeScript/Swift/Ruby, PHP, Perl, Go, and JavaScript are just some of the languages that the model is said to be able to create code for.

The model is educated using data from public domain resources like GitHub repositories, which include billions of lines of code.

For Translation of Content

8. DeepL — Best for accurate translation

DeepL Overview

The deep learning techniques used by DeepL Translator do it a cutting-edge AI language translation service.

Compared to rule-based methods used by other translation software, DeepL’s use of neural networks to comprehend the meaning and context of a text results in translations that sound and read exactly like the original.

This tool is perfect for multinational corporations since it can translate between different tongues.

9. Elsa Speaks — Best for improving your pronunciation and vocabulary

Elsa Speaks Overview

Elsa Talks is an intelligent language assistant that can help you improve your grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

In 2019, a group of linguists, programmers, and data scientists got together and developed it.

To aid users in their language development, the app employs voice recognition technology driven by algorithms that use deep learning and gives instantaneous feedback.

The tool can be used as a component of a company’s staff development initiatives to increase its worldwide footprint, enhance its contact with foreign partners, and increase its appeal to a varied pool of candidates.

For Research

10. Elicit — Best research assistant

Elicit Overview

Elicit is a tool designed to streamline some aspects of the research process using language models like GPT-3.

Currently, the literature review process forms the backbone of Elicit’s operation.

In response to a query, Elicit provides a concise table with links to relevant publications and summaries of crucial information about those papers.

Currently, academics and students comprise most of Elicit’s user base.

Its primary functions are citation discovery and problem statement formulation.

11. Perplexity.ai — Equipped with conversational UI for a direct answer to questions

Perplexity Overview

Data discovery and access are two areas where Perplexity.ai hopes to make strides.

Perplexity.ai is a conversational user interface that allows you to ask it anything, even questions about recent issues, and it will give you a straightforward response with citations.

The application will ask you supplementary questions based on the information you provided.

12. YouChat — Best for a comprehensive and precise answer

YouChat Overview

Chatbot that aids with searches on YouTube and You Chat. Merely pose queries, and the system will provide relevant findings and information.

YouChat is designed to conduct a natural-sounding conversation and offer exact and complete answers to various inquiries.

This is by its capacity to provide extensive explanations and discuss various issues, from general knowledge to specialized areas like programming languages and web technologies.

For Productivity

13. MagicSlides — Best for creating presentations

MagicSlides Overview

If you need to assemble a presentation fast and effectively, go no further than MagicSlides.

Using merely a subject and slide count, this cutting-edge program employs GPT technology to produce presentation slides.

MagicSlides allows users to quickly and easily make presentations that seem like professional designs.

When downloading MagicSlides from the Google Workspace Marketplace, customers must choose the presentation’s subject and the number of slides they’d want to create.

The program can produce your presentations, replete with pertinent text and visuals.

14. CoGram — Best for actions points and summaries writing

CoGram Overview

CoGram functions like an add-on for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet that automatically takes notes and creates summaries and task lists during online meetings.

15. Otter — Best for group conversation transcription

Otter Overview

Like CoGram, Otter.ai integrates with your preferred meetings platform to provide summaries, take notes, and transcribe group chats. There is a free trial available that allows you to transcribe as many as 300 minutes monthly.

ChatGPT Limitations

While ChatGPT seems to be the dominant player in artificially intelligent conversations, a growing number of impressive options exist.

The essential advantage of an alternative to ChatGPT is that it offers various capabilities to accommodate multiple scenarios.

Even though it’s been making waves and is a fantastic resource, ChatGPT has flaws.

Below are some of the flaws of ChatGPT as well as the reason you should consider its alternatives:

1. ChatGPT Plus is expensive

While the basic ChatGPT is free to use, it is costly for ChatGPT Plus.

ChatGPT Plus enables you to get uninterrupted access to ChatGPT in case of downtime. This cost about 20 USD monthly, which not everyone can afford.

2. ChatGPT has a high traffic rate

You may frequently get a popup that says ChatGPT is at capacity or unavailable if you attempt to use it because of the high volume of users.

3. ChatGPT does not support voice commands

While ChatGPT is amazing in generating answers to questions, it, however, falls short in the aspect of voice command. Also, it doesn’t create voice replies.

4. No real-time data

Due to its training on data from before the year 2021, ChatGPT cannot provide real-time information.

Reasons to Consider ChatGPT Alternatives

You will benefit a lot from ChatGPT alternatives, ranging from helpful customer care service and quick responses to their user-friendly interface and guides.

Remember that these other options are often more suited to your requirements. You can choose a replacement that provides just what you need, whether you want to converse with a particular character or include them in your programs.

The truth is that ChatGPT and its competitors each have their specialties. You must compare each option’s features and capabilities to choose which is ideal for your work.


Q. Is ChatGPT free?

ChatGPT can be used and explored at no cost. However, the new GPT-4 model is available to users for a fee of 20 USD monthly. They’ll get a more accurate linguistic model with no interruption in service.

Q. Which is the best ChatGPT AI alternative?

It is tough to directly compare ChatGPT and other AI services and conclude which one is superior. Specific artificial intelligence systems (AIs) may be preferable to ChatGPT, while others may be inferior, depending on the specifics of your use case and needs. Consequently, it ultimately depends on the individual’s perception.

Q. Does ChatGPT experience downtime?

Because ChatGPT is so widely used, there are inevitable outages. There is no set time for this to occur; it is determined mainly by the active server load. If you want to know whether ChatGPT is now down or not, you can use the OpenAI Status page for that purpose.


Regarding mimicking human replies to inquiries and prompts, ChatGPT as an Artificial Intelligence language model has genuinely shocked the globe. The publication of GPT-3 as an innovation perspective has paved the path for developing several programs to enhance our everyday experiences with computers.

Although ChatGPT is helpful for many purposes, many more options that perform similarly and save us time are available. It’s fascinating to contemplate the many new opportunities and developments that will arise as AI develops and grows and how they will influence and change the world.

There are powerful alternatives to ChatGPT, depending on whether you require an AI tool with enhanced learning capabilities, a user-friendly interface, or robust natural language processing skills. But which one is the top pick? Each platform is unique and has advantages and disadvantages; ultimately, it comes down to personal taste.

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