The Very Best Websites for Gamers Right Now

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Despite the advancements in technology and the plethora of gaming options modern-day gamers can typically access, people are still satisfying their gaming needs through a selection of gaming-related websites. The online world is filled with useful sites that offer in-depth reviews, up-to-date news, games to play, and even controversial opinions about certain gaming products.

Essentially, for gaming audiences, there is an abundance of accessible websites that house an extensive selection of content that gamers require. From classic games that have been given a modern-day makeover to websites that serve up quality content on the latest and greatest releases, the options are impressive here. Let’s take a look at some go-to websites below.

GameSpot is one of the best blogs around

A website that has been educating gaming communities for a good while now, GameSpot is one of the most popular gaming sites right now. Home to informative blog posts, intriguing gaming news, great reviews, and thoughts and ideas from the community of people who follow the website’s activity on a daily basis, GameSpot is a useful resource that every gamer should regularly read.

IGN has a thriving video game forum

IGN is a fantastic website anyway that offers a range of engaging content, but we’re focusing on the site’s forum here. A thriving community, IGN’s video game forum is explored by gamers from around the world, with people sharing various views and information around their preferred gaming platforms.

It’s well organised, there are a staggering amount of topics being openly discussed there, and you might even meet some people along the way. Also featuring great deals on new releases and build recommendations for PC gamers, IGN is a brilliant website to use in more ways than one.

GamesRadar+ is hard to fault

While GameSpot provides a more casual dive into the world of gaming, GamesRadar+ goes into further detail and represents one of the best websites in this area. Providing a healthy balance of content, readers of the site can enjoy articles on new-look games, a variety of top reviews, up-to-date news from the industry, a huge selection of features on certain games, product reviews, and even hardware reviews for people who are keen to add to their gaming setups.

A website that pretty much covers everything from the gaming sphere, GamesRadar+ is hard to fault.

McLuck’s range of games are worth checking out

A quick Google search will throw up a wide range of sites that offer free games. For example, Kongregate is a web gaming portal and video game publisher that people explore on a weekly basis. While Kongregate has its merits, there are some alternative options that are emerging. McLuck’s range of games is certainly one of them, with endless fun on offer through this slick website.

Leading options include Deep Descent and Money Cart, while Alien Fruits and Aztec Magic offer even more entertainment. Housing themed games from respected developers, McLuck’s range of games are worth checking out as it continues to grow.

YouTube is also popular

YouTube is also popular

Boasting bite-sized content for gamers to digest, YouTube is another useful resource that many gamers watch religiously. From VanossGaming and Jacksepticeye, to Ali-A and Markiplier, there are some seriously talented content creators who are regularly sharing their views, news, and gaming escapades with their millions of subscribers.

These gaming YouTubers are in the know, they’re skillful gamers themselves, and they serve up content that can be watched with ease as and when you need it. Other top YouTubers in this area includes the likes of DanTDM, H2ODelirious, TheSyndicateProject, CaptainSparklez, The Game Theorists, SeaNanners Gaming Channel, iHasCupquake, SSSniperWolf, and TobyGames.

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